Green Bay – Great Lakes Outdoors TV Tue, 22 Jun 2021 00:11:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Green Bay – Great Lakes Outdoors TV 32 32 The Mile of Music officially back in Appleton | WFRV Local 5 Mon, 21 Jun 2021 22:52:41 +0000

APPLETON, Wisconsin (WFRV) – On Monday, June 21, officials announced the long-awaited return of the Appleton Mile of Music Festival.

With the mantra “let’s all get back on track”, festival producers announced a strong Mile 8 festival scheduled for August 5-8 in downtown Appleton. The festival calls on Mile attendees to continue the tradition of common courtesy, common respect and common sense by listening to music in a safer manner both in outdoor and indoor venues.

Dave Willems, president of Willems Marketing & Events and curator of the festival, said practical and common sense measures will be incorporated into this year’s event to incorporate the return to the fun of loving live music as it relates to the pandemic which is subsiding.

Willems says: “This is an opportunity for Appleton to continue to show the state and the country that we can do something very special while doing it responsibly and safely…”

One of the biggest tweaks for the Mile 8 will be a significant amount of performance occurring outside rather than inside.

The festival curator said Mile 8 will offer many features common to the good vibes-focused event. This year’s celebration will include nearly 650 live music sets and music education sessions at more than 40 host venues and festival spaces throughout the four-day event.

The final list of sites should be announced shortly after the finalization of the host spaces still being determined.

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Vernon Scott is looking to play a much bigger role Mon, 21 Jun 2021 11:28:52 +0000

One of the few job groups of this Green Bay Packers team that remains largely undecided is safe. Aside from Darnell Savage and Adrian Amos, there are at least two and possibly three spots up for grabs this summer. And not only is this a place on the roster that these unnamed players Savage and Amos will compete for, but also playing time. Whoever finishes third safe should see their fair share of time on the pitch.

Enter sophomore safety Vernon Scott, who in a recent article I named as a possible candidate for an under-the-radar breakout this season. Scott was a seventh-round pick for Green Bay in last year’s draft and, as expected, saw minimal playing time as a rookie.

Scott was in the field for 90 defensive snaps in 2020, according to PFF ($$), and recorded one sack, five tackles and on cover, he allowed seven receptions on eight targets at 10.6 yards per catch. While this is a small sample, we’ve always seen Scott’s versatility, as he took four shots on the defensive line, 32 from the box, 41 as safety, 12 from the lunge and another from the box. the limit as a cornerback.

Coming out of TCU, Scott was known for his versatility, lining up all over the defensive lineup, and as general manager Brian Gutekunst told us after the 2020 draft, that’s a big reason why the Packers de Green Bay were drawn to the old Horned Frog:

“We really like its versatility,” Gutekunst said via Forbes. “He’s got a bit of that ability to play it safe, but he can cover the slot a bit. He’s been a bit slow to blossom, he’s struggling to get through the early part of his college career, but once he took off this year we really liked his positive side.

This new Joe Barry defense is expected to resemble that of Brandon Staley and the Los Angeles Rams from a year ago. This defensive unit finished the year fourth in DVOA and first in points per game allowed. If that’s indeed the case, then as Packer Report’s Ross Uglem told us in the Cheesehead TV Draft Guide, we can expect two things from this defense: They’ll be playing lightboxes a lot, and we’ll be seeing a lot. two high safety manholes.

Scott, coming from TCU and playing under head coach Gary Patterson, is well versed in the two-tier safety program, taking 348 of his career shots in the position. And with the lighter boxes, that means we’ll see the safeties play closer to the line of scrimmage and have a big part in the racing game.

Again, Scott has plenty of college experience playing closer to the line of scrimmage as he lined up in the box on 356 of his career shots at TCU. He has also shown himself to be a willful tackler, ending the 2018 season with a “high quality” race defense and a tackling rating according to PFF measurements.

It’s also worth mentioning that with the possibility of Savage seeing more slot action this season, Amos will need a running mate in this two-height look, which would mean ample playing time for whoever finishes. for being this third security.

Ultimately, training camp and preseason will be the real litmus test for Scott and give us the chance to see if he has taken a step forward in year two. Will Redmond, Henry Black, Innis Gaines and Christian Uphoff.

But from a form and skill standpoint – which is obviously very important – Scott could certainly carve out a pretty big role in that Joe Barry defense this season.

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In a seller’s market, experts urge buyers to do these 3 things before placing a bid | WFRV Local 5 Sun, 20 Jun 2021 13:20:49 +0000

(NEXSTAR) – With inventory at record highs, homes in almost every corner of the country are costing a lot of money. This is good news for sellers, but not so much for buyers.

“In 99% of all MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas)… this is unprecedented,” said Dr Jessica Lautz, vice president of demography and behavioral insights at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), about demand for available real estate. “It’s not just your main tech cities anymore, it’s really everywhere. “

Low inventory also leads to fierce competition. It’s not uncommon for homes to get multiple bids above the asking price – and contract soon after.

