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Watching videos is one of the main ways people consume their allowance. So it makes sense to know how much data the streaming video uses.

After all, for many people in the United States and beyond, internet data caps are a reality. Worse yet, your Internet service provider (ISP) may charge you an exorbitant amount per gigabyte if and when you go over your cap.

Knowing how much data is being used by streaming video should help avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive your next bill.

1. YouTube

Let’s start with YouTube. We have already covered how much data YouTube uses in a previous article. To sum up, we’ve found that the service uses 562.5MB of data / hour if you’re streaming at 480p (standard definition) resolution.

If you want to watch higher resolutions at 60fps, the figure jumps to 1.86GB / hour for 720p, 3.04GB / hour at 1080p, and a gigantic 15.98GB / hour if you want to watch videos. in 4K.

Fortunately, we’ve included some tips to help you cut down on the amount of data YouTube uses in the same article.

2. Netflix

netflix data recommendations

Netflix is ​​by far the most popular streaming service in the world. It has over 130 million subscribers, many of whom do not necessarily have high-speed internet.

Therefore, like YouTube, there are a number of different quality options available on the app.

According to Netflix’s own information, an hour of standard definition video streaming will use around 1 GB of data. Watching high definition video increases this number to 3 GB. Ultra high definition will use 7 GB of data / hour.

By default, your account is configured to automatically choose the most appropriate resolution for your connection. However, if you want to save data while watching Netflix, you can override the setting. Go to Account> My Profile> Reading Settings to make your choice. Tap Save when you’re ready.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is just one of many Amazon services. It went live in 2006, but didn’t become a streaming service until 2011. Nonetheless, in just half a decade, it has become Netflix’s biggest competitor.

The service offers three resolutions for desktop users. They are good, better and better. Good broadcasts 480p standard definition video and uses 800MB of data / hour. Best HD streams and requires 2 GB of data / hour. The 4K ultra high definition (Best) option will consume 6 GB of data / hour.

Mobile users also have another data saver option.

To note: Watching Amazon Prime Video on the mobile app uses a little less data than watching the same video through the desktop app.

4. Hulu

Hulu is arguably the third member of the video streaming triumvirate. Just like its rivals, Hulu has some must-see TV shows.

Hulu’s data usage when streaming video is slightly lower than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, making it the more economical of the three.

On the standard definition option, you can expect to use 680MB / hour. The 720p high definition setting increases the figure to 1.3 GB / hour, and the 1080p resolution further increases usage to 2.7 GB / hour.

If you sign up for Hulu’s $ 39.99 / month plan, you can also stream live TV. Hulu only offers its live channels in 720p HD quality, so mobile users with capped plans should stay away.

5. Spotify

Spotify is best known as a music streaming service. However, since mid-2016, it also offers video service in some markets.

Unfortunately, the company is not very open about the amount of data used by its video service. On its website, Spotify simply says, “Videos use more data than music due to the larger file sizes. But our data usage is on par with other popular video channels.”

Most of the videos on the service are in high definition, so if we take Spotify’s claims at face value, we can assume that an hour of streaming will use between 1.5GB and 3GB of data (based on data from Netflix et al.).

If you want to know more how much data Spotify uses when streaming music, see our previous article.

6. Vimeo

Like Spotify, Vimeo does not offer any official guide to using data on its website. However, in third-party testing, one user found that standard definition content used 353MB of data / hour and HD videos used 2.75GB / hour.

7. Stan

Stan is only available in Australia and offers a mix of movies and TV shows on demand.

The app offers four quality levels. The lowest standard definition setting only uses 570MB of data / hour, making it comparable to Netflix. Medium Standard Definition uses 1.13 GB / hour, and HD and 4K use 2.89 GB / hour and 7 GB / hour, respectively.

8. Direct TV

DirecTV is another company that doesn’t offer clear information about bandwidth usage on their website.

Its guidelines simply say, “If your provider is limiting your bandwidth or data, change your video quality settings to low or medium.” ”

It’s safe to assume that DirecTV’s data usage is consistent with the other platforms we have discussed.

9. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue’s guidelines are much clearer. It uses 500MB / hour in low quality, 1GB / hour in medium quality, and 2GB / hour in high quality.

Since 2017, the service also offers a native bandwidth cap. You can set it to your preferred limit and the streaming will automatically cut off when the limit is reached.

10. Sling TV

For Sling TV, we once again have to look to third-party research. According to String cutters, the highest quality streaming from Sling TV will use 1.66 GB / hour. This drops to 540 MB / hour on average and 360 MB / hour on low.

See our comparison of Sling TV and Philo for more information on services.

Keep an eye on your monthly data cap

Going over your data limit could be disastrous for your bank account. If you are lucky, your ISP will only slow down your speed. If you are unlucky, it can charge you a hefty fee for each additional gigabyte you use.

We think it’s a shame that out of all the services we’ve talked about, only PlayStation Vue comes with a built-in bandwidth monitor. It should be something that all video streaming services offer as standard.

Fortunately, other companies are emphasizing the need to help people keep tabs on their data usage. Learn more about how to monitor your data usage on Windows 10.

How to check the health of your Windows 10 PC or laptop

Use these Windows 10 health reports to see how your hardware is performing and spot issues.

Read more

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10 tips to become a Chromecast master https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/10-tips-to-become-a-chromecast-master/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/10-tips-to-become-a-chromecast-master/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/10-tips-to-become-a-chromecast-master/

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

Got a super cheap streaming dongle from Google? Or are you planning to buy one? Here are 10 lesser-known tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your Chromecast and unlock some of its hidden potential.

1. Get the Chromecast wallpaper

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

If you like the awesome photo slideshow that appears when your Chromecast dongle is waiting for an app to connect, you’ll be interested to know that you can see it as an internet page as well (to find the link to the actual jpegs you will need to view the source of the page and follow the url from there). You can also collect them in a pair of collections nicely set up on the web for other users to download and install.

2. Stream local files

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

You can broadcast browser tabs with Google Cast extension, and Chrome can play local files, which means you can stream local files if they are in a format compatible with Chrome (such as .mp3s and .mp4s). It may not work perfectly, especially with better quality videos or less powerful laptops, but it’s a good option to have around. Use Ctrl + O or Cmd + O to open a local file in Chrome, then use the Google Cast extension as usual.

3. Change the quality of streaming

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

Choose the Options link in the Google Cast extension drop-down list, and you can configure the broadcast quality used when you send a tab to the Chromecast. If you have a lot of bandwidth to work with, set it to Extreme; If there is a lot of activity on your local network and you are having issues, try the Standard option. For most users, the default High option should suffice.

4. Share party playlists

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

QCast Music is a free app from the Google Play Store that is linked to your Google Play Music All Access account (with support for other subscription services to come). You can stream party playlists to your TV, then let your guests vote on whether a particular song can be kept or deleted. The party host has the final say, in case you want to impose your favorite band on everyone.

5. Broadcast your desktop

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

The ability to cast your entire desktop is now an option in the Google Cast extension. Click the expand button, then click the small down arrow to find the setting. There’s also the option to restrict streaming to audio only, which is useful if you’re just listening to music. Take Cast the whole screen to send your entire desktop to the Chromecast dongle, but be prepared for a few bugs in development.

6. Stream movies from Google Drive

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

If you’ve taken advantage of the drop in storage prices for Google Drive and keep movies there, there are a few different ways you can Chromecast them (like in Tip 2). The easiest methods to use are apps like the premium version of AllCast or Android L-ready local broadcast. Alternatively, you can try a media server solution such as BubbleUPnP server, although the setup is slightly more complex.

7. Find what’s on your Chromecast

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

This feature is not yet available, but it’s on the way so we will include it. If you’ve been paying attention during the Google I / O Keynote this year, you’ll know that the Chromecast home screen is updated to show a user-defined photo gallery. When this update arrives, you will be able to ask your phone “what’s on my Chromecast” to get information from Google about where a photo was taken or what it represents.

