How to Record Any Video Streaming on the Internet

Sometimes it may not be enough to just watch a streaming video while it is being broadcast. Maybe you are in a webcam session with your coworkers or your significant other and want to record it to keep it in a safe place, or maybe you are watching a presentation or a game session live and want to record it on your local system so that you can watch it again anytime and without an internet connection.

While it may be difficult, if not impossible, to record the stream directly, depending on the technology used to send it to your computer, you can use a simpler method that works all the time and is completely independent of the technology. and streaming programs. used to display content on your computer screen.

The ingenious method? Screen recording. Instead of typing directly into the stream, you record what is shown on your monitor instead.

Record any streaming video

You can use more or less any screen recorder for this. Professional programs like Camtasia work, just like free alternatives such as Camstudio or the Recently reviewed free screen recorder.

I will be using Free Screen Recorder for this tutorial because it is easy to use and gives great results.

Here are the steps on how to record streaming video on the Internet:

  1. Install VSDC Free Screen Recorder or a comparable application.
  2. Then start the software and change the video format settings as you like. You may want to increase the frames per second from the recommended format (15) to one that results in a better experience, such as 25 or 30 fps.
  3. Once you are done, you can also change the destination path which defines where the resulting video is saved. As noted in the comments on the original review page, the program currently has a bug here, so changes to the path in the program are not saved. You have to modify the path in the registry directly to change it.
  4. Switch to the “video and audio sources” tab and activate audio recording if you need it. You need to specify an audio capture device, such as a sound card and other settings.
  5. Open the streaming video interface you want to record. It can be anything in any program. You can open streams on Twitch for example, streaming video in VLC Media Player or any other application on your system. As long as it’s displayed on your screen, you can save it.
  6. Start the stream and make sure it is running in the resolution you want.
  7. Once this is done, click on the Start Recording button to start the process.
  8. It does not start recording right away. Instead, it displays a transparent rectangle that you can use to define the area you want to save.
  9. Use drag and drop to resize the screen and the middle icon to move it.
  10. All you have to do is click on the red recording button to start recording.

When you start recording on your system, you will notice that a new toolbar is displayed by the screen recorder. You can use it to stop or pause recording at any time.

advice: Keyboard shortcuts are available so that you do not have to use the mouse at all to pause or resume (F5) or end recording (Shift + F5).

If you have not changed the video codec, the resulting video is saved in avi format on your system. The size of this depends largely on the size of the recording and the selected codec.

Closing words

I had no problem recording video streams using a two year old PC. Depending on the performance of your PC especially hard disk speed but also CPU and RAM, it may work even better for you or you may have recording issues.

If you notice any slowdowns or issues, try experimenting with the available codecs or try reducing the recording size of the video frame.


How to Record Any Video Streaming on the Internet

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How to Record Any Video Streaming on the Internet

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Find out how to record any streaming video on your Windows PC; the only requirement is that the video be visible on the screen.


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