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With her broad, disarming gaze and friendly demeanor, Alice Levine has a way of asking the most direct questions about people’s sex lives without offending anyone. I’m not talking about the “How many dildos do you own?” Or “Were you lying about your penis size?” variety as much as the straightforward question “How much money do you make?” ”

The couple Geordie, Jack, 27, and Kayla, 21, gave up their jobs (decorator and sandwich maker) to explore, as Levine puts it, “the new frontier of the gig economy in Britain”. They are part of a seemingly growing trend of “cam couples”, broadcasting their intimate encounters live to the benefit of paying clients. The pair of chuckles brings Levine into their bedroom, where a cat sleeps next to a row of sex toys, and allows him to sit down during their next session (luckily, that doesn’t involve the cat). “I wasn’t prepared for the reality of watching two people have sex just two meters from my face,” she recalls afterward.

At the very least, Levine learned from his previous Channel 4 documentary on extreme right-wing extremist attitudes to focus on charming participants. Nikita and Sam, 24 and 29, a chic biker couple from Bournemouth, have a whiteboard showing their strict sex schedule. They each have an OnlyFans account to maintain (a subscription platform), as well as their couples’ sessions. Sam is the size of a chintz covered sofa and has the same pattern as well, with tattoos on her arms and neck and in her hair. “90 percent of my fans are men,” he reveals. Nikita, on the other hand, can win a pony just for calling someone a “dirty bitch”.

Soft-spoken Scottish couple Cole and Callum are big earners on Chaturbate, the adult webcam site, with an average of 15 million views of their energetic content per month. Subscribers pay in tokens, choosing from a large menu of sex acts. Levine: “This is quite the options page. Dressed in unpretentious hoodies and sweatpants, the pair jump onto the bed to demonstrate the positions that look “really good” on camera: the price goes up to 280 tokens for. . . a very explicit act (I do not state it.)

Despite the franchise, this first episode of the three-part series, of which Louis Theroux was executive producer, is not really about sex, but about love. The way these couples look at each other is downright adorable. Jack’s on-screen porn patter might be hilarious, but afterward he assures Levine, “I’m saying sorry.”


On Channel 4 from September 22 at 10 p.m.

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Experts say OnlyFans is a ‘gateway activity’ to exploitation https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/experts-say-onlyfans-is-a-gateway-activity-to-exploitation/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/experts-say-onlyfans-is-a-gateway-activity-to-exploitation/#respond Tue, 07 Sep 2021 15:00:42 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/experts-say-onlyfans-is-a-gateway-activity-to-exploitation/

The power of pornography over our society became clear again last month, when popular London-based content creator subscription service OnlyFans announced it would ban ‘sexually explicit’ content from its platform – but abruptly turned the tide following criticism from creators and advocates of positive sex. .

While advocates of consenting content creation celebrated the overthrow, other advocates and pundits fear that OnlyFans’ seemingly out-of-control platform could lead to further exploitation of the individuals featured.

“We live in the world that pornography has created” Catherine A. MacKinnon, lawyer, scholar, writer, teacher and activist, writing for a New York Times editorial.For more than three decades, researchers have documented that it desensitizes consumers to violence and spreads myths about rape and other lies about women’s sexuality.

“In doing so, it normalizes itself, becoming more and more invasive, intrusive and dangerous, surrounding us more and more intimately, preparing the culture so that it becomes difficult even to recognize its misdeeds”, MacKinnon, who also teaches the law at the University of Michigan. and Harvard Law School, continued to detail.

OnlyFans logo via their website.

OnlyFans said the reason for the now-retracted ban was to work with credit card companies regarding payment processing issues, but there’s one more reason to think the platform is trying to get ahead of being exposed to exploitation, explains MacKinnon.

For starters, MacKinnon argues that content from OnlyFans and similar websites cannot consider a person a “sex worker,” writing that for some what they do is not sex “in the sense privacy ”, or work,“ in the sense of productivity and dignity.

In other words, for every freelance and consenting content creator on similar platforms, there are also individuals who are being abused and trafficked in front of the camera.

The legitimization of uncontrolled sexual abuse on webcam sites like OnlyFans can be detrimental to many, MacKinnon continues, especially when similar platforms see creators on the rise, as the economy is alluring for those in financial difficulty.

