Check out the best outdoor living color ideas used by The Block NZ teams

4. Splashes of color bring outdoor spaces to life

While a natural look is popular, with paintings focusing on neutral hues, it’s the pops of color that bring a space to life.

Warman says adding color to yard areas can easily be done by painting flowerpots with Resene Terracotta Sealer and preferred colors of Resene trial pots, planting flowers with bold blooms, adding bold cushions, striking carvings, colorful table accessories or an outdoor bean bag or two for lounging lounging.

“When adding an accent, remember the rule of three: try adding the new color in three ways to make it feel like it really belongs in the space,” she says.

5. Consider your basic work

When it comes to underfoot, there are a lot of options to choose from. Concrete pavers can be stained with Resene Concrete Stain to integrate them into your color palette, or rejuvenate old pavers that have lost their color.

“Wood decks are typically finished in Resene Woodsman Natural or Resene Iroko for a natural look down to deeper grays such as Resene Tiri for a bolder architectural statement,” Warman explains. “If there are areas that can get slippery when wet or stairs, Resene Anti-Skid Deck & Path can be applied quickly. Its textured finish will help protect your friends and family as they move outdoors. “

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