Is this the best Buffalo commercial of all time?

The number one key to marketing is knowing your audience. If you’re a business here in western New York, you know that fall is all about the Buffalo Bills.

A local business took advantage of this and hyper-focused its marketing on Bills Mafia. One is the only thing Bills Mafia is known for … jumping through tables.

A local Office Max was selling folding tables and decided to sell them to Bills Mafia with a special promise. These tables are guaranteed to break.

I saw Kelly Khatib post this on Twitter and had to cheer on Office Max to know her audience. This is the time of year when if you are selling folding tables there is a good chance they will be used in a Bills tailgate.

And we have all these failed videos where fans try to jump across a table and it doesn’t end well. The table does not break, the person bounces on the floor and ends up in pain.

So if you were a member of Bills Mafia and wanted to jump across a table, you would want a 100% guarantee that it would break, right? Well, Office Max makes that claim with its tables.

I’m sure table sales are down this week as the Bills are on the road to Sunday night football, but if you need a table for the next home game, I know the one that will break without problem.

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