Sex work and the pandemic

Throughout the global pandemic, almost all industries have experienced tensions and difficulties, but sex work has been severely tested as many people are not allowed to physically interact outside of their own home. home, whether the rules are enforced by government blockades or private companies, the details of the conversation.

“The virus is a disaster for businesses with direct contact with customers – and sex work is no different,” says Goddess Cleo, a dominatrix from London, who recently spoke to the bbc discuss the surprising increase in the number of new women turning to an online platform to make money with explicit content.

Max Bennett, from the Stripchat website, where the public pays to watch live sex, also spoke to the BBC, stating: “Adult performers are switching to livecams, like traditional [markets] have largely closed.

This increase in creators has been documented across the board.

The US-based live streaming site Chaturbate reported a 75% increase in the number of registered sex workers since the start of the epidemic – a faster increase than the rate of increase in traffic from hearing.

Much of this increase is due to stories spreading like wildfire on social media about ordinary people and celebrities who apparently hit the jackpot by posting on these websites, like celebrities. Jessika Power revealing to Yahoo! Way of life that she won $ 50,000 on OnlyFans after having an account for only five days.

But a lot of that is smoke in the mirrors, as an in-depth study by Influencer Marketing Hub found that the average OnlyFans user earns $ 180 per month and most accounts earn less than $ 145 in the same amount of time. The truth is, the top percent of OnlyFans content creators earn 33 percent of all money on the platform, AfroTech reported earlier this month.

While many positive sex advocates would argue that it should be revered as shameless work as a way to make honest money, privacy and anti-abuse advocates argue that online pornography is a ” gateway activity ”to operations.

Online sexual exploitation

MacKinnon details in his editorial that serious allegations have been made against OnlyFans regarding inadequate screening for content depicting incest, bestiality and child sexual abuse. In addition, another credible complaint was recently filed in Korea alleging that OnlyFans hosted videos of minors.

While OnlyFans responded by saying that it does not tolerate any violation of its policies or the law and takes action against users who do not keep themselves or others safe, MacKinnon writes that this is not enough.

“Tthere is no way to know if pimps and traffickers recruit reckless, vulnerable or desperate or coerce them off screen and confiscate or scavenge profits, as is typically the case in the industry sex, ”MacKinnon explains.

She goes on to write that most women enter the sex industry – online or in person – as minors, adding that their vulnerability is at the heart of their marketing as children are portrayed as adults and adults are often portrayed. like children.

While OnlyFans requires creators to be at least 18 and go through an age verification process, many say it’s easy to defeat or have an older person sign up for a minor.

To combat this injustice, MacKinnon points to the passage of an effective California bill, such as the legislation “adapts the best features of copyright, libel and trafficking law to solve this problem. ”

“If adopted,” MacKinnon writes, “it would create a civil lawsuit for victims of online sex trafficking – nude or sexual images of minors or adults who have been coerced or deceived or victims of theft. Once the notice is given, the trafficker would have to remove the materials or pay $ 100,000 for every two hours that they remain accessible.

MacKinnon concludes that anyone who is sexually trafficked through online platforms needs real protection to be successful in our world.

In light of recent filings and complaints, OnlyFans has released this statement:

OnlyFans is strictly an 18+ social media platform. OnlyFans does not tolerate any violation of our policies and we take immediate action to ensure the safety and security of our users. The Trust & Safety division of the platform has grown alongside the business and OnlyFans continues to dedicate the best resources to this area. OnlyFans is home to over 1.25 million creators. The Site has detailed policies and procedures in place to proactively monitor any attempted fraudulent access to the Platform, including access by minors, and in the event of a violation of these Terms, the Account is immediately closed. OnlyFans continues to increase surveillance measures to prevent fraudulent breaches.

Catherine A. MacKinnon is a lawyer, scholar, writer, teacher and activist. She teaches law at the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School and works for victims of sexual violence around the world.

its full New York Times editorial can be accessible here.