8. Mirror your Android device

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

In the last two weeks Android Chromecast app has been updated to allow the dongle to mirror your phone or tablet display. You will need one of the following devices: Nexus 4, 5, 7 (second generation), 10, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Note 3 and 10, HTC One M7, LG G2, G3 and G Pro 2. Run the app, and the Cast Screen option appears in the menu. When you switch from landscape mode to portrait mode on your device, the distribution also changes.

9. Find compatible apps

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

Google maintains his own site where Chromecast compatible apps are listed. Check back regularly – and pay attention to the New tab – to be the first to know when your favorite app is upgraded. Recent additions to the list include WatchESPN and PBS Kids. Don’t worry if you forget to tag Google’s list; if major applications are added to the list, we usually let you know.

10. Reset your Chromecast to factory settings

Illustration for the article titled 10 Tips to Become a Chromecast Master

If you are giving away or trying to troubleshoot your Chromecast, a factory reset may be needed. To do this, press and hold the button on your device for 25-30 seconds until it restarts. You can also go to the Chromecast app, select the dongle, and then select Chromecast Factory Reset from the settings menu. The same option can be found in the Windows or Mac setup app which you can find at www.google.com/chromecast/setup.

Thanks to Watch Chrome and Google operating system for letting us know about some of the tips mentioned in this list. Do you have others that you would like to share? Leave them below!

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Safari browser settings you should change right now https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/safari-browser-settings-you-should-change-right-now/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/safari-browser-settings-you-should-change-right-now/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/safari-browser-settings-you-should-change-right-now/

Your browser is your window to the world, the app you rely on most during the day. You want to get every drop of utility out of it. It certainly helps to know all the features and tips that your everyday browser is capable of. For iOS users, this means mastering Safari: how to stay safe online, how to get things done faster, and more.

For a smoother online experience, take a few minutes to go through these Safari tweaks to make your online life a little smoother.

1. Perform a password audit

Safari is very concerned about the strength of your passwords, perhaps even more so than you. To see if you’re using weak passwords or duplicating passwords across multiple accounts, open the Safari menu and choose Preferences then Passwords. A yellow exclamation mark indicates a potential problem with one of your listed passwords.

2. View videos

Often you’ll want to keep watching a video while doing something else, and Safari can help – with a video playing, click and hold the audio icon in the address bar, then choose Enter picture into picture. The pop-up video player can be repositioned and resized as needed, but keep the original tab open in the background while you work on other tasks.

3. Set permissions for each website

Websites want a lot these days: access your webcam, mic, location, and more. To check what a site has and does not have access to, click Safari then Settings for this website. You can revoke any permissions you previously granted, prevent content from automatically playing, and limit the number of pop-ups the website can display.

David Nield via Safari

4. Brighten up your browsing with favicons

It took a long time for Safari to support favicons (the little icons that represent websites), so you might as well take advantage; they also help you more easily identify open tabs. Of Safari menu, choose Preferences then Tabs, then check the box labeled Show website icons in tabs to apply the change to the browser.

5. Line up after you

Having access to your recent browsing history can be useful for tracking your steps online, but you don’t need it to track you for years. Open Safari then Preferences, go to General tab, then open Delete history items -you can delete the browsing logs automatically after a day, a week, a fortnight, a month or a year.

6. View full URLs of websites

By default, Safari only displays the domain name of the site you are visiting in the address bar, but this can make it difficult to determine exactly where you are on the web. To see the full URL instead, you need to open the Safari menu, then the Preferences dialogue, then go to the Advanced tab — make sure the Show full website address the box is checked.

