Experts say OnlyFans is a ‘gateway activity’ to exploitation

The power of pornography over our society became clear again last month, when popular London-based content creator subscription service OnlyFans announced it would ban ‘sexually explicit’ content from its platform – but abruptly turned the tide following criticism from creators and advocates of positive sex. . While advocates of consenting …

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OnlyFans Tries To Stop Sex Revolution, Then Backs Down

I’m sure for the most part, all of this sudden uproar surrounding potential policy changes at OnlyFans may seem like superficial fodder that only affects sex workers who use the pay-per-view network app to download their adult content. – but I can assure you that these questions are far from …

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Projekt Melody banned on Twitch one day after partnering

Virtual camgirl Projekt Melody was banned by Twitch just a day after partnering on the platform. Describing herself as “the first and only hentai camgirl rendered in 3D”, Projekt Melody naturally had to tone down her usual content for Twitch. Her Twitch debut saw her garner more than 30,000 simultaneous …

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