Consider These Six Outdoor Winter Trends

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, August 27 (IANSlife): People’s routines and habits have undergone severe changes as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic and its many variants around the world.

People’s use of outdoor spaces has been impacted by lockdown levels and movement restrictions, often taking them away from the benefits of nature. The pandemic and the measures taken to manage it offer an intriguing experiment on the relationships between exposure to nature, outdoor activities and the health and well-being of people in extreme conditions. Several scientific studies have shown how spending time in nature is good for physical and mental well-being. As the pandemic has kept people indoors for the past two years, many have been using their decks, porches and patios more frequently and feel their outdoor living space is more important than ever.

An exclusive survey conducted in January 2021 found that people are spending more time relaxing, grilling, gardening, working out, eating, playing with their pets and children, and having fun outdoors. ‘outside. Outdoor spaces are often places where we can relax and spend time with our families, but today we need them to rejuvenate body and mind. As you design your outdoor space this winter, the following suggestions shared by Rajiv Sethi, Founder and Director of Woodcraft International will help you enhance the vitality, visual contrast and texture of your space.

Add lights for a pleasant glow

To make a space stand out, lighting is a crucial element. Outdoor lamps are recommended for use in architecture as they contribute to general lighting and offer elegance, authenticity and a feeling of comfort. Some architecture and interior design brands can help you achieve this. Another great suggestion is to combine various light sources to make the outdoor living space shine at night. However, one should look for choices that are suitable for outdoor use and weather resistant. Garnishing the area with outdoor string lights or adding tree-hanging lights or lanterns for a warm glow after the sun goes down are two great ways to light up the outdoors.

Enhance using geometric patterns

Including models in your environments reinforces the idea of ​​consistency. It disperses energy throughout space. In addition to keeping indoor and outdoor spaces together, adding patterns also gives you the freedom to be creative while adhering to the same design principles. You can add a distinctive touch to your outdoor space that will make it feel more real and different while remaining consistent with your indoor environment in terms of style and color theme. It will balance out your pattern choices by incorporating geometric patterns as well as freeform patterns like floral, natural green, and more.

Your innovative planning is used to design outdoor spaces. Make your outdoor environment authentic by being bold, unique and unusual. Expand your outdoor space and add furniture, decorations or designs to your patio or garden!

Stunning statement pieces

This is your unique opportunity to deviate from your design scheme and include eye-catching furniture in your outdoor space. This will increase authenticity and add sparkle to the exterior of your home. It will become your style statement when building your outdoor living space, whether it’s a coffee table with seating, lights, a few large plant vases, or just a regular table on your patio.

By including plants, a table, and chairs, you can transform your outdoor space into a workspace surrounded by natural beauty. You can work every day while relaxing in your outdoor space and avoid leading a monotonous life.

Add colorful and feathery objects

Your outdoor spaces can easily be colored with rugs and pillows. To add extra layers of textures and increase the level of comfort, rugs and cushions are ideal. A better option for changing up the color scheme of your home decor without starting from scratch is to use throw pillows, seat cushions, upholstered ottomans and other accessories. One of the most common color combinations for pillows and cushions is blue and green, and you can get pillows with this combination virtually anywhere. Your lawn can be decorated with rugs to provide color and pattern. These can help you bask in the sun on a cold winter day.

Consider using outdoor spaces for dining

Having a nice space outside where you can eat, like a nice outdoor dining set, is a big plus. Of course, if grilling outside isn’t your preferred method, you can simply build an outdoor dining area and cook your meals inside.

If you are passionate about outdoor cooking, there are many more things you can do there. As long as your living space has adequate ventilation for smoke, you can add a smoker or barbecue, whether you choose to purchase one or decide to build one yourself.

The benefits of outdoor cooking are numerous. You’ll avoid creating a mess indoors, as well as the extra heat the kitchen can produce, which can make it much more difficult to maintain a cool environment in your home. The outdoor cooking experience serves as the basis for some amazing social occasions. Make your outdoor living space the perfect place to invite your friends over for freshly grilled meals.

The beauty of natural materials

Some great natural items include woven lamps, rattan furniture, terracotta pots, indoor rugs, tableware and planters, giving texture and garden appeal. They contrast visually with common garden elements like stones and work well when combined with greenery. If you want to set up a small playground for children, wooden playgrounds, balance beams and sandboxes are excellent choices. Furniture made from recycled or ethically sourced materials is an eco-friendly and sustainable option for switching to more natural materials, which is one of the reasons you would want to do so.