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JOHN WICK director Chad Stahelski is set to helm a dystopian sci-fi movie called ANALOG – GeekTyrant https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/john-wick-director-chad-stahelski-is-set-to-helm-a-dystopian-sci-fi-movie-called-analog-geektyrant/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/john-wick-director-chad-stahelski-is-set-to-helm-a-dystopian-sci-fi-movie-called-analog-geektyrant/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/john-wick-director-chad-stahelski-is-set-to-helm-a-dystopian-sci-fi-movie-called-analog-geektyrant/

Lionsgate has hired John wick director Chad Stahelski directing the feature film adaptation of the dystopian sci-fi comic book Analog. The title Image Comics comes from the writer Gerry Duggan and artist David O’Sullivan. David Leitch (Deadpool 2) is also on board as a producer.

The story is set in 2024, when the internet is only used for pornography after the world has been “doxxed en masse”. Here is the official description of the comic:

Internet security has been totally destroyed. Secrets are no longer sent to the web, they are entrusted to armed couriers called “Ledger Men”, like the human punching bag Jack McGinnis. He has a gun in one hand and a handcuffed briefcase in the other. Danger lurks around every corner and Jack must watch his back as he participated in the cyberattack that changed the world. Enter the ground floor of this new ongoing series and shudder as you punch Jack’s fist in the face of spies, mercenaries, fascists and ultimately less impactful opponents like a very cranky artificial intelligence.

I’ve never read the comic, but it sure looks like it could make a wild movie! I’m sure Stahelski will make some cool stuff out of it by adapting it for the big screen. Ryan j condal, co-creator of the sci-fi series USA Network Colony, will write the script and I guess Stahelski will do it when he’s done with John Wick: Chapter 3.

Have you read the comic? If so, what do you think about Stahelski taking care of it?

Source: Variety

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Alicia Gray, married math teacher, 28, pleads guilty to having sex with 14-year-old student https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/alicia-gray-married-math-teacher-28-pleads-guilty-to-having-sex-with-14-year-old-student/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/alicia-gray-married-math-teacher-28-pleads-guilty-to-having-sex-with-14-year-old-student/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/alicia-gray-married-math-teacher-28-pleads-guilty-to-having-sex-with-14-year-old-student/

Married math teacher, 28, pleads guilty to having sex with 14-year-old student, and husband stands by her side

  • Alicia Gray has pleaded guilty to first degree sodomy, sexual abuse and being a school worker who engaged in sex with a student under the age of 19
  • She will serve six months behind bars and be on probation for five years
  • Despite her infidelity, her husband appeared to be by her side and was in court for his conviction

Mugshot: Alicia Gray pleaded guilty to two counts of second degree sodomy and one count of second degree sexual abuse. She has now been sentenced to six months in prison and five years probation

A former high school teacher from Alabama who was married pleaded guilty to having sex with a student and was ordered to immediately serve jail time and return her teaching certificate.

Alicia Gray, 28, accepted a plea deal reached by prosecutors because she was found guilty of committing a deviant sexual act or sexual intercourse with a student under the age of 19.

Gray was sentenced to six months behind bars with five years probation.

As a condition of probation, Gray will no longer be allowed to work with minors and had to immediately surrender his teaching certificate to the Alabama Department of Education.

Former Mary G. Montgomery math teacher visited the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in February last year and was charged with second-degree sodomy, sexual abuse and employee school having had sexual contact with a student under 19 years of age.

It was alleged that his victim was 14 years old at the time of the incident.

The student told investigators his relationship with Gray began around New Year’s Day 2013 and grew more serious, ultimately leading to “an exchange of oral sex” near or at the victim’s home.

The boy also told police that Gray “took several nude photos” of herself and sent them to him by cell phone. Husband in solidarity: Alicia Gray's husband holds her hand as she goes to court in Mobile, Alabama, also accompanied by her lawyer

Husband in solidarity: Alicia Gray’s husband holds her hand as she appears in court in Mobile, Ala, in February, also accompanied by her lawyer (pictured left)

Visited: Alicia Gray (pictured), of Mobile, Alabama, was accompanied by her husband and lawyer when she surrendered to authorities
Visited: Alicia Gray (pictured), of Mobile, Alabama, was accompanied by her husband and lawyer when she surrendered to authorities

Surrendered: Alicia Gray (pictured), from Mobile, Alabama, surrendered to authorities

She had been an administrative employee since her arrest, but resigned from the school system several months ago.

