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Lake City, Colorado, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The news from Green Builder Media Outdoor living guide focuses on Americans’ obsession with the outdoors. From fire pits and landscaped gardens to custom patios and rails, homeowners want to get the most out of their outdoor spaces.

“Homeowners are spending an average of 14 hours a week in their outdoor living spaces, up nearly 25% from pre-pandemic days,” says Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media. “Not only are the owners appreciating the connection to nature, but they’re also cooking outdoors and growing their own food more than ever.”

Get all the data, trends and insights into outdoor living in this ebook, which uses Green Builder Media’s exclusive COGNITION Smart Data surveys to get to the heart of what people want – and will pay for – in their homes. outdoor spaces, including:

Outdoor space attributes really matter to people. Changing trends in cooking and outdoor cooking. New roles (and sophistication) for decking and rail design. home and sustainable landscaping. Attitudes and actions regarding water conservation. Plus, more statistics, trends and insights into outdoor living designs.

Download the outdoor living guide here.

This special free report was made possible by Pioneer and RailFX.

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Green builder media is North America’s leading media company focused on green building and sustainable living, bringing about positive change by providing inspirational information to more than 200,000 progressive building professionals and millions of early and forerunner consumers who are interested in sustainable living. Green Builder Media generates award-winning editorials including breaking news, leading market research, original ideas and visionary thinking. With a full suite of content marketing options, digital, social and print media, high profile demo projects, market intelligence and data services, and live events, Green Builder Media offers a mix of visionary and practical information covering a wide range of sustainable living topics, including the Internet of Things, smart home technologies, energy efficiency, smart water, indoor air quality , resilient housing, renewable energy and clean transport.

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Green Builder Media’s New Outdoor Living Guide

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