Cleveland resident expresses frustration over broken water valve the city refuses to fix

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Maurice Catney is fed up and speaks.

Catney says water has spat out of a water valve on the sidewalk outside her house for the past two months.

Nothing has been done about it.

“It’s come all the way down the street… I can’t even cut the grass here,” Catney said.

Catney has been renting this house on E 106th Street in Cleveland for six months.

He says he’s not sure what caused the water to run off, but he knows he and his kids can’t enjoy their backyard because of it.

“A lot of insects are drawn in and a lot of birds, pigeons are coming in,” Catney said.

Catney says her landlord contacted the city about this issue, but they told her it was up to her to fix it.

She says she doesn’t know what to do about it since the water is coming from the sidewalk, which is technically owned by the city.

19 News has also contacted the city of Cleveland in an attempt to dispel this confusion over this water issue.

A city spokesperson told us she would check the problem and get back to us.

Meanwhile, Catney says he’s considering leaving town because he thinks his complaints aren’t being taken seriously.

“When we report urban vans, let them drive right past us and don’t help us when it comes to these issues,” Catney said. “They act like the problem is with us or our owners, and that’s not fair.”

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