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My plan is to hunt until dark and that would include a lot of exploration, and by dark, with about six miles of paddling, with the primary focus on participating in quality diving shots like the tourniquet. , withers, scaup, white back, etc.

I rowed maybe 900 yards, heard squeaks in the cattails, popped a nice green head and sent it to the frying pan. I might add that all the backwaters were frozen. I decided to place decoys where I dropped the drake and nothing happened regarding the ducks in the air. For the next five hours, I explored, laid down decoys, and there were just no ducks. The last two hours of daylight, I went back to where I shot the drake and had some quality chances, but couldn’t touch anything.

Long after dark, I returned to the Chevy Hotel for a quality night’s sleep. The quality was lacking as my body seemed to grow too big to stretch and sleep, and all the kids in the area seemed to like to play here. Maybe other things were happening because there was a lot of action parked next to me and no one knew I was in my truck because my windows were frosted.

Tuesday November 16

So around 5:00 am I start my truck and here is Adam Lewis, 32, whom I had met the day before. Adam hunts in a skiff and took two weeks off at Georgia Pacific to hunt ducks. Adam asked me if I wanted to hunt with him and Ruby and I made a friend who really understands divers and spent the whole morning talking about hunting and fishing. Adam just bought his first boat last June and managed to catch walleye and musk in the bay. What I really liked to see was that he was also paddling a skiff, which in reality had very little left.

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