How to get outdoor space with a loft conversion

The owner of this house in London wanted to go a step further and include a sauna and steam room in this loft conversion. It’s projects like this that make us wonder what is possible with a loft conversion and made us think “is it possible to gain outdoor space with a loft conversion?” ? »If so, what are the best ways to include outdoor space in your loft conversion design?

Add a balcony

There are a number of ways to achieve outdoor space with a loft conversion, but you may be limited by the type or structure of the property. A balcony can be added to many types of property and is a great way to get extra lighting in the room or take in a great view.

A balcony can offer you a pleasant space to be outside in the hustle and bustle; However, you can be somewhat limited in terms of the space you will actually gain. Still, you can see how it can be possible to grab a bit of outdoor space and create a beautiful area in your home’s footprint.

Roof terrace

In cases where more rooftop space is available, adding a rooftop patio can be a great way to get the most out of your loft conversion. A roof terrace can be included on some types of loft conversions and means you can gain much sought after outdoor space. Ideal for families or for entertaining friends, the addition of a roof terrace means you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful summer evenings in the sun. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you can talk to your loft designer to include some of these ideas in your brief.

Spa conversion to loft

A hot tub on a rooftop terrace is something to consider if you like the idea of ​​outdoor swimming on your rooftop terrace. It is also possible to install bath units and outdoor showers, although this is probably a better idea for properties located in warm climates year round.

Outdoor kitchen

BBQs are always great, but what about installing a full outdoor kitchen as part of a loft conversion? If you like the idea of ​​living outdoors, you should take advantage of folding doors. These types of doors are the kind of consideration that can provide a dream living space on the top floor of your home. While you’ll always be limited by the property’s footprint, creative loft conversion designs mean almost anything is possible (depending on a few planning considerations that can affect what can be done).

Choosing a good loft conversion designer

Design can be the difference between average and amazing spaces. While you can achieve a lot with fixtures and accessories in a basic space, companies like Clapham Construction Use decades of experience as loft conversion specialists to create incredible spaces. Whether it’s something simple like adding extra storage or finding space for a shower room, there are often ways to get the most out of a loft space. You never know you might include a hot tub and a rooftop patio. Either way, you should always hire a professional loft conversion company to work with you throughout the design and installation.