Garmin is ready for Apple Watch Ultra and other Indian smartphone market challenges



Garmin offers a diverse range of smartwatches in different categories. For example, the Fenix ​​series brings a full set of features designed for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor activity enthusiasts. Battery life is another feature that most smartwatch manufacturers have failed to deliver with their offerings.

However, with Apple Watch Ultra entering the market, Garmin’s territory appears to be contested. It brings a sturdy design and also features which people did not expect from the apple watch. For example, it brings a dedicated dive computer, rugged design, improved battery life, and more.

TOI-Gadgets Now spoke to Heaven Chenregional director, Garmin India and South Asia and recently appointed head of countryIndia, Yeshudas Pillai to get their perspective on the smartwatch market, Apple Watch Ultra and Garmin’s future plans in India.

Chen mentioned that “Apple released Watch Ultra to target Garmin”. To support products like Fenix, Apple has developed add-on features such as the dive computer, he added.

According to Chen, Garmin is among the few smartwatch brands that manufacture the hardware, software, and apps themselves, which brings their product closer to Android or iOS, Chen says.

He added that “Garmin already has a diver’s watch and they are making sure divers can go beyond the 40ft limit” allowed by Apple Watch Ultra. Plus, they have a scuba app available for free. Chen also pointed out that their devices offer longer battery life so divers don’t have to worry about recharging the watch every time they want to dive.

Chen added “Apple Watch Ultra challenges Garmin and all is well, but will stick to our forte.”

Garmin plans to improve the user interface to improve the overall user experience of its watches. Yeshudas Pillai, Country Head, mentioned that “UI is something that is based on users, likes and dislikes. That said, we cater to a certain group of people. So we made our watches to complement them and the way they use watches.”

Pillai says that unlike traditional watches, smartwatch users want an interface that’s loved across the board. “At the same time, we continue to evolve, we receive feedback, we work on it and we try to improve our interface. It is an ongoing process, we continue to do so and we will continue to do so,” he added.

Overall, Garmin as a brand wants to continue to evolve and cater to serious users as well. Despite the Apple Watch Ultra wading through its territory, the company seems ready to take it on.