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Green spaces have always been a welcome addition to a home, but the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated people’s view of these areas from a nice-to-have to a necessity. Access to a lawn or patio has allowed people to escape the prolonged indoor quarantine, while still feeling safe at home. This welcome retirement meant people were spending more time outdoors at increasing rates.

On average, there has been an increase of three hours a week spent outdoors during the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic days, a survey shows TruGreen survey of 2,000 US homeowners. Additionally, over 67% somewhat or strongly agree that they are more grateful to have an outdoor space because of COVID-19.

While outdoor green spaces have been a source of comfort in the first year of the pandemic, the trend is set to continue. Homeowners are now looking for new and creative ways to live life to the fullest and enjoy time outdoors, even beyond the pandemic.

Maximizing Outdoor Living Spaces in 2021

Creating meaningful outdoor spaces is a major lawn and garden trend that is here to stay. In fact, 57% of homeowners plan to use their outdoor space as much, if not more, as the pandemic subsides, according to the survey. Exterior upgrades are often a smart investment because they make a home more livable while adding to its value.

Homeowners optimize and customize their outdoor space to meet their needs in several ways. For some, outdoor living reflects a new lifestyle driven by the ability to socialize safely with extended family and friends. Specifically, outdoor spaces are now used as offices or classrooms, home gyms, backdrops for digital social events or gatherings that allow for great social distancing, such as outdoor movies. For others, updates could include a new patio or garden space that serves as an oasis of relaxation.

The advantages of a professional partner

New exterior upgrades like these may require additional maintenance, often resulting in longer to-do lists. Lawn and garden care is not something every homeowner wants to undertake.

While more and more people are taking pride in their outdoor living space and enjoying the escape it provides, many aren’t as excited about the additional maintenance needs. Over 68% of respondents think the outside of their home has become more important, although a majority said looking after their outdoor space felt like a chore (59%).

“If you think yard maintenance is confusing or difficult, you’re not alone. Research shows that nearly a fifth of people don’t know how to properly maintain their lawn,” said Brian Feldman, Director of Technical Operations at TruGreen. “Partnering with a service professional can ease the burden of outdoor maintenance so you can enjoy life outdoors. As outdoor spaces have become an integral part of home living and entertaining, investing in lawn service to maximize the benefits is a smart move. Beyond the functional and aesthetic benefits that lawns provide, there are also a number of environmental benefits, including better cooling around the house, reduced soil erosion, and better water infiltration.

The future of outdoor living

Given the mental and physical benefits of spending more time outdoors and the convenience and safety of doing so at home, outdoor upgrades are poised for continued growth. As people start to feel more comfortable hosting guests at home, these spaces will only see more use, with 50% of people planning to use their outdoor space to host a socially distanced get-together with family and their friends in the future.

“Now, more than a year after the pandemic, there’s an even greater desire to find alternatives to socialize safely and find ways to relax,” Feldman said. “By working with a professional service provider, individuals can devote more time and energy to enjoying the company of friends and loved ones.”

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