Cleveland Heights woman beaten after being hit in car crash

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) – Tamika Ivy feels lucky to be alive and by all accounts she is exactly so after she was beaten up in a traffic accident last Friday in Shaker Heights.

“They left me for dead,” Ivy said.

Ivy was turning from Chagrin Boulevard in Chelton when the suspect leaving an alley hit her car, she does not remember what happened next, but a multitude of witnesses told police what had happened.

“The guy hit me, I fell to the ground, I was unconscious and they were beating me, kicking me in the head,” she said.

Unconscious, Ivy woke up the next morning with severe cuts to her face, a concussion, and short-term memory loss that she hopes to alleviate soon, but the doctors made no promises.

Despite all of this, she feels that she is lucky to be alive.

“The cop told me you didn’t see the body camera, you were dead for us, they thought I was dead,” Ivy said.

One suspect has surrendered and it is not clear at this point if there is a second suspect.

Ivy still has no memory of what happened and admits that she doesn’t know when she can go out in public again without being afraid.

Yet she is in conflict over the punishment provided for the young men who beat her.

“They hurt me, but do I want their lives taken away, I don’t know, I think they still have a chance,” she said.

Ivy knows for sure that she is grateful to the residents of this Shaker Heights neighborhood who quickly called the police and were ready to help identify the suspects.

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