It’s time to have fun: outdoor activities and choosing the right one

As summer is already here and the weather warms with each passing day and the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic are gradually being lifted, many people have started planning their vacations, naturally, at the outside.

The hard part is choosing where and what to do.

The company has positioned the word ‘on the outside’ as if it is ‘packing in cars and going from point A to point B and camping in the wild,’ Ilker Tulunay said. , founder of the Outdoor Turkey platform.

However, the outdoors is more than going from A to B, he says.

In Turkey, due to the natural wealth of the country, you have the opportunity to try about 50 different outdoor activities such as camping, caravan trips, photography, cycling, skateboarding, sailing, running or skydiving.

Of course, the opportunities and conditions for all of these activities are not created equal. Some of them may have operational difficulties, some may be longer, and some may be more expensive.

Hence, there are many activities such as hiking, running, trekking, camping, cycling, etc. which are widely available to almost everyone.

“These kinds of activities have attracted a lot of attention during the pandemic period. People started to prefer beaches, forests or city parks to closed areas, ”Tulunay said.

Stay responsible

With the summer season, many people are planning to do certain activities, and some of them like paragliding, canoeing, diving or jet skiing can be dangerous for many outdoor enthusiasts.

“The most important part here is education and training,” Tulunay pointed out, adding that the “nothing is going to happen to me” strategy doesn’t really work when it comes to nature.

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities. (Photo Shutterstock)

“Simple mistakes can cause serious injury or even death. We have seen examples of this time and time again, ”he said.

Wearing all the recommended equipment can make you unformable at times, especially on hot summer days, but you need to make sure you are safe.

How to choose what to do

Anyone is free to do any activity, of course, and being active means moving a lot, but you also have to be careful, Tulunay said.

Those who are overweight, have joint problems or any other illness should see a doctor first, to avoid injury.

“For example, think of a person who spends most of their day sitting and is not very active in their daily routine, but decides to buy a bicycle. He collects all the equipment and decides to go for his first ride. The goal here shouldn’t be to cover 80 kilometers on day one. Shocking our internal organs, our joints, our muscles won’t help anyone, ”said Tulunay.

It is better to do everything gradually, he added.

“Try to focus on enjoying the process. “

How to choose your equipment

Choosing the right quality equipment is one of the most important steps in preparing for outdoor activities.

Good equipment shouldn’t be measured by price, because expensive doesn’t always mean good equipment. To choose the right equipment, you need to think about the risk of the activity you plan to do.

“For example, you just camp and the ground is muddy after it rains. If you are just walking around the campsite, the price or brand of the shoe you use won’t give you much benefit there, but if you are going to be walking a long route all day, your shoes should be enough. good for keeping your feet dry and ready for the next day, ”said Tulunay.

Cycling can be very beneficial for your health.  (Photo Shutterstock)

Cycling can be very beneficial for your health. (Photo Shutterstock)

What is OutdoorFest?

OutdoorFest is an event organized by Outdoor Turkey and it is the country’s first and only outdoor activity festival.

“More than 59 brands and thousands of activity enthusiasts participated in our first festival which was held for the first time in September 2019. We skipped our 2020 festival so as not to risk people’s health during the COVID-19 period. Now we have rolled up our sleeves to organize our festival again in September 2021 in Istanbul, ”said Tulunay.

OutdoorFest 2021 will feature wonderful concerts, fun games, various workshops and camper van accommodation.

“People of all ages, families with children and pets, everyone is welcome to join the festival,” Tulunay said.

More information about the festival is available here.

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