‘Cleveland Guardians’: The ‘Trendy’ Pick To Be The New Name For Indians

In the recent 3News name change poll, Guardians came in third with 19.8% of the vote, although we actually thought it would be higher.

CLEVELAND – When the Indians first launched the option to change names last summer, several options immediately came to the fore, including one apparently favored by younger fans.

Many believe that “Guardians” might be the final choice, both because of its connection to the famous “Guardians of Traffic” sculptures on the Hope Memorial Bridge as well as the exciting new marketing possibilities that have yet to be utilized. by other major sports franchises. In the recent 3News name change poll, Guardians came in third with 19.8% of the vote, although we actually thought it would be higher.

‘CLEVELAND SPIDERS’: Current 3News Poll Favorite For New Indian Name Has Rich, Deep History

The Eight Guardians have watched over the bridge since 1932, bringing a distinct Art Deco feel to the city that pays homage to days gone by. Many outside observers will also recognize them from the literal foreground of the iconic Cleveland baseball movie “Major League”.

Much like with spiders and others, the concepts of Guardians’ uniforms and logos started appearing on social media almost overnight. Local graphic designer Zac Stewart may have found the best yet, and popular clothing company GV Art + Design (once firmly in the pro-Wahoo camp) has even started selling “Guardians of Baseball” shirts in its. stores (they also sell versions for football and basketball).

There is also a dedicated @OurCLEGuardians Twitter account, and while it may not yet have the traction of its Spiders counterpart (it was only activated this month), it is slowly gaining followers and support.

Other than the short-lived New York Guardians of the second XFL, records don’t show the moniker was ever used by any major professional or college sports team. However, the Cleveland Guardians technically already exist as an amateur roller derby team competing in Northeast Ohio, with a logo trimmed in green and white that resembles some of the baseball fan models. Whether or not this might pose a copyright issue for Indians remains to be seen, if the desire to sue the name is an option.

But despite the support of many supporters, there are many who wonder whether a professional baseball team should be named after sculptures (amazing as they are) that may not make sense to baseball fans outside of it. the region. Some have also criticized the option, saying the transportation guards have nothing to do with Cleveland baseball. Supporters counter the criticism by saying that the Guardians’ proximity to Progressive Field is almost a sign … an obvious choice.

These are the questions we naturally ask ourselves as fans, and Indian Chiefs surely ask them as well as they try to make this very important decision. If they end up settling on “Guardians”, at least we can all agree on one thing: they need to invite Chris Pratt to pitch the first pitch at a “Guardians of the Galaxy” party.

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