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MILWAUKEE, WI (WSAU-WRN) – Former Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn says believe it or not he sees a path to peace between quarterback Aaron Rodgers and management as reports on unrest between the two continues to swirl.

“I still believe there is an opportunity for a resolution here,” Kuhn told the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio last week. “But, it’s going to take two men who are buried right now to meet in the middle of somewhere where they’re both happy.”

Kuhn, who played for the team from 2007 to 2015, acknowledges the Packers are in a tough spot with Jordan Love on a rookie deal. According to the league’s collective agreement, these contracts last for four years and include a fifth year option that can be chosen by the team. “If I use football’s business acumen and see the tough situation the Packers are in right now, that’s what makes me back down a bit. I still think it’s between 70% and 75% that Aaron Rodgers is the Packers’ starting QB this year.

“I think he thinks it’s his best chance at 37 right now to make sure his Green Bay career reaches 40,” he added.

It should be noted that Rodgers himself has not released any official statement on the situation. The team’s leadership has reaffirmed its commitment to the QB on several occasions.

Many insiders have indicated that June 1 is a date that may bring a solution to the situation. Trading Rodgers before that would result in more than $ 38 million in dead cap money for the team for 2021, meaning the money cannot be spent on other players currently on the roster. Trading it in early June reduces that number to less than $ 20 million.

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