Darius Garland-Jarrett Allen duo will be ready to roll

Jarrett Allen was one hell of a commercial acquisition by the Cleveland Cavaliers in mid-January from the Brooklyn Nets. Allen was originally more of a bench contributor, and occasionally played alongside former Cavs 5 Andre Drummond, but soon after he ended up becoming Cleveland’s regular starting 5.

You can say what they want Drummond and the Cavaliers to come to an agreement that he would be sidelined until Cleveland can find a trade for him, even if that suited me. Drummond would eventually close a buyout with the Cavs after the deadline, then sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

With Allen though, it’s obvious he’s looking to Cleveland’s starting 5 in the future, and a much better fit than Drummond.

Allen had 13.2 points, 9.9 rebounds and 1.4 blocks per outing after the Cavaliers trade, and his inside presence at both ends and low-maintenance style of play often meshed well with Darius. Garland and Collin Sexton, among others. Her rim protection on the other end is also significant, although we haven’t seen her so close to the home stretch this season, and maybe her previous concussion played into that maybe.

Either way, with Allen being only 23, and I still don’t believe a finished product, and having such a nice touch as a finisher and being a quality roller, it seems extremely likely that he’s locked in this off-season. He could have been signed for a $ 100 million extension, maybe more, although regardless, Allen would appear to be a key player in the long run, and rightly so.

In this area, something that will be a crucial duo with him in the years to come / the foreseeable future is his chemistry in a two-player game with Garland. It turned out to be a two-man game that went on for much of the season, as we know, but in the future they should have that more and more.

The Garland-Allen duo will be ready to ride for the Cavs next season.

There were still mistakes sometimes between the Garland-Allen duo, of course. That said, the two have developed great chemistry even though they weren’t teammates for very long last season in the pick-and-roll.

Garland’s timing with his lob thrown at Allen led to many dunks of those deliveries, and Allen’s huge catch radius made him an ideal target in this way for DG. Next season / in the future these dishes / dunks should lead to easy dishes for Cleveland as well.

Allen, although he sometimes showed it to other guys, did a decent job of getting some early inner seals at times, which led to Garland’s passes that were on time.

There were sometimes flips / deflected passes in these situations, in all fairness. But next season, with more experience together, I would expect to see more of these cases if the Cavaliers can use off-ball motion with cross screens for example, which leads to easy cases.

On top of those interior looks from Garland to Allen, while I wouldn’t imagine it would be nearly at a similar volume, Allen has shown some ability to achieve mid-range looks via the short roll. I think we might see more after Garland deliveries next season with the GM shooting threat, and the same could apply to Sexton / Okoro / Cedi Osman.

More than King James Gospel

From there, in terms of how Allen can help Garland in the scoring direction for the latter, I thought his timing with the wing transfers had improved over the season.

And with more experience, the two-way play between the two in this manner could allow Garland to achieve more three-point looks via pull-ups right away, or rollbacks. Additionally, as a counter, Garland could achieve more rhythmic floats as games progress from those quick transfers / short streams of Allen with Darius being able to get defenders chasing.

Also, while I wasn’t expecting much, Allen made some nice passes via streams of jumps and / or give-n-gos leading to relocation looks every now and then which could play into that. with Garland here and there.

Finally, as I think it will be with others, Allen being a great screener, he should help Garland, Kevin Love, Sexton and Dylan Windler a bit, for example, via flares / downscreens / sometimes. elevator screens.

Also, going back, although they established some good chemistry last season as a duo, there were still some difficulties. But next season, for the most part, the Garland-Allen duo should be ready to roll for Cleveland, I believe.

I guess the two should be completely sorted out, as in the home stretch of the season Garland missed seven of eight games with a left ankle injury. And before that, some earlier, Allen had had an eight-game absence due to a concussion, which resulted in errors for the duo from there.

Although to a large extent they meshed very well last season, and I just think the two-player DG-Fro game should be all systems working at the start of 2021-2022.

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