Further reading: Police sex workers: NYPD vice-unit targeted minorities, report says

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OnlyFans Tries To Stop Sex Revolution, Then Backs Down https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/onlyfans-tries-to-stop-sex-revolution-then-backs-down/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/onlyfans-tries-to-stop-sex-revolution-then-backs-down/#respond Wed, 01 Sep 2021 14:05:54 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/onlyfans-tries-to-stop-sex-revolution-then-backs-down/

I’m sure for the most part, all of this sudden uproar surrounding potential policy changes at OnlyFans may seem like superficial fodder that only affects sex workers who use the pay-per-view network app to download their adult content. – but I can assure you that these questions are far from trivial. Regardless of which argument is more liberating or oppressive your views lean, the fact remains that sex work is real work and should be protected as such.

Now, I totally agree that sex work is undeniably a more unconventional industry for trying to create a sustainable way of life, compared to most ‘day jobs’, but that is. also undoubtedly one of the oldest professions in history. I mean, smallpox and white supremacy weren’t the only things pilgrims brought to the “new land”, they also brought prostitution!

A profession which, like so many others during the pandemic, had to discover new and innovative ways to engage their customers, while navigating our increasingly evolving list of restrictions. Only fans have quickly and quietly become sex workers’ ultimate asset to combat these extended midlife limitations, providing them with a platform to showcase their literal strengths! While paying taxes… these degenerates, I know, right?

While OnlyFans’ unprecedented success is really hard to explain, especially considering this unorthodox business model is not unheard of (paid sites like Chaturbate, Flirt 4 Free, and Rent Boy do exist and create jobs. for sex workers for years), there is still an alluring freedom and an overwhelming sense of security that OnlyFans offers its users. With the pandemic seeing an upsurge in domestic violence and hate crimes against transgender and gender non-conforming women and folx (TGNC), who often turn to sex work not to get rich quick (as many who saw the rise of OnlyFans as a grab for money) , but for necessity or survival – the latter (security) is extremely vital and reassuring. Thanks to its popularity, sex workers no longer have to hide in dark alleys or dingy, smoky clubs. Like most things in demand these days, OnlyFans makes sex, or the illusion of it, instantly available for customers to devour the meticulously curated content at their own pace, from the comfort of their own homes.

A nearly unanimous shockwave turned into horror from content creators, subscribers and casual watchers, when the news hit the interwebs on August 19, the polarizing pop culture phenomenon announced that certain changes to their acceptable use policy (slated to be implemented on October 1) would soon begin banning the posting of any new content containing sexually explicit conduct . Only fans, who had subsequently become a household name synonymous with sex, were now inadvertently trying to rename themselves without it? It is obvious that you are successful in life when you get a cry of the queen herself, Beyoncé, but honestly, who were they to thank for this insurmountable brand recognition?

In the words made famous by ’80s rock / pop group Starship, “We built this town!” OnlyFans has built its success on the backs of sex workers. The sex workers that OnlyFans might inevitably have to turn their backs on. As many scoff and target OnlyFans as the culprit of their own seemingly impending doom, I implore the folx to realize that there is a more sinister villain here lurking in the shadows – Patriarchy!

You heard me right “The Man” isn’t just trying to stop a few cowardly girls from showing off their strawberry washing machines (my niece’s code word for her vagina) all over the World Wide Web. Like the majority of censorship tactics in use today, it is absolutely and almost exclusively about establishing power, controlling money and enforcing politics.

What’s in your wallet? I bet you have at least one card or account from a major banking / processing company – these are the same powers that tried to force the hand of OnlyFans to implement the aforementioned changes. Only fans were left with very few options outside of compliance. I guarantee you they didn’t suddenly wake up deciding to abandon their loyal customers and their accompanying fans; this logic does not even make sense. Only fans are treated over $ 2 billion in sales last year only.

Some banking / processing companies refused to process subscription payments as long as sexually explicit content was uploaded to the site. Literally holding sex workers hard (no pun intended) made them money. Fearing the risk of not being able to pay any of their creators, OnlyFans rightly conceded. This is called an efficiency oligopoly – with a few large companies, everyone relies on the decision.

If you think this is all pornography, think again. Can we talk about the irony of banks refusing to process payments on moral grounds – it’s disgusting. They pimp us and it’s pure bullshit that a handful of companies have the power to decide what people can buy. They can simply play the role of judge, jury, and executioner, as almost every business today depends on digital payment processing. This is a patriarchal power game of harnessing the stigma of sex work, with the aim of dictating what other businesses may in fact exist.

