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The trade deadline has taken a whole different turn for the Cleveland Indians. Terry Francona’s club played a great streak before the All-Star break against the Royals, then after against the A.

Now, as the Houston swoon continues, we are all reminded that while the Titos have done an admirable job of keeping the Tribe above 0.500, this club is not a serious contender. Cleveland was 8.0 games behind Chicago before July 21, and the Astros, a true contender, had beaten the Indians six straight.

All signs point to the Tribe not going into ‘win now’ mode when the trade deadline expires, rendering The Athletic’s Jim Bowden’s suggestion that the Tribe trade for Rangers hitter Joey Gallo moot.

Bowden claims Gallo would help improve the team’s field play, and he’s right. That said, Gallo’s contract doesn’t quite match what the tribe is trying to accomplish. Gallo will begin his final officiating season in 2022 and is expected to enter free agency in 2023.

Essentially it would be a rental in a season that is rapidly going down the tubes.

Let’s say the tribe wins a few matches before July 31st. An exchange would still not make sense. Cleveland would only have Gallo until 2023, and it’s not the MO of this front office to let the guys walk.

Bowden also pitched the name Mitch Haniger from Seattle. It would probably be cheaper, but it has the same control as Gallo.

I don’t expect Indians to remain silent on the trade deadline. Maybe they could get something for Cesar Hernandez and / or Eddie Rosario. Maybe Chis Antonetti and Mike Chernoff will start trading some of those middle assets that will need to be crammed onto the 40-player roster this winter.

In return, the tribe wants players who are in the situation that Franmil Reyes was in 2019. At the time, Reyes was playing in the big leagues and enjoying success with the Padres. Cleveland had him, a player under the club’s control throughout the 2024 season.

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Buffalo Jr. Sabers Partners with St. Mary’s High School Thu, 22 Jul 2021 00:02:27 +0000

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – Starting this fall, 18 members of the Buffalo Jr. Sabers will be enrolled in St. Mary’s, thanks to a new partnership between the organization and the school.

“Early here, when the Junior Sabers started, we were able to get a number of their students to go to school here and then also go into the Junior Sabers program, but as things went on. developed, it became possible to make this new academy setting, “St. Mary’s school principal, Kevin Kelleher, said. “Here in St. Mary’s, in terms of my philosophy and my philosophy, if we can help young children and families reach their goal, if we can set a schedule and organize it for them to have ultimate success , then we would be silly not to try it. To have a partnership with the Junior Sabers is absolutely fantastic.

“Having St. Mary’s, a great school, be part of the Junior Sabers program is something that we’re ultimately aiming for,” said Buffalo Junior Sabers president Patrick Kaleta. “We share the same goals, we share the same qualities of excitement and energy. We want children to have the best possible opportunity for them. My job is not only to train good hockey players, but also to train good people. “

In an effort to give the Junior Sabers a more comprehensive schedule, as well as a top-notch education, players will attend St. Mary’s from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then head to the HarborCenter to train on and off the ice. to a setting worthy of an academy.

The Junior Sabers will also be students of St. Mary’s through and through, and they will have the opportunity to participate in all of the after-school programs, dance and sports that St. Mary’s has to offer.

“I went to three different high schools, I moved to Canada, I went to high schools all over the place, so I never really got into a school. For me, this is important, ”Kaleta said. “I want my boys to participate in dances and have the opportunity to have someone support them in school, push them and help them get to where they want to go.

“On top of that, on our side where we have the Hockey Academy, we have Impact, we have a great facility at HarborCenter to help them with what they’re doing best right now, so you put it all together in a big ball and I hope to have a good person, as well as a good hockey player.

“I want them to feel a part of this, not just isolated on an island because they’re the Junior Sabers guys, so getting them into the mix and getting them to see everything we have on offer here is a major goal. initiative and that’s something we’re passionate about, ”said Kelleher.

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Two players closer to a call than we think Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:31:19 +0000

Detroit Tigers rejections Christin Stewart and Renato Nunez could still find their way to the Big League club in 2021

It sounds crazy, but the Detroit Tigers could find help from a pair of players who have alienated themselves from the fan base in their respective tenures. Christin Stewart and Renato Nunez continue to show up for the Toledo Mud Hens and could be one injury away from ending up in Detroit again this season.

It was a difficult start to 2021 for both offensively. Nunez found himself in Detroit for a brief period and slashed .147 / .207 / .444 for the Tigers. Stewart’s first month was in May for the Mud Hens, where he hit 0.170 / 0.302 / .283 this month. While those numbers weren’t strong, they probably weren’t surprising to most fans either. Nunez was a minor league signing who didn’t take the club out of spring training anyway; Stewart, meanwhile, struggled to hit a 0.233 / 0.305 / 0.388 line with 10 home runs in a season where he was essentially good at the left post. Not much was to be expected, especially after the appointment of Stewart on April 1.

