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MARSHALL – The outdoor space next to Marshall’s City Hall now has a name.

Three recommended options were submitted to City Council on Tuesday out of a total of 80 different public submissions.

The council’s choice: Terrasse 1872.

Council members said the name both described what the city had planned for the outdoor space and tied to the city’s history – a reference to Marshall’s founding in 1872.

“I like it. It’s a nice call at the start of the city”, said board member James Lozinski.

The other two names submission board members discussed were City Square and The Lobby. The three suggestions were “very thoughtful” said board member John DeCramer.

After the old Marshall Hotel building next to City Hall was demolished, the city began discussing what to do with the empty land. The plan was to build a plaza or gathering space.

In March, the city asked local residents for suggestions for naming the space.

“There were submissions to the city and city staff got together and narrowed it down to the three names you see,” said Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson.

Hanson explained each of the three finalist names. “Town Square” was quite simple.

“Obviously it’s in our city”, she says.

The suggestion for “The Lobby” refers to the hotel’s historic building, which had a large hall for congregating, Hanson said.

The third suggestion, Terrace 1872, both described an outdoor paved area and referred to Marshall’s 150th birthday.

“I love all three of them. We struggled to narrow it down to three,” said Marshall Parks Superintendent Preston Stensrud.

After discussing options, board members voted to name the space Terrace 1872.

Plans for the terrace currently include a paved gathering area with seating and a shade structure, plant beds and a central sculpture. A few new parking spaces would be built at the far end of the space, away from the driveway.

Hanson said the city had set aside $120,000 from reserves to complete the terrace. However, she says, rising costs for items like patio furniture could affect the project.

“It’s going to be really hard to get it at $120,000,” Hanson said. “We would be willing to accept donations, or if companies want to contribute that would be great too.”

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