Iron Range moose challenges driver and ram pickup – Reuters

ST. LOUIS COUNTY — A wayward moose that challenged a driver and then beat up a pickup truck was shot by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officers last week.

The moose, which turned up south of Eveleth off US Highway 53, was first reported as ‘indifferent’ by a driver on his way to work, said agent Shane Zavodnik. conservation of the DNR in the Virginia area. The driver finally turned around. and took a different route when the moose wouldn’t back down.

A day later, Zavodnik received another complaint in the same area from a logger who had returned to his personal truck which had been parked in the woods, to find that the vehicle had been badly damaged by a moose. The truck’s hood was dented and a side mirror ripped off with damage to the grille and headlight and moose hair stuck to various broken pieces and moose tracks all around.

The next day, logging owner Jeremy Stecker returned to the site where his employee’s truck had been damaged and found the moose walking around, unafraid of his logging equipment. Stecker took several photos and a video of the female moose.

Penny Backman, MNR’s wildlife officer for the tower area, joined other wildlife staff, two other conservation officers and a sheriff’s deputy and eventually located the unusually aggressive moose and the shot down.

“The entire carcass was transported to the University of Minnesota veterinary necropsy lab for analysis” to determine what could have caused the unusual behavior, Backman told the News Tribune. The DNR is still awaiting the results of the analysis.

One possibility is brainworm, a deadly disease transmitted by white-tailed deer and snails that is harmless to deer but usually fatal to moose. Moose in areas with high deer density are more susceptible to contracting the disease.

The area where the moose was spotted is south of what is generally considered the state’s primary moose range in the Upper National Forest, where about 3,000 of the large animals still roam.

Bull moose sometimes behave aggressively during the mating season which occurs in the fall.