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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Nate Zepnick worked with Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity for six years, but he’s been building homes for much longer.

In his role as construction manager, he is in charge of ordering supplies for the construction of houses.

“I’ve never seen prices this high before,” he said of supplies essential to building houses, such as: “framing material, trusses, siding, roofing. This is where we see the biggest price increase. “

The rising cost of materials means that building every house has become more expensive.

“We have seen an increase of about $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 in the cost of our homes,” Zepnick told Local 5. “This year we will be building nine homes, which is an additional cost of over $ 115,000 for our construction schedule for the year. . “

Nine Homes is up from the organization’s 10-year average of 7.5 homes per year.

“We’ll have… a dedication every September through May of next year, so during that time we’ll be building nine houses,” Zepnick explained.

“We have an aggressive and aggressive schedule right now with house building. The reason we do this is because we want to show the community that we have to do it. The need for stable and affordable housing is greater than ever, ”said Cora Haltauferheid, CEO of Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, of the organization’s plans for 2021.

The future owners of these houses currently under construction will not be financially impacted by the increase in the cost of materials.

These are the clients who follow will see a difference in their interest-free mortgages.

“Their houses will be built within 12 to 18 months, [they] will cost more than what the current owners are experiencing. It’s like the ripple effect, ”explained Haltauferheid.

The organization hopes to see a plateau and an eventual decrease in the cost of building materials.

Until then, they look to their supporters to get them through.

“We know we live in a community that gives, a community that cares,” said Haltauferheid. “I am convinced that this community will rally around us and support us.”


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