Challenges of small molecule analysis in the pharmaceutical industry

The Chromatography Society (ChromSoc) Spring Symposium will be held in person May 19-20, 2022 at the world’s oldest continuously operating racecourse in historic Chester, UK. The two-day symposium will review developments and challenges in the field of small molecule work with a focus on pharmaceutical applications. It will examine a range of topics including: challenges and approaches to impurity profiling, including nitrosamine and counterfeit testing; apply quality by design (QbD) to method development; high-throughput screening (HTS) and its role in the search for new drug candidates; the challenges of automating the batch processing of analytical data; chiral screening methodology; and the challenges of environmental analysis. There will be discussions on the latest developments in instrument/column technology and the future of small molecule analysis in general. Leading experts from industry and academia will explain how they apply theory and the latest developments to solve very difficult challenges in these areas. Each session will be followed by a Q&A session with the experts

Keynote speakers are Dr. Anthony Edge (Avantor), Dr. Lewis Couchman (ASI), Prof. John Dean (Northumbria University), Tim Underwood (GSK), Sylvain Demanze (AZ), Dr. Andrew Feilden (Hall Analytical Laboratories) , Keira Bailey (Reach Separations), Dr Simon Hird (Waters), Lewis Jones (Sensient), Dr Brian Montgomery (Avantor) and Professor Peter Myers (Liverpool University).

The conference will facilitate numerous networking opportunities and will include an evening mixing event at Chester Racecourse, which will be complemented by an outdoor BBQ and refreshments. There will be representation from the industry’s leading manufacturers, and instrumentation and consumables will be displayed in a comprehensive supporting exhibit.

In recent times when meetings and networking have been very restricted, the organizers hope you can join them in Chester!

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