What is a bad 502 gateway and how do I fix it?

When navigation Internet, you may encounter a number of different error messages. When this happens, your browser will tell you what the problem is by displaying a code that relates to the problem. These codes all correspond to specific connection problems between the browser and the website it is trying …

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Technical clues that your spouse is cheating

A late date with a vague explanation or secret behavior from your spouse leads you to consider the possibility of a potential lover next door. You can’t get rid of the feeling that something is wrong. If you are worried that your spouse is engaging in less than desirable activities, …

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How much data does streaming video use?

Watching videos is one of the main ways people consume their allowance. So it makes sense to know how much data the streaming video uses. After all, for many people in the United States and beyond, internet data caps are a reality. Worse yet, your Internet service provider (ISP) may …

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