“We regret any circumstance like this, but when the allegations came out we acted quickly. We deeply regret that this has happened, ” Superintendent of Schools Martha Peek said in a statement.t.

At the time of her arrest, Gray was accompanied by her husband and lawyer when she surrendered to authorities at Mobile County Metropolitan Jail, after an arrest warrant was issued against her and she was arrested. an investigation into the relationship has been opened.

Popular teacher: Former Grey's students said they were shocked by the allegations (pictured going to court on Monday)

Popular teacher: Gray alumni said they were shocked by the allegations

On the MGM High School website, Gray described herself as “highly skilled in math.”

Former students said they were shocked by the allegations.

“She’s really cool,” former student Matt Boykin said. “I had his class when I was in the ninth grade. I struggled a lot with math and it really helped me.

Gray graduated from Mary G Montgomery High School and went on to earn a BA in Mathematics Education from the University of Mobile in May 2007.

She then obtained her Masters in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University in May 2011.

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Private investigator reveals tech tips to help women catch cheating love rat husbands https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/private-investigator-reveals-tech-tips-to-help-women-catch-cheating-love-rat-husbands/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/private-investigator-reveals-tech-tips-to-help-women-catch-cheating-love-rat-husbands/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/private-investigator-reveals-tech-tips-to-help-women-catch-cheating-love-rat-husbands/

You spotted lipstick on her collar, smelled perfume on her clothes, and noticed that smug look of sexual satisfaction on her cheating, lying face.

If you suspect that a husband’s dog has sniffed at other street lights, it can often be difficult to prove your suspicions.

But a private investigator wants to help you.

Richard Martinez, Managing Director of Expedited Detective Agency , flushes out rat husbands in love for more than 15 years.

Most of his work is about “emotions of the heart” – which is a coated way of saying infidelity.

He occasionally receives commissions from diplomats looking to see if their child is about to embarrass them by joining a gang or taking drugs in public, but most of his clients are women who seek to expose their dirty partner.

While he doesn’t want to be photographed, he’s agreed to reveal a few tricks of the trade that could help you trap a cheater – or clear their name and get on with your life.

Know the law

It is important for any female spy to understand human rights law, which allows limited surveillance under certain conditions.

According to Martinez, it’s legal to spy on a man to “protect your emotional and moral well-being” – but illegal to do so for financial gain.

He says these the provisions are contained in article 8, which gives everyone the “respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence“.

But we recommend that you consult a lawyer rather than relying entirely on this article to guide you.

Bug his car

There are strict rules putting together this evergreen method for following a rat in love.

Martinez told us it’s legal to plant a tracking device on the outside of the car, as long as it doesn’t affect the performance of the vehicle.

If the device is inside the car, you are invading your husband’s privacy and could be hit by the long arm of the law.

“As far as I know, I have never seen an NP get arrested or suffer legal consequences for planting a tracking device outside of a car,” Martinez said.

Put a honey trap

Martinez offers a service called “integrity testing,” which involves sending a woman to a nightclub to try and tempt a wandering husband to reveal his true colors.

However, he advised caution here, due to the wicked nature of most men.

“We will not send a beautiful honey trapper to catch a man, because most women know what men look like,” he said.

“It’s unwise to think that a husband would refuse a top model.”

Be very vigilant at Christmas and during the summer

We’ve all heard the stories of what goes on at those X-rated Christmas office parties.

And you’ve heard of the sunny lust of the Mediterranean party islands.

Brides should therefore keep an eye on their partner during the summer and the Christmas season.

Then maybe you can give her a gift that no man would want: a divorce.

Look up the other woman’s profile on social media

If your husband constantly appears on another woman’s social media profile, he probably appears in her bed as well.

Once you get a phone number, you can also use it to search Facebook and find a profile.

