Celebrating 15 years of Arise Detroit! community clean-up leadership

WXYZ DETROIT – Fifteen years of grassroots community success! What a great stage for Arise Detroit. It started as a simple idea to beautify Michigan’s largest city. Neighborhood Day has now become a popular annual tradition across the city. Obviously, there is strength in numbers and the boulder clubs are working together.

Mark your calendar! This year, the neighborhood festival will take place on Saturday August 7e. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the show last year and it won’t be a hindrance this year. As the organization’s model proudly proclaims, “Stay Safe: Create in Your Space”. Registration is already open and the deadline to participate is only a few weeks away. The registration deadline is July 15the! This is important because the organizers of Neighborhood Day need time to process requests and secure the materials for you, your community group, churches and businesses. The network of planned activities must be carried out in an efficient and safe manner.

Energy and teamwork have been the keys to Arise Detroit’s success under the leadership of Luther Keith, Founder and Executive Director. From the East Side to the West Side, there are hundreds of organizations working hard all year round to make their streets and neighborhoods cleaner and safer. But in 2007, Keith and Arise tapped these individual projects into what has become a movement uniting the best-known municipality in the Great Lakes state. Each year, the support based on volunteering has increased.

But Arise Detroit is not in the mood to rest on its laurels. We encourage you to register now at 15e Detroit Neighborhoods Day. Just go to the link on wxyz.com. The quality of life in our communities depends heavily on the collaboration of individuals.

I am Mike Murri.

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