Earthly delights: Ex Novo Brewing Co. expands outdoor space with beer garden

The frame of what will become a shade structure in the new Ex Novo beer garden can be seen from Corrales Road. (Liam DeBonis / For the Journal)

Rising from a small piece of land in Corrales are the bones of what Ex Novo Brewing Co. hopes will become an outdoor oasis.

Brewery founder Joel Gregory announced earlier this year that he plans to build a beer garden on his 3-acre property next to the brewing warehouse. On the other side of the property is a small games room and a large patio.

Gregory prioritized outdoor seating, taking advantage of Corrales’s rural setting and New Mexico’s pleasant climate.

“We like to serve beer outside,” he said. “This is very fun.”

Ex Novo has remained a favorite throughout the pandemic, even in December and January. It was not uncommon for the outdoor patio to be full, with people gathered around fireplaces and heaters.

Gregory said he initially didn’t have plans for a beer garden, but the pandemic made him realize how he could best use his 3 acres. He said even though the patio is a decent size it gets full at times. He said there was also no good space for birthdays or events.

“During the pandemic, we had to turn people away (because it was full),” he said. “We have received many inquiries about booking spaces for the holidays. “

The beer garden will seat 160 people and can be reserved for birthdays, small wedding receptions and other celebrations.

Joel Gregory, owner of Ex Novo Brewing Co., enjoys a beer in his bar. (Liam Debonis / For the Journal)

Gregory took the word “garden” quite seriously. He said landscaping is key to creating the environment he wants. He planted hundreds of native trees, plants, flowers, shrubs and shrubs. There is also a lawn which he hopes will be a good space for families.

There will be a large structure with a metal roof to provide shade and shelter. Two shipping containers will also be used as seating areas, helping to block out the elements. Scattered fireplaces will keep brasserie guests warm. There will also be a bar and restrooms.

Gregory said most customers and neighbors have supported the expansion, but some have expressed concerns about the increased traffic. He said he saw it as a way to get more people to visit Corrales and spend money on local businesses.

The brewery held a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year to kick off the project, with a goal of $ 60,000.

The Ex Novo brewery project, 4895 Corrales Road, is slated to end by December or January. Visit for a list of beer offerings, a food truck schedule, and current hours.