All disclaimers apply; small sample, competition, age, all that. With that in mind, Stewart has been in tears outside of her difficult first month. Since June 1, Stewart has reached 0.283 with 7 homers, 8 doubles and 4 triples for the Mud Hens and walked 13 times in those 34 games; good for a .955 OPS and a 142 wRC +.

Although he’s only made one mistake all season, Stewart’s defense will likely never be his calling card, putting immense pressure on his stick to stay in the big leagues. His numbers since June are closer to what fans have expected of him at the highest level; the injury list suggests he might have another chance to prove himself at some point in 2021.

1B Renato Nunez since June 1

Nunez’s numbers were even more impressive, one way or another. I was concerned that his own designation on April 21 would eventually lead him to play elsewhere, but after clearing the waivers he was able to play at the alternative training site and ultimately Toledo. After a .204 / .302 .426 in May, Nunez has been solid since June 1: a .302 / .407 / .597 line; 10 home runs, 7 doubles, 2 triples and 21 goals over these 40 games.

Nunez has played a minimum of third base in his career, so any trip to the greats will likely be in a type 1B / DH role. Mainly, he could be called up if the club decide to trade Jonathan Schoop, who has split his time at second and first goal this season. If so, Zack Short would likely continue to get reps at shortstop with Goodrum and Harold Castro spinning in the middle of the infield.

How likely are they to play for the Detroit Tigers in 2021?

It’s so hard to see the Detroit Tigers venturing away from that lean, athletic brand of baseball they’ve played in recent months for someone like Christin Stewart, who is known more as a thumper than a demon. speed. Daz Cameron would be a better fit for what they’re doing right now than someone like Stewart, who appears to be on the verge of returning. That said, injuries are part of what has forced the Tigers’ hand to where they are now.

The most likely candidate for a comeback is Nunez. Jonathan Schoop remains a 50/50 possibility of being traded at the deadline. The Detroit Tigers likely won’t want Cabrera to share the time with utilities Goodrum and Castro; more likely, they could go for someone like Nunez to fill that much-needed void in a limited role.

Ironically, the biggest threat to Nunez’s potential appeal could be Willi Castro, who plays a different position but would bring the versatility to allow manager AJ Hinch to drag Harold Castro, Niko Goodrum or Jeimer Candelario to first base depending on their needs.

I’ll save you from all the tired “bash-brethren” hallmarks or “Crush-tin Stewart” puns, but these two names have been raked and shown that they might deserve another shot to prove their worth. value in the major league club.

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Championship Bucks gear already online and coming soon to Green Bay Wed, 21 Jul 2021 21:49:00 +0000

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The 50-year NBA title drought that ended last night, July 20, with a Milwaukee Bucks win over the Phoenix Suns is reason for a guard update – dress from some Wisconsin fans. Considering how long they’ve had to wait, Bucks lovers are ready to spend the summer decked out in style.

Kohl’s customers at the Mason Street store arrived on Wednesday morning, still representing their team from the day before and ready to buy more.

“I’m on the hunt for hats and probably jerseys,” Bucks fan Calvin Peters said. “Plus any other merchandise we can buy from Kohl’s.”

Besides Kohl’s, you can also purchase in-store gear at DICK’S Sporting Goods in Green Bay and Bucks Pro Shop in Milwaukee. However, it is more difficult to obtain the official Championship merchandise less than 24 hours ago.

“Oh, everyone wants this,” Peters said. “Fifty years, we’ve never had a championship in Milwaukee. We are ready.”

You can also purchase Championship gear online while supplies last at the NBA Store or at Fanatics.

Buyers have already recognized the kind of economic impact this victory will have on Badger State – or should we say, Bucks State?

“We’re not one of the big markets and when something like that happens here it’s a big deal,” said Josh Jarocki, a longtime Bucks fan. “It makes a lot of money in Wisconsin and Milwaukee in particular. So I think it will be a big deal for Wisconsin. “

The Green Bay Kohl stores on the east side and in Bay Park Square will have official championship gear by tomorrow morning. Once he arrives from Milwaukee.

Copyright 2021 WBA. All rights reserved.

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Cleveland Collision Week: It’s Over! Wed, 21 Jul 2021 13:08:02 +0000

The collision repair industry visited Cleveland, “The Rock’n’roll Capital of the World,” last week for education, networking and a ton of special events. Everything turned out spectacularly, the weather cooperated and people were thrilled to be able to celebrate and network face to face once again. As Tom Wolf, PPG’s director of strategic accounts, said during the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) golf outing on Tuesday, “I can trade in my mask for a golf club,” so that was a have a good day.