You can use Bing (see below) or just keep tabs on your partner’s phone and check for numbers you don’t recognize.

If a so called “friend” keeps calling – it’s a fair bet that the relationship is more than platonic.

Put spyware on your phone

To do this, you need to find the phone’s IMEI number – which can be found out by opening the mobile and typing “* # 06 #”.

This will allow you to install spyware that can track its movements and allow you to monitor every text or email it sends and receives – although most cheaters will likely use a second mobile to complete a deal.

Several spyware can be purchased legally online, although we recommend that you seek legal advice before you go all out and mess with your husband’s smartphone.

Martinez offered another reason to be careful: “I have known women who get addicted to spyware and spend months doing nothing but monitoring their partner’s phone.

Beware of the “seven year itch”

Could a man resist Marilyn Monroe, star of the movie who popularized the concept that men could only maintain monogamy for seven years at a time?

Unfortunately not, according to our sympathetic detective, because many women see their man feel “the itch of seven years”.

“It goes back to the days of the caveman,” he said.

“Seven years is enough time to get a woman pregnant and raise children so that she is mobile enough to flee predators.

“A lot of clients come to me around seven years of relationship, when that male instinct to procreate with someone else starts to take hold.”

Use the Bing search engine instead of Google

“Not many people know it, but Bing is more personal than Google,” Martinez said.

“Google will look for media coverage, while Bing will look for addresses or phone numbers.”

This could allow you to track down a suspected lover, or perhaps verify his alibi.

Did my husband say he went to visit a co-worker – find out the details of this “friend” and you can find out if he is telling the truth.

Richard Martinez spoke to us to mark the DVD release of The Blacklist: The Complete Second Season, a PI drama which hits stores on Monday August 17th.

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Do all men cheat?


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Very surprisingly illegal thing to do on the internet in Australia https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/very-surprisingly-illegal-thing-to-do-on-the-internet-in-australia/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/very-surprisingly-illegal-thing-to-do-on-the-internet-in-australia/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/very-surprisingly-illegal-thing-to-do-on-the-internet-in-australia/

The VERY surprising thing that is illegal to do on the internet in Australia – and almost all of us are guilty of it at some point

  • The only thing almost everyone has done at some point is actually illegal
  • Viewing pornography on the internet is an offense under Australian broadcasting law
  • Films containing “real depictions of real sexual activity” are rated X18 +
  • X18 + movies are banned in most states and territories, and for online viewing

Australia is often criticized for some of its crazy bans – bad music, preying on pigeons and practicing psychics to name a few – but one in particular might come as a surprise.

Viewing pornography on the Internet is illegal under the Broadcasting Service Act 1992.

The nasty act that everyone is probably doing, but few would admit, is actually a fine offense across the country.

The one thing everyone is probably doing, but not many people admitting, is actually a fine across the country.

All movies and computer games in Australia require a classification from the classification table.

“It doesn’t matter if you sell, rent, lend or give away the movie or the game, they should always be classified,” the government legislation says.

The classifications range from G for general display, PG for parental guidance for children under 15, up to X18 +.

Films rated X18 + are those which “contain true representations of actual sexual activity between consenting adults”.

These X18 + films can only be viewed and purchased in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

In all other states and territories, buyers and sellers of X18 + hardware risk a substantial fine.

The Broadcasting Service Act 1992 lists X18 + films as

The Broadcasting Service Act 1992 lists X18 + films as “prohibited content” for access via the Internet, mobile phones and converged devices

Additionally, these X18 + films are listed as “prohibited content” for access via the Internet, mobile phones and converged devices across Australia.

Australia has a tumultuous relationship with pornography, and a number of cities have attempted to implement a ban in recent years.

Letitia Shelton (pictured) of Toowoomba's anti-pornography campaign, City Women, said there was a

Letitia Shelton (pictured) of Toowoomba’s anti-pornography campaign, City Women, said there was an “avalanche” of information proving the dangers pornography poses to communities

Toowoomba, in south-east Queensland, held its third annual get-porn-free rally in October this year, and saw men pledge not to watch explicit content.

