DIY projects to spruce up your outdoor space

The accumulation of snow can block your ability to imagine spring, but it’s the perfect time to start planning the projects that will keep you outdoors as long as it’s daylight. On that note, here is our first suggestion.

LIGHTS UP. Hard-wired outdoor lighting would be ideal, but you might want to grill out after dark before an electrician even calls you back. Most DIYers are opting for string lights, of which there are more high-quality options than before. Mount them to a fence or patio railing, or look for ways to hoist them with bird feeder hooks to surround and illuminate a patio or seating area.

PERSONALIZED CUSHIONS. You don’t need to jump into a new set of outdoor furniture to refresh the look of your outdoor seating areas. Update your outdoor furniture and extend its life by reupholstering existing cushions and pillows with weather-resistant fabrics. Try a brighter color or a fresh print.

GO BELOW DECK. Do you use the space under your front or back porches for storage? What does it look like? If the answer is “Not good,” consider ways to use trellises or wooden planks to go around the area and hide what’s underneath. Although the trellis may look basic, it makes a great support for any vines you might plant to create a green wall.

MOUNT A PERGOLA. Pergolas are outdoor structures, open on all sides, often finished with a wooden grid as a roof. They work well on their own in a larger yard or as covers for an existing patio near the house. They can also be ordered in easy-to-assemble kits. Invite a few friends or family members over and you can have a pergola party followed by a chill-out pergola party.

START YOUR GAME. Having a place to play outside isn’t just for the kids, so stock up on the lawn games you love to play too. Kan Jam is a cornhole alternative for Frisbee lovers, Spikeball takes up less space than a volleyball net, or perhaps check out the giant versions of Jenga, Yahtzee or Connect Four designed for outdoor use.

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