Former Detroit Police Chief Craig Forms “Exploratory Committee” For Governor

LANSING – Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced on Wednesday that he had formed what he called “an exploratory committee” to allow him to raise and spend money on a potential candidate for the governor, but he again stopped officially announcing his candidacy.

Craig, through a political consultant, also posted a campaign video titled “Leading From the Front” and announced that he would launch a statewide tour to hear from voters.

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig

The official announcement of his gubernatorial candidacy “will likely take place after Labor Day when voters begin to pay more attention to the 2022 election,” Craig said in a press release.

Craig’s formation of a committee under Michigan’s Campaign Finance Act follows a complaint filed Monday by Jeff Timmer, a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, alleging that Craig broke the law by spending money to advance his candidacy without having formed a committee. .

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The video shows Craig driving through the streets of Detroit and describing the steps he took to prevent the protests from turning violent after a black man, George Floyd, was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis.

“I led as a police chief – and I started my life – on the streets of Detroit,” Craig said. “Now it’s time to travel around the state and visit other communities. I will speak with law enforcement, host small business roundtables, and meet with constituents back home to hear about the negative impact of the current governor’s policies on their communities, workplaces and families. ”

Craig said he would talk about “the impact of supposedly free government money and the rising prices we have to pay in our daily lives.”

Craig said if he were governor there would be “no more seeking favoritism for your boat, getting away on a trip to Florida while telling others to stay home or partying at a college bar for a while. partial closure “, referring to controversies linked to democracy. Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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