Coaldale is seeking public feedback on the proposed new outdoor space

A new summer campaign has been launched in the town of Coaldale, aimed at finalizing the designs for the outdoor space located between the Coaldale Public Library and the new Civic Square building.

Presented at the regular council meeting on May 9, the plan includes plans for a large concrete platform where community events like farmers markets, movie nights and festivals can take place, a draft for an outdoor skating rink and approximately 44 parking spaces with 4 being equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

City staff have been tasked with communicating with the public about other possible uses for the space, including the level of priority for completion of the outdoor rink.

“In the Council’s recently launched 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, we single out continued community engagement on new leisure projects as one of our top priorities,” said Coaldale Mayor Jack Van Rijn. “Before the plans for this outdoor space are finalized, we will ensure that this type of engagement has taken place. As a council, we strongly believe that residents should have a say in the decision-making process for amenities like the Civic Square outdoor space.

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An online survey is available at www.letsconnectcoaldale.caand residents have the opportunity to speak directly with council members and city staff at an in-person event on August 6, during Coaldale Summer Fest.

“The poll is just one way city residents can use to make their voices heard on this issue,” Van Rijn said. “Another is talking directly with Council members and City administrative staff. We are confident that the results of the survey, supplemented by the feedback we receive in person, will give us the information we need to finalize the design and get to work transforming this outdoor space into something that all of our residents will appreciate and be proud of. »

63% of funding for the Civic Square Outdoor Space comes from a federal grant, which specifies that the funds are to be used to revitalize downtowns and reinvent outdoor spaces, with the total estimated cost of $1.2 million .