EōS Fitness at Midway adds pools, sauna and more outdoor space

EōS Fitness in the Midway District was busy during the pandemic replacing its locker rooms and installing two new pools and a dry sauna and is now emerging with an expansionist outlook.

The facility has a basketball court, as well as a movie theater with dim lighting where members can watch newly released movies while doing cardio workouts.

At Gold’s Gym in a previous iteration, the Midway facility with indoor and outdoor workout areas was one of 16 gyms that were acquired and renamed by EōS in 2015.

“From that point on, we’ve grown from 16 locations to now 65,” said Richard Idgar, COO of Midway EōS, noting that those locations are located throughout California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona in the southwest. “We’ve had a very exciting trajectory, even through COVID and the pandemic. Fortunately, we were able to continue to grow. It’s an exciting time for us.

“What’s unique about this club is that half of the footage is allocated away,” noted Idgar, pointing out that EōS takes full advantage of the weather. “In Southern California, we’re so lucky because it’s not that hot where we have to be concerned,” he said, adding, “What’s unique about Southern California is that it’s is that we can really enjoy indoors and outdoors all year round.”

EōS, with its renovated facility, is helping San Diego fitness enthusiasts find ways to beat the heat while continuing their summer fitness routines. “Summer is a busy time for us,” noted Idgar. “People are engaging more in physical activity after the pandemic. Our clubs are used, they are busy and there is a lot of energy.

Discussing the overall mission of EōS, Idgar said it is “to improve the livelihoods and health of our members, and to create loyal lifelong fans and practitioners of exercise”. He added that the club’s goal is “to have very inclusive places where everyone feels comfortable and welcome and can be part of something special. We want to create environments where members want to come back to, day after day. And, hopefully, they reach their fitness goals and prolong their life. This is the main theme for us.

EōS also offers individual and small group personal training led by trained professionals for those who want to take their fitness training to the next level.

Most physical education enthusiasts often forget with summer training that good muscle recovery can sometimes be just as – or even more important – than the physical training itself with the rising temperatures. EōS ensures that its members implement active recovery techniques and proper hydration practices to improve blood circulation and aid muscle recovery.

Offered Idgar some summer training advice, “First and foremost, stay hydrated,” he suggested. “Anything that works to keep your temperature down. When you exercise, whether it’s cardiovascular training or strength training, you raise your core temperature. In doing so, we want to ensure that we lower body temperature as much as possible. And that’s what hydration will do.

Some of the other things you can do to stay cool while working out, according to Idgar, are to be “very selective” about what exercises you plan to do, especially outdoors. For example, if you’re going on a hike, Idgar advises choosing a shaded trail so you’re out of direct sunlight. Or when you’re cycling, he said you can regulate the amount of exercise you do outdoors, limiting it from 30 minutes to up to an hour.

“And then you might want to choose different exercises, like swimming, which is a great alternative in the summer months when the temperatures are high,” Idgar suggested.

On EōS’ future at Midway, Idgar concluded, “San Diego has always been a really amazing club for us, and we want to continue to reinvest and make sure our members really enjoy the overall experience.”


Where: 3156 Sports Arena Blvd.

Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact: eosfitness.com619-226-9500.