Garden: A ‘well maintained’ outdoor space can boost home price by up to £15,000

Although the Brits don’t even set foot in their gardens during the winter months, they are becoming increasingly important to house hunters. Laura Schwarze, garden furniture expert, Luxury Rattan enlisted the help of property experts to find out how important it is to create an inviting space when it comes to selling a property.

According to House Buy Fast property expert Jonathan Rolande, a “well maintained” garden can add up to £15,000 to the price of a property, while an unmaintained garden could cost around £5,000.

He said: “Not only will a garden in need of a little TLC shave around £5,000 off a property’s asking price, but it can also impact sellability, meaning a property could go unsold much longer.”

Laura added: ‘It’s no surprise that a beautiful outdoor space can demand a premium, with all of us wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible in the warmer months.

“Since the end of February, we have already seen searches for rattan garden furniture increase by 96%, suggesting that getting all outdoor spaces ready for summer will be a real priority over the coming months.”

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According to Jonathan, an outdoor patio space could increase the asking price of a property by up to £5,000.

For those looking to make their outdoor space more appealing, taking the time to style it can make all the difference.

This includes bringing in cushions or setting up an outdoor dining set on a table.

Jonathan said: “If a buyer can imagine sipping a cold drink in your garden or spending time with family, it can add thousands to what they are willing to pay for the property.”

“Even though your garden furniture will accompany you when you move house, it is very important to make sure that you clean it well and that it looks its best.

“It’s much easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in a clean, tidy space without too much clutter.”

Lawn maintenance is also crucial to make the garden more aesthetic.

This includes keeping it cut and watered during the warmer months.