How to create the perfect outdoor space

Greenhouses are a great addition to the garden

From greenhouses, sheds and storage solutions to stylish summer homes, garden capsules and fully insulated garden studios for year-round use, there’s something for every space.

Garden sheds come in a range of sizes and are primarily used for storage, whether for garden equipment such as large lawn mowers or for overhanging the house. You don’t need planning permission. Greenhouses are perfect for the green-fingered, perfectly designed for growing plants and vegetables in a temperature-controlled environment. There are a number of styles including Victorian and Edwardian. square or rectangular shape. Victorian conservatories are best known for their steep roofs and bay fronts. They tend to have a multi-faceted forehead, usually three or five. If you want as much light as possible, you should go for five.

Garden centers and studios provide an extra room separate from your home. They are usually fully insulated for year-round use and can be used as a home office.

Summerhouses and cabins come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from traditional wooden cabin styles to octagonal shapes that offer panoramic views of your garden. The space can be used as a garden bar, cinema room, games room or outdoor dining area. Large summer houses require a building permit.

For some, they need something in the garden to provide shade, in which case a gazebo or pop-up awning might be the best option.

They are ideal for outdoor parties and for shading a part of the garden where friends and family can sit or play. They are easy to store and transport, which also makes them a good choice for camping.

If you don’t have a lot of space, there is the possibility of outdoor storage including boxes, chests and bins.

If you’re unsure where to place your new exterior building, John Lewis has advice on its website. He says, “The location of your exterior building is critical to enjoying your new space and can affect its longevity. Opt for a southern orientation if you want a sun shade with more light. Overhanging branches and leaves that Falls can impact the roof and gutters You may want to access via a garden path The building should be located in a dry area, away from heat sources.

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