At the moment, OnlyFans has suspended at the moment one of the proposed changes, but going forward it’s unclear how reliable they will continue to be. Can OnlyFans survive without sex workers? Not with these shady sneaky schemes that believe the best way to protect yourself from sexual exploitation is to force sex work back underground and unregulated. Can sex workers survive without OnlyFans? Ab-so-fucking-lutely!

This is why I continue to encourage all sex workers to distribute their content on multiple apps, so that they can have a continuous stream of income! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, this is real work, so feel free to invest in yourself like it’s your job, because it is! Build your own websites, get better cameras, pay off your debts, and collaborate with other creators. To safeguard! To safeguard! To safeguard!

It’s a sexual revolution, enjoy it! And while they can try to kill the revolutionary (OnlyFans), they can never kill the revolution (the sex workers)! I don’t know which came first the chicken or the egg, but life itself cannot exist without sex. And sex will always sell! So as long as there is someone willing to pay for it, sex workers will be there to make the fantasy come true! Fight the power!

Phelix Crittenden is a local organizer and taste maker who spends her time advocating for mental health awareness, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, and hosting socially responsible events (Purpose Parties) throughout Louisville. Phelix sees itself as the ultimate connector and aims to continue to connect people with the appropriate resources needed to elevate their personal / professional endeavors. Stay up to date on the latest events at PhelixPlease.com

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Unexpected Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Crypto https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/unexpected-things-you-didnt-know-you-could-buy-with-crypto/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/unexpected-things-you-didnt-know-you-could-buy-with-crypto/#respond Mon, 30 Aug 2021 13:30:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/unexpected-things-you-didnt-know-you-could-buy-with-crypto/

A decorative image of a stack of metal "bitcoins" on top of a stack of $ 100 bills

Photo: Rovski (Shutterstock)

Most people buy and socket cryptocurrency in the hope that it will one day replace fiat currencies and therefore gain in value. However, more and more, some are looking for spend that too, with 40% of crypto holders planning to make a purchase next year, according to a recent poll.

While the options for doing so are still limited (and convoluted), retailers are offering a growing number of ways to actually use your crypto as currency..

Here’s a look at some of the things you can buy with crypto, right now:

  • Gift cards: In exchange for currencies like Bitcoin and Ehtereum, sites like eGifter and Gift offer gift cards for all kinds of retailers, like Sony, the NBA Store, Spotify, Southwest Airlines and Nordstrom. Of course, gift cards are an extra hassle if you prefer spend directly with these retailers—but for now, gift cards allow you to spend at a wide variety of retailers who do not normally accept crypto.
  • Sport events: NBA Sacramento Kings, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Dolphins Accept Crypto For Tickets, just like the San Jose Sharks of the NHL. MLB Oakland A’s now accept Bitcoin for a number of luxury suites as well.
  • Household items: US based retailer Overstock offers home furnishings, home improvement materials, as well as jewelry. They also take Bitcoin directly, with no middleman app or gift card exchange required.
  • Coffee: You need an app called Bakkt for this, but it is possible to convert Bitcoin to Credits on the Starbucks app. If you are already a regular customer and application user, it could be a convenient way to spend crypto.
  • To travel: All kinds of travel agencies accept crypto for airplane and hotel bookings (we’ve published an article on All Your Options here). The star is Travala, which has a partnership with Expedia; crypto holders can also spend it at more than 700,000 Expedia Group hotels and accommodations.
  • Art: Sotheby’s auction houses and Christie’s accepts Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies for large item auctions. And while this art would be entirely digital, you could dip your foot into the highly speculative world of non-fungible tokens, or NFT. There are a bunch of markets to choose too.
  • Porn: Mindgeek, which runs a bunch of porn sites (including Pornhub), accepts cryptocurrency, just like Chaturbate. As the New York Times points out, the cryptocurrency can be used anonymously, making it the preferred payment option for people who don’t want their expenses to draw.
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National Geographic producer, 55, avoids jail after spending over £ 100,000 on online sex shows https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/national-geographic-producer-55-avoids-jail-after-spending-over-100000-on-online-sex-shows/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/national-geographic-producer-55-avoids-jail-after-spending-over-100000-on-online-sex-shows/#respond Fri, 27 Aug 2021 16:14:02 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/national-geographic-producer-55-avoids-jail-after-spending-over-100000-on-online-sex-shows/

A National Geographic documentary producer has avoided jail after spending more than £ 100,000 on online sex shows with a company card.