So what should a buyer do? Above all, experts ask for patience. “It can take a number of offers before a buyer has an accepted offer and a contract,” according to Lautz.

With that said, there are three main steps a buyer can take to give themselves an edge, and it all starts before their dream home hits the market.

You should be pre-approved.

Do you already work with a real estate agent? Have you been pre-approved for a loan? Do you know exactly what features you would want in a new home, and if so, have you looked at comparable homes (in the desired neighborhood) to see what price they sold for? If not, you risk setting yourself up for failure.

“When you’re competing with other people for scarce resources like a house, it won’t necessarily be a battle over who has the most money. This is the one with the highest risk of failure, ”says John Manning, owner and manager of Re / Max On Market in Seattle.

To minimize risk, Manning advises buyers to seek prior approval from a bank specializing in home loans, preferably with a loan officer who will review all possible options before an offer is placed. “A good lender will make sure that the file is complete, that it will run through a worst-case scenario or if the interest rate increases by a quarter of a percentage point,” says Manning.

That way, when the right home shows up, the buyer can confidently present themselves as a qualified candidate.

“Over the years, I’ve been able to tell who did their homework,” says Manning.

You have to understand the market.

“We recommend that buyers start their research earlier than they think, in demand markets,” says Scott Oyler of Coldwell Banker Realty in Cincinnati. “It’s such a competitive environment that you have to act fast… It’s a good idea to see a few houses ahead of time to learn about the market and to be able to act confidently and quickly when you find ‘the right one’ .

A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors indicates that buyers are increasingly working with real estate agents to help them navigate the market (88% in November 2020, up from 69% in 2001). But you can’t just choose just any agent. Experts agree that it must be someone with intimate knowledge of the desired field.

“Work with an experienced expert. Someone who can negotiate a strong market and make sure yours is taken into account, ”says Lautz. “They can also help you find areas that you may have overlooked, possibly reporting a diamond in the rough.”

Some might even go the extra mile to make sure clients don’t miss out on a potential dream home.

“We need to find creative solutions for our buyers,” says Diana Matichyn, agent at Coldwell Banker Realty in Arlington Heights, Illinois. “I am looking for opportunities outside the market. You will find me knocking on doors, asking people if they are interested in selling, sending letters to homeowners trying to find their dream home for buyers.

You have to know how to take a step back.

Having a solid understanding of the market will also help buyers get a feel for the price buyers should – and shouldn’t – pay for their dream home.

“A lot of people know what they can afford to buy, but they don’t necessarily know the value of what they’re about to buy,” says Manning.

For example, in a bidding war, a buyer may bid more than the asking price – and even try to eliminate the seller’s risk – sometimes by forgoing an inspection.

But, “In multiple bidding situations, you don’t always have to pay extra to win, sometimes you just need to find out what’s important to sellers and meet those conditions,” says Matichyn. “One thing you shouldn’t be doing [is] forgo the possibility of a home inspection!

In some cases, however, it may be appropriate, or even in the buyer’s best interest, to consider bidding above the asking price.

“It really depends on this house, and this neighborhood,” Lautz explains. “In some cases the price of the house may be such that it is in fact less than [comparable homes] which has sold in the last few months.

Those who are willing to bid above the asking price should also think about how they plan to use the house. Is it an investment property or a flip? Or is it a long term home? If the latter is the case, the extra money probably won’t matter much over the course of the mortgage, especially if interest rates stay low.

“You can be pretty sure that in 20 years you are very unlikely to lose money if this is your primary residence,” says Manning.

Whether or not you place a high bid, however, is a “deeply personal choice,” says Manning. The most important thing, he says, is knowing when to stop bidding.

“Don’t catch auction fever,” he says. “The goal is not to win the house at all costs; the goal is to win on your terms.

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‘Two Henrys’ Press Hot Buttons at Sturgeon Bay Theater Sat, 19 Jun 2021 15:00:00 +0000

STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Third Avenue Playhouse’s remarkable online game reading series ended Friday night with the sensitive ‘Two Henrys’, which explores the puzzles of a family with the death of a son from AIDS 15 years ago.

What is happening is akin to the game of collecting sticks in which the individual sticks (situations) are problematic. Nothing happens easily. Possible wrong moves are everywhere – the “wrong” being a matter of state of mind.

For example, facing a stick, a mother wonders if her teenage son is homosexual. If the son is gay, she has a plan of action: “I would do anything to change him.”

Kenneth Jones’ game is particularly complex. It is an exploration designed for theatrical dynamics with three characters – the mother of the deceased son, her daughter and the lover of the son who came to the funeral of the father of the son. The deceased son and his lover are both called Henry – hence the title of the play.

