Dove challenges the representation of women in video games with avatars inspired by real women

Working with LOLA MullenLowe and supported by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine Education Team and Women in Games, the avatars represent a diverse mix of real women.

Dove enters the world of gaming with the global launch of Real Virtual Beauty, a LOLA MullenLowe campaign that challenges the representation of women in games, backed by industry allies including the Unreal Education Team Engine from Epic Games and Women in Games.

The campaign is inspired by new research from Dove, in association with Women in Games, which shows that 60% of girls and 62% of women feel underrepresented in games, more than a third of the self of young girls being negatively affected by the current lack of diversity among avatar characters.

Dove and LOLA MullenLowe have created a series of avatars inspired by real women that portray a diverse mix of real beauty, each delivering a message to challenge why they aren’t pictured with the call to action, ” Let’s make beauty virtual, real”.

The launch of Real Virtual Beauty comes with a series of commitments and actions in partnership with Epic Games and Unreal Engine, such as the Real Beauty in Games training program that will help expand the representation of beauty and redefine how women and girls are symbolized in games. At the same time, Dove is providing the next generation of creators and gamers with the tools to build self-esteem and body confidence through the launch of SuperU Story, the world’s first Roblox experience – in partnership with Toya.

The campaign was launched at the EGX gaming event in London and is supported by a targeted outdoor and social campaign.

“Dove believes that beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety, in all aspects of life, both real and virtual. Although the gaming industry has made significant progress in becoming more inclusive, progress needs to be accelerated to challenge the narrow definitions of beauty still seen in the virtual world. We hope to have a real impact on the millions of women and girls who spend their free time playing games. says Leandro Barreto, Global Vice President of Dove

“The toxic role that TV or movies used to play in culture is now often felt in the gaming world. From an early age, millions of girls are exposed to the negative stereotypes of beauty that games can convey. The Dove Real Virtual Beauty project demonstrates how difficult it is for women and girls to see real representation in the gaming world, but with the creation of diverse and inclusive avatars, there is a solution to this problem,” says Tomás Ostiglia, creative director director of LOLA MullenLowe Madrid.

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Customer: DOVE

Global Senior Brand Manager, Dove Masterbrand Unilever: Alex Colin

Global Brand Manager, Dove MB Unilever: Amelie Thompson

Global Brand Director, Dove MB Unilever: Edouard Briola

Vice President of Global Brand, Dove MB Unilever: Leandro Barreto

Global PR Manager, Dove MB Unilever: Sarah Potter

Senior Global Head of Influence, Dove MB Unilever: Lynsey Smith

Dove External Communications Beauty & Wellbeing PR and Influence Vice President, Dove MB Unilever: Firdaous El Honsali

Global Dove, Executive Vice President of Unilever: Alessandro Manfredi


Creative agency: LOLA Mullen Lowe

Executive Creative Director: Thomas Ostiglia

General director: Tom Elliston

Creative Directors: Jorge Zacher, Kevin Cabuli

Digital creative director: Maria Garcia Campos

Art directors: Gines Gomez, Pedro Mezzini

Editors: Joaquin Cuadrado, Kiki Holshuijsen, Borja Lopez Marco, Augusto Callegari.

Global Account Managers: Barbara dela Plaza, Flora Bell.

Head of production: Felipe Calvino

Producer: Marina Saro, Jorge Saade.

Planning: Juan Fernandez


Production Company/Producer: Tungsten films

Director: Pedro Maccaron

Executive Producer/Ejecutivo Producer. : Jose Bustos.

3D modeling/3D Modeling: Jose Alberto Muller.

Entertainment/Animation: Nicholas Requena.

3D Generalist/3D Generalist: Maxi Falcone.

Illustration + background / Illustration and background: Lucas Panda

Composition/Composition: Pedro Maccaron

Art Director/Art Director: Alvaro Ortega Bianchi

Producer of still images + Backstage Argentina/Producer de Foto fija + Backstage Argentina.: José Bustos

Backstage+interviews Argentina/BS+entrevistas: Tadeo Reyes-Alejandro Bejarano.

Makeup/Makeup: Pato Vrdoljak

Photography of still images/ Fotografía fija Argentina. : Ivanna Mazza.

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