Mark Johann Insanally, 55, who worked with Bear Grylls, fraud previously admitted between October 2019 and November 2020, at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

Insanally, from London, used a corporate credit card to access online pornography and used the adult website Chaturbate, an Inner London Crown Court hearing was held on Friday.

Insanally was working for Ventureland at the time, where his job as a producer was to organize production logistics which exceeded “millions of pounds,” prosecutor Peter Lancaster told the court.

From 2019 he is working on a documentary film project for the company, where he is “Charged with the credit card,” the judge said.

When the company’s accountant grew suspicious and asked Insanally, who was working on a National Geographic documentary, for receipts, he was told the money was intended to “access archival documents,” he said. said Mr Lancaster.

Mark Johann Insanally (pictured), 55, who worked on a National Geographic documentary, avoided jail after spending over £ 100,000 on online sex shows with a company card

The fraud continued and Insanally later said the money was for “research in the United States,” Lancaster said.

But when they were spotted again, he confessed to having an addiction to online pornography, especially adult chatrooms, and said he paid to watch sex shows.

Insanally spent more than £ 108,137 on a debit card, the court said. He left Ventureland in 2020 and the scam was discovered as the payments stopped.

“I am deeply sorry to those who trusted me,” Insanally wrote in a mitigating statement.

“I am embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated for letting my obnoxious behavior get out of hand,” he said.

A Ventureland victim impact statement read in court said the incident had “had a serious financial impact on the business and damage to the company’s reputation.”

Defense attorney Kieran Galvin, mitigating, said Insanally suffered from health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, that he lived with and cared for his sister.

He said his sister, who is homebound with heart disease, moved in with him after his nephew died, which had a “huge impact” on the family.

Mr Galvin added that Insanally had lost work as a result of the affair, but had started reconnecting with the industry to recover.

Prior to these criminal proceedings Insanally had an annual income of around £ 100,000 but is currently unemployed.

Holby City actor Jeremy Sheffield, who previously worked with him, gave Insanally a character reference statement, which was read out in court by Mr Galvin.

He said, “I can’t speak louder than anyone about Johann. I would entrust my life to him, he is a precious friend, a generous spirit and a gentle soul. ‘

Insanally (pictured with his lawyer) has spent more than £ 108,137 on a debit card, the court said.  He left Ventureland in 2020 and the scam was discovered as payments stopped

Insanally (pictured with his lawyer) has spent more than £ 108,137 on a debit card, the court said. He left Ventureland in 2020 and the scam was discovered as payments stopped

Insanally began specialized therapy to help her overcome her sex addiction and come to terms with her homosexuality.

He received a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years. He was ordered to undertake 15 days of re-education which the court learned he had already reserved.

He was also ordered to pay back £ 20,000 to Ventureland within 12 months and also had a curfew with an electronic tag until December 26.

Upon sentencing, Judge Gavin Millar said: “You have worked very successfully for the film production and festival industry. You already have good character and expressed remorse almost immediately. ‘

He added: “You’ve become addicted to Chaturbate. [The accountant] initially accepted your explanation that the payments were for archival footage he believed U.S. employees were getting.

But the judge admitted that being a man of his “generation and origins”, he had “no obvious way or language to be comfortable with his sexuality.”

The judge also said it would be the “right thing” for the industry to put Insanally back to work.

“You have a lot left to give and I hope the industry recognizes it and you reappear,” he added.

“I hope the therapy helps you. I hope you come to terms with your sexuality.

Insanally, who appeared in person at the hearing, responded from the platform: “Thank you.”

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Is OnlyFans “prohibiting sexually explicit content”? For sex workers, this is nothing new. https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/is-onlyfans-prohibiting-sexually-explicit-content-for-sex-workers-this-is-nothing-new/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/is-onlyfans-prohibiting-sexually-explicit-content-for-sex-workers-this-is-nothing-new/#respond Sun, 22 Aug 2021 23:46:04 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/is-onlyfans-prohibiting-sexually-explicit-content-for-sex-workers-this-is-nothing-new/

August 18, Rachel Dolezal, the woman who made the world believe she is a black woman, announced on her Instagram that she is launching an OnlyFans account. I found it to be a grim coincidence that on the same day, OnlyFans announced that they would “ban the posting of any content containing sexually explicit behavior.” As white celebrities like Dolezal will profit from OnlyFans, sex workers, especially those of color, will suffer the consequences of the ban. Advocates and allies of sex workers have warned us that OnlyFans censorship is inevitable. Many sex workers, including myself, were launched OnlyFans well before this announcement for reasons related to the anti-sex worker laws FOSTA-SESTA and SIESA which were passed in 2018, so the recent news from OnlyFans isThis is hardly surprising and it is far from new.