Letitia Shelton, of the city’s anti-pornography campaign, City Women, told Daily Mail Australia that there was an “avalanche” of information proving the dangers pornography poses to communities.

The Toowoomba rally sparked similar events across the country, with the Gold Coast, Kingaroy, Illawarra and even Melbourne expressing interest.

And even former French President Francois Hollande has reportedly been in contact with Ms Shelton to find out more about the campaign.

“I think the president was just fed up with the destruction that pornography does and saw a mayor of another city doing something,” she said.


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How to stop Flash crashing in Chrome https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/how-to-stop-flash-crashing-in-chrome/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/how-to-stop-flash-crashing-in-chrome/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/how-to-stop-flash-crashing-in-chrome/

Flash is an obsolete technology that is being phased out. According to Adobe blog, it will continue to support it until the end of 2020, but it now officially has an expected end of life. This is good news, as it should mean websites stop using it – most have already.

If you’re still having trouble with web pages that insist on continuing to use Flash, the first thing to do is to verify that you’re using the latest version of Chrome, Google’s web browser. We explain how to do this below.

Google now disables Flash in Chrome by default and will ask you to enable it only when you visit a site that does not have an HTML5 alternative to Flash.

Not only is Flash known for its security vulnerabilities, but it’s mostly used behind the scenes today for things like scans that only serve to slow down your experience and drain your battery.

According to Google, “HTML5 is much lighter and faster, and editors are changing to make pages load faster and save you more battery life. You will see an improvement in responsiveness and efficiency for many sites.”

Flash was never supported by iOS and was removed from Android a few years ago. Websites are encouraged to use HTML5 over Flash.

In essence, Flash is therefore not your friend. If you can find another webpage that doesn’t use Flash to play videos or display other content, use that.

Need to open a Flash video file? Here is how to view .swf files in Internet Explorer.

Stop Shockwave Flash crash in Google Chrome

If there is no alternative and you really need to enable Flash and use it on a webpage, here is what you can do to try and fix it.

Google Chrome, unlike other browsers, has its own built-in version of Adobe Flash Player. When you update Chrome, it also updates the version of Flash.

Previously, the solution was to disable all additional Flash plugins, but the latest version of Chrome will not display any Flash extensions. According to Adobe, there was a known bug in older versions of Chrome that “had a significant impact on Flash performance.” This has been fixed – as far as Adobe is concerned.

Update Chrome

This means, if you are still experiencing poor Flash performance or the plugin is crashing, you should check to see if you are using the latest version of Chrome. If an update is available, you need to install it. To check, click on the three horizontal bars near the upper right corner and click on Help> About Google Chrome.

A new tab will open and Chrome will check for updates and start downloading one, if available. Once done, you will see a Relaunch Chrome button, which you need to click to complete the update.

Disable all extensions

Type about: extensions in the address bar and you will see a list of all installed plugins. Disable them all and see if the problem goes away. Sometimes it’s a seemingly unrelated extension that causes Flash to crash.

Update drivers

If you are still having problems after doing this, the cause is most likely due to outdated drivers. So first check that the latest graphics card drivers are installed. It can also be caused by what Adobe calls “ineffective content”, so the poor performance or crashing could be caused by the flash content itself. If so, there is nothing you can do about it – it depends on the content provider.

Try another browser

If none of that works, an obvious solution is to try viewing the website in a different web browser. here are the best web browsers try.

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WhatsApp WARNING – New Virus Secretly FILES YOU Using Your Phone’s Camera https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/whatsapp-warning-new-virus-secretly-files-you-using-your-phones-camera/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/whatsapp-warning-new-virus-secretly-files-you-using-your-phones-camera/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/whatsapp-warning-new-virus-secretly-files-you-using-your-phones-camera/

According to TrendMicro’s research, GhostCtrl only affects Android devices.

However, the stealthy nature of the malware means that it can be difficult for users to protect themselves from it.

