Improve entry into outdoor space

When it comes to home improvement projects, patio doors make a big impact – they enhance the aesthetics of a room by infusing it with natural light, providing sweeping views of the property, and bringing the indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. Door styles, materials, finishes and glass options contribute to the appeal patio doors bring to a room.

When homeowners choose a sliding glass or hinged patio door, space-enhancing functionality is an important consideration. ProVia’s range of patio doors are custom made, so homeowners can specify the ideal style and size for their room’s location and layout. Door configurations can consist of 2, 3, or 4 panels, usually with a sliding or swinging door, or in the case of French patio doors and 4-pane sliding doors, two operable doors. Options for 3-panel and 4-panel doors can include right, left, or center hinged or sliding doors, depending on the layout of the room. Another option is uneven French patio doors, with a single large door and a second, smaller door that can be opened for wider access.

Sliding glass doors are optimal for small rooms or entryways where space is limited, or for an informal area such as the back patio entrance to the family room or breakfast nook. French doors are ideal for more formal or private rooms – living rooms, home offices, dining rooms or as a door from a second story room to a balcony or patio.

A variety of material options allow homeowners to turn their patio door into a unique entrance to their space. Hinged doors made of steel or fiberglass are available in a wide range of paint colors and stains, as are vinyl sliding window styles. ProVia Aeris Wood Clad Vinyl Patio Doors offer a clean, maintenance-free vinyl exterior and a beautiful prefinished real wood interior. Glass options can include privacy, double or triple glazing, grilles and interior blinds. Hardware options are also plentiful – painted metal handles and locks in standard colors like beige, sandstone, white and black for a traditional look, or brass, nickel and bronze for a more elegant finish.

While aesthetics, durability and ease of use are key factors for homeowners, energy efficiency is crucial. ENERGY STAR patio doors® Certified products are a great investment because they can reduce utility costs by an average of 12% nationwide, compared to non-certified products. Standard patio door glass can let in about 75% of the sun’s heat, but ENERGY STAR high-performance low-e glass coatings® certified doors minimize heat and harmful rays that can discolor interior furniture, floors and carpets.

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