Just last year, an opinion piece by Laila Mickelwait titled “Time to Shut Pornhub Down” appeared in the Washington Examiner – he triggered a movement called Traffickinghub who reportedly collected more than 2 million signatures on a petition to “Shut Down Pornhub and Hold Its Leaders Accountable for Aided Trafficking.” Marketed as a movement to hold PornHub accountable, it called for better regulation or simply to take down the site as a whole. Mickelwait is a member of Cry of Exodus, a nonprofit organization linked to a Puritan extremist evangelical Christian group that is dedicated the abolition of the sex industry.

After their petition went viral, Exodus Cry received significant financial support from NCOSE (National Center on Sexual Exploitation) and NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), and together they were successful in pushing PornHub. remove any unverified content by put pressure on Visa and Mastercard cut ties with them. Exodus Cry’s success in putting pressure on PornHub only strengthened their resolve. They want to see all forms of sex work eradicated, abolished, including so-called legal sex work like strip clubs and cams. Exodus Cry has the overwhelming backing and backing of millions of people who believe their entire agenda is to protect sex workers when what they are really doing is perpetuating evil. These extremist organizations were able to extract money from people aligned right and left, so why would they stop now?

OnlyFans released a statement, along with a mass email stating that they will no longer allow explicit content on their platform in order to shift more towards consumer-friendly, mainstream content for investors.

Dear Creator OnlyFans, This email is intended to notify you of changes to our Acceptable Use Policy which will be effective October 1, 2021. The new policy will prohibit the posting of any new content that contains sexually explicit conduct.  Content containing nudity will continue to be allowed as long as it complies with the policy.  Existing content that does not meet the standards of the new policy will need to be removed by December 1, 2021. Our intention is that the policy will be implemented according to the above dates, but we may need to change one or more of the dates depending on the circumstances.  Here is a link to the new acceptable use policy - https://www.onlyfans.com/aup
An email received by the creators of OnlyFans on August 20, 2021.

From October 1st under OnlyFansUpdated Acceptable Use Policy, each user should check their age. The time and effort it takes to control each person just isn’t worth it for OnlyFans, so instead they kick out the workers who built their own platform. It will not stop sex trafficking. This may have a small effect on non-consensual videos, but overall it’s a huge disservice for survivors of trafficking.

A tweet from the official OnlyFans account: Dear sex workers, The OnlyFans community wouldn't be what it is today without you.  The policy change was necessary to secure banking and payment services to support you.  We are working tirelessly to find solutions.
A tweet from the official OnlyFans account from August 21, 2021, which rings hollow for sex workers who have experienced this with other platforms.

OnlyFans owes its rise in popularity to its content creators, sex workers and people who support independent creators. It is a harsh punishment for sex workers and a huge cost for sexual freedom. FOSTA SESTA has succeeded in eliminating sex workers from Facebook, Craigslist personals, Reddit, Backpage, Instagram, TikTok and now OnlyFans, creating a domino effect and affecting the most marginal among us. Due to the global pandemic, many sex workers have turned to platforms like OnlyFans to make ends meet, and now wewill be removed from platforms intended to ensure the safety of sex workers. Not to mention the growing censorship perpetuates violence against sex workers. So what happens next? Which platform will the ax get next? How do we fight for our right to exist in a cisgender, heteronormative, capitalist patriarchal dystopia under increasing censorship?

The solution is the decriminalization of sex work. Until then, some more sex worker friendly platforms include AVN Stars, Just for Fans, ManyVids, FanCentro, Mygirlfund, Loyalfans, NiteFlirt, Frisk, and Chaturbate. No matter how hard moral experts try to drive workers underground, we will continue to rise in this dystopian society of the hellish landscape. Secure the bag but first letmake sure ourselves.

