HOMELESS DENVER: Opening of the first safe outdoor space on public property

DENVER – The first safe outdoor space on public property will open at the Denver County Department of Social Services on Tuesday.

This designated roaming campsite is a safe, clean and heated place to live.

This lease will last until November 30, 2022, with two six-month renewal options.

This property has 41 shelters with a capacity of 50 people.

While many of the 40 Park Hill SOS residents will be relocating to the DHS site, the site also has the capacity to accept additional residents. DHS SOS will have the capacity to accommodate 50 residents.

They can accommodate singles, couples, pets, people with disabilities, etc.

These tents are heated, which is important during those cooler months, along with electricity and access to showers and laundry facilities.

“We are grateful to the City and County of Denver for partnering with us to extend essential services to our homeless neighbors before another winter in Colorado,” said Cole Chandler, executive director of Colorado Village Collaborative.

Opening these spaces is not without challenges, however. Residents of the Park Hill neighborhood tried to take legal action for the opening of another there. Some say this is not an adequate solution to the homelessness crisis.

There is another secure outdoor space at Denver Health and another at Regis University. Regis has just extended its lease until March 2022.

This will replace the site of the Park Hill United Methodist Church, which will close on December 31.