Android smartphone owners should always be careful to install and run only legitimate apps downloaded from official channels, like the Google Play Store.

TrendMicro also recommends that users keep their device up to date. He also advises companies to restrict work devices to prevent users from installing malware.

The latest malware alert follows a chilling new form of ransomware that targeted Google Chrome users.

The new strain of ransomware threatened to share users’ browsing history with their friends and family.

Dubbed LeakerLocker, the terrifying new software holds users as a ransom – threatening to publish your Chrome web history, Facebook message, SMS history, and more, to every person on your phone and email contacts.

McAfee researchers have discovered the new variant of the ransomware.

Those behind LeakerLocker are demanding $ 50 in exchange for not sharing your personal data with your friends and family.

LeakerLocker claims to have backed up huge amounts of your phone data including photos, Facebook messages, web browsing history, phone call history, emails, contact numbers, phone data, location and SMS conversations.

Unlike traditional ransomware, which encrypts users’ data until they pay a ransom, this latest software plays on fears of potential annoyance.

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Yes, your smartphone camera can be used to spy on you… – Naked Security https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/yes-your-smartphone-camera-can-be-used-to-spy-on-you-naked-security/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/yes-your-smartphone-camera-can-be-used-to-spy-on-you-naked-security/#respond Thu, 11 Mar 2021 04:18:57 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/yes-your-smartphone-camera-can-be-used-to-spy-on-you-naked-security/

Yes, smartphone cameras can be used to spy on you, if you’re not careful.

A researcher claims to have written an Android app that takes photos and videos using a smartphone camera even when the screen is off – quite a handy tool for a spy or a scary stalker.

University student Szymon Sidor claimed in a blog post and video that its Android app works using a small preview screen – just 1 pixel x 1 pixel – to keep the camera running in the background.

Now that most smartphones come with a camera (or two) and camera use is popular with apps like Instagram encouraging photo sharing, hackers are finding sneaky ways to exploit them. .

Spyware of this type has been around for a long time for Windows – the malware called Black shades for example, which hackers used to secretly record victims with their computer’s webcam.

This is the latest instance of an Android app that can hijack the camera of a smartphone or tablet for the same devious purpose.

According to Sidor, the Android operating system will not allow the camera to record without performing a preview – this is how Sidor discovered that it could make the preview so small that it is effectively invisible to the naked eye.

Sidor demonstrated how the app works in a video, using his Nexus 5 smartphone.

Sidor said his app worked so well it was “scary”:

The result was amazing and frightening at the same time - the pixel is practically impossible to spot on the Nexus 5 screen (even when you know where to look)!

It also turned out that even if you turn off the screen completely, you can still take pictures, as long as the pixel is still there.

Allowing the camera to run in the background – without an indicator in the notification bar – is “inexcusable” and should be corrected by Google’s Android team, Sidor commented in his blog post.

Selfie spies

smartphone-spycam-170There are other easily available Android spyware apps, such as mSpy, which allow snoopers to access device activity, such as text messages, location, and even make audio recordings.

In March 2014, we reported to Naked Security about a spyware application for google glasses that could take pictures without the Glass screen being on.

Mike Lady and Kim Paterson, graduate researchers at Cal Poly, Calif., Downloaded a Google Glass spyware app (disguised as a note-taking app called Malnotes) from the Play Store.

Google only discovered the Glass spyware and removed it from the Play Store when the couple’s teacher tweeted about their search experience.

Perhaps the researchers were wrong to knowingly violate the developer policies to serve their spyware – but that’s a warning sign that even the almighty Google can’t completely secure Google Play against malicious apps.

The best advice we have for Android users still applies here and in many other examples of bad apps:

  • Stay on Google Play as much as possible.
  • Avoid apps that ask for permissions they don’t need.
  • Consider using a Android Antivirus which will automatically scan applications before running them for the first time.

Free download (no registration, no time limit) ...

Pictures of smartphone camera and phone surveillance camera courtesy of Shutterstock.

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