If you enjoyed this piece, support Nessa with a tip on Venmo @gothbimbo

Thanks to readers like you, Knock LA is able to keep you informed on local politics and raise marginalized voices in Los Angeles. Join us to fight the good fight and Click here to support Knock LA.

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Sony will sell you its latest phone for way too much money next month https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/sony-will-sell-you-its-latest-phone-for-way-too-much-money-next-month/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/sony-will-sell-you-its-latest-phone-for-way-too-much-money-next-month/#respond Thu, 01 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/sony-will-sell-you-its-latest-phone-for-way-too-much-money-next-month/

The Android market has felt a lot smaller lately. LG ditched the smartphone game altogether a few months ago, and while HTC hasn’t officially thrown in the towel, the heyday of the One M7 and M8 are long gone. Sony is still alive if you missed some of that old-school Android feel, and it will finally be bringing its new flagship to the United States next month.

Although the Xperia 1 III was announced in April, Sony had yet to announce availability – and prices – before this morning. Hope you saved your money, because like with last year’s Xperia 1 II, it doesn’t come cheap. Pre-orders start today exclusively through the Sony online store for $ 1,300, making it one of the more expensive non-foldable phones out there.

Even if you’re ready to remove your credit card number right now, the device won’t ship until August 19 (Sony goes Sony). However, if you’re ready to buy the phone before September 26, the company is ready to give you some nice bonuses. Kind of. You will receive a free pair of its WF-1000XM3 headphones with your purchase – great headphones for sure, but not the new XM4s that blew AP staff away. Also included: 43,200 Call of Duty: Mobile CP Points, which are apparently valued at $ 540 (although I’m not sure by whom).

In case you forget its specs – totally understandable considering Sony announced this phone two and a half months ago – the Xperia 1 III includes a Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. With a 6.5 “4K 120Hz OLED display, 4,500mAh battery, and an all-new variable telephoto lens that can switch between 70mm and 105mm, this is a flagship phone through and through. supports 5G (although it is limited to sub-6) and is available in purple or black variants.

We weren’t super hot on last year’s Xperia 1 II. Its lack of 5G, inconsistent camera quality, and price tag made it a tough pill to swallow. With this release, Sony has fixed some of the issues with its previous flagship, but given that it is even more expensive than before, this phone will really have to prove itself.

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Ex-wife denies attempting to lock up ex-WA treasurer Troy Buswell for breach of bail https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/ex-wife-denies-attempting-to-lock-up-ex-wa-treasurer-troy-buswell-for-breach-of-bail/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/ex-wife-denies-attempting-to-lock-up-ex-wa-treasurer-troy-buswell-for-breach-of-bail/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/ex-wife-denies-attempting-to-lock-up-ex-wa-treasurer-troy-buswell-for-breach-of-bail/

She told the court she was not sure if she was kicked or a shoe thrown at her at the time of the alleged incident.

Ms Hankinson agreed with the prosecutor on an argument before the alleged assault was triggered after seeing something on Mr Buswell’s phone, which Mr Percy later revealed to be an explicit adult website called Chaturbate .

Former WA Treasurer Troy Buswell.Credit:Kruijff stone

Mr Percy explained to Ms Hankinson that the argument was actually about a letter she had delivered to Mr Buswell the previous month, which was a financial ultimatum he disagreed with.

The letter asked the couple to use a joint bank account again, after Mr Buswell reorganized his finances in July, with any purchase over $ 100 to be agreed upon by the two.

Ms Hankinson said the letter was not an ultimatum but a financial plan and denied it was the relationship’s real tipping point.

She told the court she felt watched and controlled when it came to finances with Mr Buswell, but not financial abuse.

Earlier in Wednesday’s hearing, Ms Hankinson told the court she feared going public about the alleged abuse as she might not be believed, might be sued by Mr Buswell for libel and how her personal life might be played in the media. .

“I would be looked at, judged and taken with pity,” she said.

“I’m a policeman, I’m not supposed to take this.

“I’m supposed to take people to court… and I talk to people about domestic violence. I am a hypocrite.


“I hate myself for this.”

Prosecutor Sean Dworcan also read a letter Ms Hankinson wrote to Mr Buswell in early 2019 in which she told him he was not doing anything in the house and that his dog would destroy the floor of his house without him. don’t do anything about it.

