Genoan Challenges District 2 School Board

Genoa resident Susan Jansen, 65, is seeking the Douglas County School Board District 2 trustee seat held by Robbe Lehmann.

“I understand that many students in our county are receiving what is said to be a high quality education, but I am concerned both about what they are being taught and why the current board is not isn’t truthful or transparent about it,” she said. noted.

Susan and her husband Dean moved to Nevada eight years ago after retiring after 32 years of teaching. Dean has worked in the insurance industry for over 45 years. Their adult daughter, Ashley, works in the healthcare industry in California.

She has a master’s degree in art education and has taught this subject, as well as English, history and physical education.

“The wide open spaces, along with the conservative values ​​and rural aspects of the county, is what drew me here,” she said. “Wanting to help kids is what got her into running for the school board.”

Jansen said she thinks parents should be the primary arbiter of their children’s education also played a role in her decision.

“Parents and the community should be able to trust that students here aren’t being misled by a woke ideology embedded in classroom lessons or materials made available to students, but they can’t,” she said. “I also find troubling the intrusive sex education curriculum imposed on the district by the state.”

She said her top priority is to create an environment of moral education in Douglas County schools that focuses on teaching students the information and skills they need to pursue successful goals and achieve their dreams. and does not usurp the rights of parents to guide their children. the paths parents believe are best.