Girl Scouts challenges girls to date with programs designed to fit urban, suburban and rural environments

According to Conservation Science Partners (CSP), over the past two decades, United States lost more than a football field’s worth of natural land to development projects every 30 seconds. This represents a significant decrease of almost 40% of natural land in the space of 20 years. Green spaces are rapidly shrinking and direct access to outdoor experiences for young people is becoming more difficult. Although green environments have been heavily impacted, outdoor exploration is still possible. GSUSA programming finds creative ways to take advantage of urban spaces such as city streets and sidewalks, municipal buildings, plazas and plazas.

When young people spend time outdoors in their early years, their lives are enhanced in the following areas: school readiness, social-emotional learning, physical and mental health, and sense of belonging. to nature and their communities. Whether it’s bird watching in a local neighborhood, visiting a state park, hiking in the mountains, or observing and comparing weather changes, GSUSA offers outdoor programming for everyone. environments.

GSUSA is reviving and adding to its outdoor programming initiatives for girls to explore outdoor activities during the summer. Girl Scouts climate challenge is a new initiative made possible by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation to engage Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts of all ages in outdoor activities to learn about climate science. In a survey conducted by the University of Bath, 60% of young people polled around the world said they felt “very worried” or “extremely worried” about climate change. Through the Girl Scout Climate Challenge, participants will understand the impact of climate change in their communities and learn how to raise awareness and advocate for sustainable change and climate justice. The Climate Challenge includes a patch and activities aimed at connecting climate science to other spheres of life, such as civil society and outdoor adventures. It also includes citizen science projects organized by SciStarter, an online citizen science hub with more than 3,000 research projects that citizens can participate in.

Girl Scouts love the challenge of the outdoors is an annual challenge where girls of all ages are inspired and encouraged to connect with the outdoors, no matter where they live. Some of the revamped challenges in the 50 interactive activities include: practicing yoga outdoors at sunset, writing a thank you note to nature, and connecting with local environmental groups. Over 46,000 Girl Scouts took part in the Outdoor Challenge last year. Social media users can use the hashtag #GSOutdoors to share their adventures and see how others are taking on challenges during the summer.

Made possible by THOR Industries, Girl Scouts love state parks the weekend has started September 10 and 11th this year. Each year, Girl Scouts explore the natural wonders of our country through this program. Alongside #PickUpAmerica, to date, Girl Scouts have pledged to pick up over 6.4 tons of litter as they explore the outdoors. Girl Scouts across the country, along with their troops, friends and families, can celebrate the outdoors with self-guided tours, family hikes, water sports, stargazing and more with this exciting challenge! GSUSA provided an online worksheet (passport) and patch for state park adventures. If one does not have access to a local national park, GSUSA has also included an interactive map for a virtual experience. For more information, visit:

From the city block to the suburban backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long and storied history of bringing girls from all walks of life outdoors. There are currently 67 outdoors-focused badges in Girl Scout programming, as well as the Girls Scouts Climate Challenge, Girls Scouts Love the Outdoors, and Girls Scouts Love the State Parks patch programs. The girls’ leadership organization is making sure to embrace inclusivity at outdoor experiences this summer so everyone can get out and have fun. Girl Scouts is about having life-changing experiences, building friendships, and making the world a better place by caring for our beautiful planet and those around us. The ideal place to do everything is outside.

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