Council residents invited to share ideas for better outdoor space on their estates

Head of Housing Services, Cllr Clayeon McKenzie. Photography: Hackney’s Advice

Hackney Council asks residents of its estates how it can improve their outdoor spaces with money from an annual investment fund.

The money can be used for one-off changes to common areas, whether it’s to improve what’s already in place or to create a whole new facility.

In previous years, the Residents’ Estate Improvement Fund has funded play equipment, seating, planting and landscaping, improved safety, and recycling solutions.

The only downside is that it can’t be spent on events and activities, or ongoing services like cleaning, gardening, and CCTV.

Ideas and suggestions will inform the proposals that will be drafted by council and consulted with residents over the coming year.

Anyone who lives in a social realm can have a say – tenants, tenants, co-owners, landowners or private tenants.

Town Hall Housing Services boss Cllr Clayeon McKenzie said: “As a long-time resident myself, I know the people living in our estates are in the best position to tell us how they can be improved. – whether by creating new facilities to stimulate community cohesion or enhancing existing outdoor spaces.

“We will be hosting walks in the Hackney Estates soon, and we strongly encourage everyone to come forward and defend your ideas and help us work with you to make the improvements you want to see.”

You can share your ideas by visiting and selecting the Residents’ Estate Improvement Fund 2021 survey, or you can pick up paper forms at the Borough and Hackney Service Center libraries, 1 Hillman Street, E8 1EA.

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