GRO Outdoor Living Owner Gives Home Renovation Tips

Sebastien Rubino / [email protected]

Home improvement projects became more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic as people spent more time in their homes.

Garret Hergert, owner of home improvement company GRO Outdoor Living, said he’s seen people wanting to remodel their bathrooms, add new entertainment rooms and install fireplaces and fireplaces.

“A lot of people are trying to figure out how to spend more time outside of their homes, how to create an outdoor living approach with their properties,” Hergert said. “Especially with people coming out of the pandemic, a lot of people have been locked in their homes. They were limited in where they could go and what they could do, and a lot of people realized they didn’t really like a lot of parts of their house.

Hergert said many people are overwhelmed by the complexity of large projects, as major renovations and transformations can be very expensive. He advises people to focus on smaller projects that can be completed in a few months.

“I would say focus on getting that larger patio door, covered outdoor patio to create outdoor living space,” he said. “These types of projects can be done where they don’t invade, say, their master bedroom where they use it all the time. If people can focus on more of these small two- to three-month projects, create these outdoor living spaces where they’re not doing a full renovation like a kitchen or a master bedroom, that could be a way to do a bigger project. small it is not overwhelming.

Vancouver-based Hergert’s company serves all of Clark County and surrounding areas. His company is the title sponsor of the Homes Parade in September.

“We’ve seen people where they had a back patio behind their house and it wasn’t covered, and so a lot of people wanted to add patio covers and outdoor living areas to just create cool indoor-outdoor spaces where they can go from inside their house to outside their house without getting wet,” he said.

During the pandemic, her company has helped create home offices with intimate spaces for clients.

Hergert pointed to the annual Parade of Homes event, which can give people ideas for what they would like to include in their own homes.

“The Parade of Homes is a construction industry trade show that showcases custom builders in the (Pacific) Northwest and showcases custom homes by builders,” he said. “Some of them are pre-sold, some of them are spec houses. We are going to showcase our landscaping design as well as some of our landscaping projects.

At the event, GRO Outdoor Living will showcase their specimen trees and shrubs, some of their outdoor lighting, hot tubs, saunas, “and all the new trends in the construction industry with the homes that will be the”.

The parade of houses will be held from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from September 9 to 25. It will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The locations of the houses will be communicated later. More information can be found online at

GRO is located at 5800 NE 88th St., Suite 101, Vancouver. The company plans to open a new storefront that sells landscaping materials and tools at 7208 NE 101st St., Vancouver. Its opening is tentatively scheduled for the end of July.

More information about the company is available online at