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The Awning Company has completed the project, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of The Awning Company, St. George News

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Ask a local why they chose to live in southern Utah, and most will say it’s because they love being outdoors. However, many homes in the area are designed with the outdoor living space as an afterthought. The Awning Company transforms ordinary backyards into comfortable, functional and aesthetic extensions of the home.

The Awning Company has completed the project, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of The Awning Company, St. George News

Owner Collins Stuart has been building patio covers in and around St. George for nearly 30 years. He started The awning company 12 years ago and first built a reputation for creating high end bespoke patio covers. As the company grew, it expanded into full-service shade products to fit any home with an emphasis on premium quality and workmanship.

Everyone at The Awning Company, from the management team to the installers, is driven by a common goal: to make the customer happy no matter what. Stuart and his team refuse to settle for a less than exceptional end result.

“It’s been my business philosophy from the very beginning,” he said. “That’s not to say we don’t make mistakes or encounter difficult circumstances, but I’ve never met anyone else willing to do whatever we are to make sure we We exceed every customer’s expectations.”

And the community spoke, with The Best of Southern Utah voters awarding The Awning Company a gold ribbon for the awning business in this year’s competition.

Other companies cut corners to reduce expenses and frequently market entry-level awnings as high-end products, Stuart said. The products look virtually identical to the average customer, but the difference is evident over time.

The Awning Company only uses aluminum products that have been painted with a primer and color to minimize fading. Even after five or more years in the scorching southwest sun, they still look brand new. There are many cheaper materials, but he refuses to buy them because prioritizing customer satisfaction starts with not sacrificing product quality.

The Awning Company has completed the project, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of The Awning Company, St. George News

If a customer is looking for the cheapest price, Stuart said he doesn’t value function and durability. The Awning Company sells louvered awnings with 6-inch blades, which allow significantly more light to filter through than the 4-inch blades offered by most competitors. They also use a heavy extruded aluminum support frame and gutter system.

“It’s little things like this, from start to finish of the awning, that I do that are different from anybody else,” he added. “For me, it’s about meeting a standard.”

Each client meets with their installer and sales representative to go through a pre-construction checklist. From the first screw to the last, it helps illustrate the build to ensure they feel comfortable with the whole process and can openly discuss their expectations and questions. There is also a similar checklist after the project is complete.

“We take the time to do these because it’s important to us to deliver a five-star experience,” said Davin Stuart, salesperson and member of the management team. “There is no better way to show the customer that they are the priority than this checklist.”

Thoughtful patio covers invite homeowners and their guests to spend as much time outdoors as they do indoors. Customers often marvel at how much more comfortable and attractive their garden has become, even before installation is complete.

“People are discovering a new side to their home that they never got to use before,” said construction manager Jonathan Salinas.

The Awning Company has completed the project, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of The Awning Company, St. George News

Patio covers are only one piece of the puzzle, however. Stuart created live outside in 2015 to provide a “global” experience for her blind customers, many of whom told her they had to travel outside of St. George to buy quality products. The store offers premium patio furniture and accessories designed to enhance any backyard and help homeowners look at their outdoor spaces in a new light.

Outdoor Living offers a selection of top brands including Castelle, Brown Jordan, Woodard, Mallin, Lane Venture, Ratana, Jensen Leisure and many more. Customers can design their dream patio with furniture from a single product line or from several different collections, adjusting colors and details to suit their unique style.

To complete the ultimate outdoor experience, Stuart has also launched Patio kitchens Few years ago. As Southern Utah’s leader in outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, barbecue islands, wood-burning ovens and more, the company is taking the party outdoors to create a trendy and functional that owners can enjoy all year round.

With his installation background, Stuart understands the process and products from every angle. From knowledgeable salespeople and quality products to highly trained installers and the best warranties in the industry, he built The Awning Company to stand out from the competition.

Call 435-922-5472 or visit TheAwningCo.com to schedule your free quote.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.



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