Reception Exit Golf CREF

The week started with a cocktail the day before CREF’s golf outing at the Matrix Trade Institute in Beachwood, Ohio, a new cutting edge trades school that ditched textbooks and theory to teach crash repair students skills practices so they can be productive employees and ready for the first day.

Dustin Peugeot, co-founder of the Matrix Trade Institute, welcomes guests to the CREF golf outing cocktail party.

A special guest at the reception was Bernie Kosar, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback who led the team to great success in the mid to late ’80s. Kosar spoke about the importance of giving to young people. a positive orientation with life changing careers.

Golf CREF exit

The weather seemed risky for a while during CREF’s golf outing on Tuesday at the beautiful StoneWater Golf Club in Highland Heights, but eventually the sun took a peek and participants were able to play a full round and compete for prices for long haul, straightest haul, closest to spit and more.

CREF staff members celebrate the retirement of Managing Director Clark Plucinski.

A helicopter ball drop sparked excitement around 11 a.m., when the helicopter dumped a group of golf balls onto a putting green that various participants had purchased for $ 15 apiece to support students, instructors and students. collision schools in the hope that their ball will land closest. to the target. The lucky winner was Marty Evans, COO of Certified Collision Group, who won a $ 1,000 gift card and a Golden Tee arcade game.

NABC Recycled Ride Giveaway

The highlight on Wednesday was the National Auto Body Council and BodyShop Business which donated a recycled vehicle to local Marine Corps veteran Victor Schwartz.

Jason Stahl, Editor-in-Chief of BodyShop Business, with Victor Schwartz, Recipient of Recycled Ride.

The presentation took place on the Quicken Loans Stage directly across from the Public Square, with the Terminal Tower and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in full view. When the emcee Jason Stahl asked Schwartz the first place he would drive his 2017 Honda Civic donated by GEICO and refurbished by Gerber Collision & Glass, he replied, “Home !! ”

Later that evening, Collision Industry Conference (CIC) attendees were treated to a tour of DCR Systems in Mentor, Ohio, one of the most cutting edge and modern collision repair facilities in the country. . Guests were able to see new Symach equipment recently installed by the facility, as well as a teardown inventory chart that helps create an organized, comprehensive, and mapped set of steps for any material needed in the vehicle reassembly process. .

Collision Industry Professionals Visit DCR Systems in Mentor, Ohio.

Other events for the day included the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) Affiliate Conference and the CSIS Board of Directors Open Meeting, where CSIS provided an update on the various initiatives that it has taken. ‘they are undertaking to inspire positive progress in the crash repair industry.

Collision Industry Conference

The CIC, a forum comprised of participants from all segments of the collision industry to discuss and explore the hot issues of the day, was the main event on Thursday. Through CIC committee updates and special presentations, attendees learned everything from 3D printing of auto parts and electric vehicles to ADAS and advanced steels used in vehicles.

A round table on “3D printing in automotive parts” at CIC.

They also got to see the handwork of students at Max S. Hayes High School after they restored a 1986 Monte Carlo for Cleveland kidnap victim Amanda Berry. Berry was kidnapped in 2003 on her way home from work and was held captive for 10 years before escaping. Her grandfather, or “Pappy” as she called him, told her when she was young that one day he would give her her Monte Carlo. After Berry disappeared, Pappy believed she was alive and was also clinging to the car. Once Berry was free, she visited Pappy, but tragically he suffered from dementia and didn’t know who she was. However, he still had the Monte Carlo. Now Berry has it restored to its former glory by collision students who wanted to lend a hand.

Amanda Berry, after seeing her Monte Carlo for the first time since its restoration.


Cleveland will host another collision event from September 15-16, the HD Repair Forum, an event dedicated to those involved in large heavy vehicle collision repair work found primarily in Class 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8. Registration will open soon, so visit for updates.

To see live videos and photos from Collision Week, check out BodyShop Business on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

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Former Detroit Police Chief Craig Forms “Exploratory Committee” For Governor Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:43:54 +0000

LANSING – Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced on Wednesday that he had formed what he called “an exploratory committee” to allow him to raise and spend money on a potential candidate for the governor, but he again stopped officially announcing his candidacy.

Craig, through a political consultant, also posted a campaign video titled “Leading From the Front” and announced that he would launch a statewide tour to hear from voters.

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig

The official announcement of his gubernatorial candidacy “will likely take place after Labor Day when voters begin to pay more attention to the 2022 election,” Craig said in a press release.

Craig’s formation of a committee under Michigan’s Campaign Finance Act follows a complaint filed Monday by Jeff Timmer, a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, alleging that Craig broke the law by spending money to advance his candidacy without having formed a committee. .