Design Tips: Outdoor Living Trends to Explore

The waves of Covid-19 have been a challenge for us, but in many ways they have been an opportunity, as our outdoor spaces were once a place of admiration and enjoyment, but now they are truly used for the best purposes, that is to say relax, enjoy the time. , organize family events, have fun all year round, etc. Any season is a wonderful time for outdoor living as it can be a fun and fresh experience coming home to your own cozy space in the backyard or an extension of the indoors into the outdoors.

Outdoor living has become a trend in the past couple of years and now people are into outdoor spaces more besides focusing more on developing their own work space, home, personal room or garden. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Rajiv Sethi, Founder and Director of Woodcraft International, shared, “Woven lanterns, rattan furniture, terracotta pots, indoor rugs, tableware and planters are some one of the beautiful additions to building an impressive outdoor space. Lights play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the outdoors. Adding lights or lanterns hanging from trees for a warm glow after the sun goes down is a feast for the eyes.

Talking about how some have adapted the concept of an open space kitchen with organic farming while some people live completely off the grid to experience nature, Rajiv Sethi said, “Container gardens are one of best outdoor living trends that everyone can adapt to, esp. if you have limited space. Additionally, you can also convert your outdoor space into a workspace by adding a table and chair as well as plants. Working in an open space will also save you from a monotonous life. Trends may change over time, but the love for outdoor spaces or you can say life will remain unchanged. Exploring nature is adventurous and after a pandemic, no one wants to waste their life.

Namitha Chiluveru, director of 360Life, recommended:

1. Updating furniture and adding versatile pieces with multiple uses is a smart move to make outdoor spaces active.

2. In order to counter the gloomy atmosphere, color blocking can be a fantastic solution that will enhance the ambience of outdoor places.

3. Color blocking can be preserved by using a slim radiator and pairing colored pillows with neutral colored sofas

4. Fire pits are another great addition as they provide a soft glow, quiet crackle and subtle warmth. Satellite kitchens make food preparation easier and provide an outdoor cooking element.

5. Your outdoor living experience can be enhanced by adding luxuries like TV screens for movie nights and comfortable lighting.