Green Bay Montessori Children’s World in De Pere facing abuse allegations

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) – A Facebook post alleging child abuse cases at Green Bay Montessori Children’s World in De Pere has reached more than 40,000 shares since it was posted Thursday.

Tanya Couillard, the woman who created the post, said she only worked at Montessori for four days before resigning.

“When I look at it now, it looks like a place that shouldn’t be open. A place I wouldn’t want to go back to. And I feel bad for any kid who has ever had to step into this, ”she said.

She claims children are abused inside the school, including her own two-year-old daughter. In the post, she shared her daughter’s incident and other examples of what she claims to have seen a single teaching assistant do.

The viral publication has uncovered others.

“I have seen screaming, belittling, scolding like I’ve never seen before,” said Ramona Marquardt.

Marquardt said she also worked at the Montessori, but had enough after a month.

“I have parents who say their children have learned a lot here, but what is that going to do? Said Marquardt.

A parent sent an anonymous statement defending the school. He said that “a teacher’s accused actions do not represent the values ​​of the school” and that there are policies of which parents are well aware. He added that he had never felt the school conditions were unsafe and that he was proud that his children were attending school.

A man inside the building told WBAY “the claims are false and exaggerated”. He couldn’t tell the media more.

A lawyer sent a statement from the Montessori saying they were “appalled and upset to learn of these allegations and allegations” and that the accused teacher was no longer in school. He also indicated that an internal investigation was underway.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families emailed our questions about the regulations. The DCF said the Montessori is exempt from childcare regulations in Wisconsin due to being identified as a private school.

The Ministry of Education has clarified the regulations. DPI said private schools are only regulated by them if the school receives vouchers as schools of choice. However, the DPI has stated that the Montessori in question is not part of this program, therefore parents make the decisions about enrollment. DPI mentioned that allegations of abuse are investigated by the police.

The De Pere Police Department is asking anyone with concerns or information to contact.

Couillard said she was working to file a police complaint and scheduled a final peaceful protest outside the Montessori on Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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