Day – Red Sox-Blue Jays game rains in Buffalo

The Red Sox saw their game against the Toronto Blue Jays postponed Tuesday night due to thunderstorms in Buffalo, the temporary home of the Jays.

With the Toronto Blue Jays postponed Tuesday night due to thunderstorms in Buffalo, the temporary home of the Jays.

It will be composed as part of a split double program in Toronto on August 7th.

But the Red Sox roster they would use on Tuesday was a reminder of the team’s problems at first base.

With more than half the season on the books, Bobby Dalbec seems to have fallen out of favor.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora was due to revive Danny Santana on first base on Tuesday, his second straight start since being recalled from a rehab assignment on Monday. Prior to that, Christian Arroyo started from first base on Sunday before falling with a hamstring injury.

When asked if the Sox are going to form a squad in Santana and Dalbec in the future, Cora replied, “I’m not going to go. We’re going to match.”

After starting 21 of 28 Sox games (75%) in June, Dalbec started just eight of 15 Red Sox games (53%) in July.

“We think there are some games that are good for Danny,” said Cora. “The hitting quality (Monday) was solid. He feels good about himself physically. He’s in a good swing position. It feels like he was making progress before he got injured, not too much. swings and misses. He was hitting the ball hard.

“We’ll keep Michael (Chavis) involved and Bobby involved, but Danny, he’s a guy, when he throws he can hit the ball in the air, he can hit it, he goes the other way around. we will take it day by day. “

There is no doubt that Dalbec’s season has been a disappointment.

He showed consistent power in a 23-game sample last fall, and again in Grapefruit League action this spring. But with nearly four regular season months on the books, Dalbec is just 0.216 with an OPS of 0.659. He has 10 home runs in 266 home plate appearances and 12 walks to go with 99 strikeouts.

Of the 182 players with at least 250 home plate appearances, he ranks 181st with a 37% strikeout rate. His 0.12 kicking goal ranks 180th.

“The only thing I didn’t expect was the strikeout to steps ratio,” said Cora. “I think this guy understands the strike zone. He wasn’t going to chase the throws, he was going to walk more. The swing and the misses that we knew were part of the equation, but there was also the discipline. to marble.

“There haven’t been too many walks lately, right? I don’t think he walked in July, and he only had three in June. So that part surprised me, because I think this guy knows the sweet spot and can walk. “

Cool the hype on Duran

Three games in the career of Jarren Duran and the Red Sox have been impressed, but Cora warned to cool the hype.

“I saw him at home in the winter ball this year when he went (to Puerto Rico) and played for Caguas,” Cora said. “I told these guys the story a few days ago, opening day, in a foreign country, with no fans in the middle of a pandemic, in a 9-0 game, his second at bat, he hits a ball on the ground and it ran like a 4.0-flat on the first one. I had to turn off the TV and say, ‘you know what, this kid gets it.’ We had a few conversations, he came to our neighborhood for lunch.

“Going to Yankee Stadium and putting on some good beaters, that’s part of who he is. He’s not going to deviate from who he is. He’s going to show up every day. One thing we have to be careful about is not to put on that kid on a pedestal and all of a sudden calls him Johnny Damon’s second coming or something. We have to take care of him. Obviously the hype will be there, but at the same time, we’re going to keep him humble. I don’t think it’s going to be hard to keep him humble, because he’s a workaholic. He understands he’s there to help us win the game, not to establish himself at the league level major. And that’s a cool thing to have. “

Verdugo ready to burst

Alex Verdugo’s hamstring injury has held him back at times this year, but Cora believes Verdugo is on the verge of coming out of a slump.

He had three walks on Monday and “he’s getting closer,” the manager said. “He’s not far from taking off. Because when you start to dominate the strike zone like he did (Monday), good things are going to happen.”

Batting coach Tim Hyers said teams have stopped throwing fastballs at him in the area and Verdugo may have over-adjusted.

“Lefties threw him a lot of two-cushions down and in and he hit a lot of left-handed ground balls,” Hyers said. “And then they spread. I think he’s just a young player too. There are times when you’re going to have a hard time. He’s just going through a period where you have to make the adjustment.

“The other thing is not trying to press and try to get three hits in one at bat. He’s been inclined to do that and we’ve talked about it. “He does better. He has to use it all. on the pitch it doesn’t matter if it’s left-handed or right-handed. Probably hitting the ball to the ground too much from the pull side which is unusual for him.” “

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