How to stand out with growing competition from outdoor living gear

While the demand for outdoor living has grown steadily over the past decade, it has exploded over the past three to four years. What was once considered a luxury upgrade has now become an expectation for apartment dwellers at all levels, leading to competition for amenities between multi-family properties, with outdoor living spaces often serving as a differentiating factor. key.

As residents continue to seek more sophisticated and comprehensive outdoor entertaining options, shared outdoor kitchens, pavilions, pool areas, rooftops and balcony units can provide stylish and functional solutions with a strong return on investment for developers, but only if specified in durable products designed to withstand both the elements and the wear and tear seen in shared spaces.

To meet this growing need, the leader in outdoor kitchens Danver offers multi-family specific product solutions, including ADA-height cabinets, which were designed based on feedback from builders, architects and developers. As the needs of multi-family projects continue to grow, Danver now also offers a dedicated service Multifamily Specification Guide provide design professionals with a tool to save time when creating multi-family projects. The guide includes key product details as well as a range of popular design layouts, which reflect successful designs from projects across the United States and are intended as building blocks for the designs of professionals, but can be customized to specific needs with the help of Danver. in-house design team.

When designing a shared outdoor living space, design professionals should keep the following needs in mind to enhance their property with sophisticated and durable outdoor entertaining equipment:

Invest in high-quality materials from the start

While it can be tempting to spec the most affordable products, shared outdoor spaces have to endure not only high traffic from residents, but also year-round winds and weather. For waterfront properties, this often also includes exposure to salt water. To avoid having to replace products later, it’s important to invest in quality materials upfront – and powder-coated stainless steel has the ability to withstand any climate with minimal damage. maintenance and long life.

Prioritize protective measures in case of user error or negligence

Security is essential in any shared space, where residents often don’t receive the same level of care as in a single-family home. One of Danver’s latest innovations, an automatic gas shut-off timer, meets this need, with an outdoor installation that eliminates the need for users to set the gas under the grill, making it easier to shut off the gas. Gas line access behind cabinets while allowing quick service access. Designed to replace a manual shut-off valve and meet local code requirements, this timer is also equipped with a safety device (red button) that functions as an emergency stop.

Specify bespoke multi-family solutions

Shared spaces present unique challenges and deserve products designed to meet the accessibility and endurance required. One of Danver’s oldest and most popular multi-family innovations is its Post and panel system (PPS), which is designed to look like standard cabinets but is actually comprised of panels rather than doors or drawers, eliminating storage access while extending countertop access at a lower cost than cabinets. This product limits the ability of residents to store unwanted produce or waste in a communal outdoor kitchen and features removable panels that can easily be replaced in the event of residential damage, even with a counter in place, without having to replace the entire unit. The Danver PPS is available in ADA height cabinets to meet accessibility requirements and can be manufactured in any Danver powder coat finish.

Don’t forget the style

Functionality is essential in any shared space, but the less tangible emotional connection to amenities is often what sells residents on a property. When it comes to outdoor kitchens, residents are often looking for a design that resembles an indoor space, including raised cabinet door styles like Shaker and Bead Board, concealed appliances, and sleek colors. While bolder colors are on the rise for single-family outdoor spaces, powder coatings like champagne, metallic bronze and black are increasingly popular in multi-family applications, in part for their ability to blend in easily into any space and stay clean. One of the latest innovations maximizing style and function is the new Cosmopolitan table—a versatile solution for small spaces like balconies in particular and available as a prep table, cooktop or dining table. A quick favorite, the new features of the Cosmopolitan cooktop Invisacook technology – with built-in induction under the tabletop for seamless styling – introducing cooking capabilities for spaces that may not have room for a grill or where regulations may not allow the use of propane, then easily return at a table.

Multi-family properties in all regions and climates are devoting ever larger budgets and footprints to outdoor entertaining spaces to stand out from the crowd now that outdoor living has become a must-have feature. As the first brand to focus on outdoor kitchen solutions over 20 years ago, Danver offers a unique experience, a dedicated multi-family offering and an in-house team of design experts to meet all the design needs of builders, designers, architects and developers. who are looking to develop new or expanded outdoor spaces, and can be found on