Ms Hankinson wrote about the therapy the couple attended after an alleged assault following a Pink concert.

In the letter, she said the session was meant to be devoted to physical abuse of her when he was drunk, but this did not happen and no further appointments were made.

The trial continues.

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Irvine Scobie’s pedophile died in prison after being jailed for child abuse footage https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/irvine-scobies-pedophile-died-in-prison-after-being-jailed-for-child-abuse-footage/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/irvine-scobies-pedophile-died-in-prison-after-being-jailed-for-child-abuse-footage/#respond Tue, 20 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/irvine-scobies-pedophile-died-in-prison-after-being-jailed-for-child-abuse-footage/

A PEDOPHILE caught with nearly 100 images of abuse of sick children and 10 different Facebook accounts has died in prison after being jailed for two years for recidivism.

Graham Scobie, 52, was caged for 26 months and listed on the sex offender registry for 10 years on the day the lockdown was announced last year [Monday, March 23] after having previously dodged prison.

Scobie who was a prisoner of HMP Dumfries was found dead earlier in the month with a fatal crash investigation to be held in due course.

A sheriff previously called Scobie “unmanageable” before sending him to jail for possessing more child abuse images in violation of his strict court order imposed to protect the public.

Scobie also failed to inform police that he had a Skype profile – on behalf of Joe Bloggs – and was also a member of a website called Chaturbate.

The former Dickson Drive resident, last residing in Church Street, Kilwinning was spared jail and placed on a Sexual Offenses Prevention Order (SOPO) in February last year, after being caught with 90 sick images and horrific films of abused children.

The Times reported last year how Scobie posed a risk to children by putting himself in situations where he could come into contact with them, spending his days watching pornography and engaging in sexual acts.

At the time, Assistant Finance Attorney Kirsty Urquhart said, “He admitted to viewing and sharing material for some time. He admitted to having deviant sexual interests, particularly an interest in young teens.

“He has access to the victims. He goes out almost every day and makes his way to Glasgow from Irvine when he spends his days walking through parks, especially Kelvingrove Park, and visiting museums.

“He repeatedly puts himself in situations where he could come into contact with children.

“His laptop has been examined by the police and there is evidence that he accessed porn on a daily basis, especially from barely legal men and young men.

“He has 10 separate Facebook accounts with different profile photos and names.

“His friends on each of them are all male. Some are young adult males who look very young. “He confirmed to officers that he had had a sexual conversation with some of these friends.”

When he was convicted last year, his defense attorney said: “Mr Scobie admits he was wrong in his conduct – although the [social work] report does not agree with that

She added: “He is vulnerable and needs help in many areas of his life.”

His lawyer urged the sheriff to give credit early in his guilty plea, but added: “I can’t say anything more.”

Before returning him to custody, Sheriff Shirley Foran told the “unmanageable” pedophile that there was “no value in considering a community provision”, adding “you have been ordered – no community provision is no longer available “.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Prison Service said: “Graham Robert Scobie, 52, a prisoner from HMP Dumfries died on April 11, 2021.

“He was convicted by the Kilmarnock Sheriff Court in 2020. Scottish Police have been notified and the case has been reported to the tax prosecutor.

“A fatal accident investigation will be held in due course.”

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Projekt Melody banned on Twitch one day after partnering https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/projekt-melody-banned-on-twitch-one-day-after-partnering/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/projekt-melody-banned-on-twitch-one-day-after-partnering/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:58 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/projekt-melody-banned-on-twitch-one-day-after-partnering/

Virtual camgirl Projekt Melody was banned by Twitch just a day after partnering on the platform.

Describing herself as “the first and only hentai camgirl rendered in 3D”, Projekt Melody naturally had to tone down her usual content for Twitch. Her Twitch debut saw her garner more than 30,000 simultaneous viewers.

Despite her efforts, she was suspended by the streaming giant but said she would return next week.

Although no official reason has been given for its suspension, the obvious publicity of the virtual model for Fakku and the presence of streaming sex toys could have been accounted for by Twitch.

The Projekt Melody model is created by DigitrevX, a professional 3D artist and animator. While they have been shy about the “complicated” technology used to bring Melody to life, it is likely a form of combination capture commonly used in visual effects technology.

This provides motion capture data to the computer, which can then be transposed to a 3D model of the artist’s choice.

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