Green Bay Packers are 25th in Aikman efficiency standings

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – The three-game winning Green Bay Packers are still being stunned in Aikman’s efficiency ratings by their dismal Week 1 performance against the Nova Scotia Saints. Orleans.

The Packers are 25th, up four places from last week, in the statistics-based rankings released weekly by

Aikman efficiency ratings measure seven categories of performance in attack and defense. Designed by Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman in 2005 and compiled by SportRadar, “they provide a better measure of the qualities that win football games than mere total yards gained, the method the NFL uses to rank. attacks and defenses. “

Offensively, the Packers sit at No. 21, but have made their way in the past three weeks. Their score of 84.1 is just behind the league average of 85.5.

Defensively, while the Packers are sixth in total defense on the league’s distance-based measuring stick, they are only 27th in Aikman’s odds. Their score of 55.4 remains well below the league average of 64.7.

A big problem is Green Bay’s play in the red zone. The Packers are 20th in attack in the red zone after being historically excellent last season and are last in defense in the red zone.

The Cincinnati Bengals, whom the Packers face on Sunday, are 18th in attack (from 22nd in the league standings) and seventh defensively (second in the league standings).

It should be noted that there are four teams that rank in the top 10 in attack and defense: Arizona, Baltimore, Cleveland and Buffalo. The Packers face three of those teams – Buffalo, ranked No.1, the exception.

The Packers rank much higher in the Packer Central Composite Power rankings.

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