Improve your wellbeing with affordable bathroom upgrades | Home and outdoors

Wellness is at the forefront of almost everyone’s mind, including keeping germs at bay and creating an environment that promotes mental and physical health. Even small but important spaces like the bathroom can benefit from wellness-focused changes.

A bathroom can be one of the easiest rooms in your home to give a little extra attention to creating a healthier lifestyle. These cost-effective measures can transform your bathroom into a more practical and functional space that promotes your well-being.

Change surface

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Your bathroom counters, like the flooring, need to be able to withstand a lot of water. Non-porous vanity tops, such as those made of quartz, stand up to constant humidity and can help keep germs from breeding. In addition to being easy to clean, a solid surface option like quartz never needs to be sealed or polished, making it an aesthetically pleasing and durable option.

clean green

Bathrooms are often hot, steamy places, and water vapor in the air can carry potentially harmful chemicals from cleaning products. Green cleaning products are designed to control the spread of bacteria and viruses using safe and effective means. Not only are they helpful in preventing asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions, but they are also an inexpensive way to improve overall indoor air quality.

Equally important is what you use to cleanse yourself. Using green or organic personal care items can help reduce exposure to toxins and reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Reduce humidity

All that steam can affect your health in other ways too, as it creates a humid environment that encourages mold and mildew. A heated towel rail is an inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury to your space while generating heat that helps reduce humidity and the growth of mold and mildew, improving air quality interior.

Heated towel rails like those from Amba Products are available in a variety of finishes and styles to match your decor. For modest dwellings, the Radiant Small is a space-saving choice, and freestanding models are available if wall space is limited.

Another advantage: because the dish racks dry the towels, they stay mold-free longer and don’t need to be washed as often, which saves valuable natural resources.

Improve air quality

Creating a spa-like green oasis with plants can provide wellness benefits that don’t break the bank. Indoor plants help rid the environment of pollutants, and the energy and ambiance they add can also have mental health benefits. Plants like mother-in-law’s tongue or peace lily are popular options to incorporate as natural air purifiers.

explore color

A bathroom’s color scheme can also play a role in your wellness goals. Warmer hues like red and orange increase energy while cooler colors like green and blue can be soothing.

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