Scene with casting. (Screenshot by Warren Gerds)

The late father, Mike, is present through one-on-one conversations between Henry alive and mother and daughter. So much about Mike is a hot button – his wand certainty of his correctness about everything. As the master of a perfect family, Mike saw it all in black and white, and he let people know he was right. His right is that marriage is between a man and a woman. One phrase Mike used was “homosinuals”. He told his son how to live. That her son had a male lover was not on the family photo album; Mike cut off the other Henry.

It was rich material for terrific professional acting, a hallmark of the live-stream “PlayWorks 2021” series created by Third Avenue Playhouse co-artistic directors Robert Boles and James Valcq.

For “Two Henrys”, James Valcq directed. He connects with the playwright and the players. Twenty years ago, in a previous life as a theater critic, Kenneth Jones reviewed “The Spitfire Grill” by Fred Alley / James Valcq – “stood up for it,” said Valcq. “The Spitfire Grill” has seen over 700 productions (so far) around the world. From James Valcq’s previous life as a musician on Broadway and in national tours, he chose highly skilled actors.

Bernard Dotson begins Henry as discreet and unruffled. One sentence here, one comment there, and Henry builds himself up to be a force of meaning resolved in the midst of a labyrinth of feelings. The setup: We are in 2012, with references to AIDS at a time of medical breakthrough 15 years earlier and now with the arrival of marital equity. The living Henry is the bridge.

Beverly Ward has the opportunity to overdrive the game. The daughter, Amy, is fueled by too much alcohol, and her first tête-à-tête with Henry so exposes the attitudes and picadillos of the family.

Susan Sweeney takes the mother, Constance, on two sides – the willing and all-believing wife Mike and, after a lot of work, a compassionate soul. Constance is also relaxed by being drunk, noting that “We are not alcoholics in this family, we are drinkers.” All the while, the intricacies of the game abound.

“Two Henrys” had bonuses for viewers at Third Avenue Playhouse in Wisconsin. While the action takes place in Florida, many references are in Wisconsin. Door County is taken into account, specifically Chambers Island. Racine’s famous kringles make this a colorful joke for adults. The Green Bay Packers spice up more humor. “Who is Bart Starr?” Henry asks Amy. She tries to explain her icon by mentioning Brett Favre. Henry, a non-sporting chef in New York City, is once again distraught. When Amy’s clue becomes the Packers, Henry’s bulb is, “Oh, Guy Lombardo.” Amy corrects it: Vince Lombardi.

Kenneth Jones also manages to find an incredible coincidence for me. The family in the room is from Milwaukee, where I grew up. Mike worked at Miller Brewing Company. Mike was “high up” there. My father was high up at Miller as one of the four division heads. My dad was very different from Mike. In the play, Amy comments on beer and its role in excess beer. In real life, one of my father’s coworkers was bothered with his job to do something that some people abuse, so the coworker quit.

Moment of conversation. (Screenshot by Warren Gerds)

In a conversation on Friday night, Kenneth Jones noted that the play continues to be a work in progress. Robert Boles of the theater has asked for revisions, possibly with the idea of ​​a live and in-person production sometime after the theater reopens after its renovation.

One of Beverly Ward’s additions was to quote James Valcq from a previous experience: “Say it like a person. It was a compliment overlaid on Kenneth Jones’ dialogue and the way James Valcq distills the staging.

Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has led Third Avenue Playhouse to expand its series of play readings from two weekends to months by bringing in sometimes explosive material performed and presented by skilled theater performers across the vast internet world. The theater has done something good out of something bad.

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Investigator? New Lutheran High School presents murder mystery | WFRV Local 5 Fri, 18 Jun 2021 21:49:58 +0000

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Prepare to hang on to the edge of your seat and uncover the riddle?

New Lutheran High School puts on the show You have the right to stay dead. The Murder Mystery Dinner play takes place in the Deep South, and then the cast is instantly transported to another room.

The public will be able to enjoy refreshments with names like “Savannah’s Killer Sweet Tea” and “Earl’s Cream Puffs”. The drinks and desserts served during the show reflect the characters in the play.

The murder mystery was originally supposed to be the school’s spring show last year, but has been called off due to the pandemic. You have the right to stay dead will be played in person and will also be available to stream online.

The students have vowed to keep a secret from anyone outside the room who finds out who the murderer is.

“In the beginning, each of us had to sign a contract,” says new freshman Matilda Zimmer.

“If we lost track of our script and someone ended up reading it and found out, we would lose our part right away and everything would be done for us.” We had to make sure we kept our scripts secret, everything that came with them secret and we couldn’t tell anyone about it, ”says Kaven Stewart, who plays Ajax Conroy and Clete.

“It’s really great to be able to play in front of people rather than like an iPad,” says Zimmer, who plays Lois Jacobson and Savannah.

“It’s great to give this happiness to people,” says Rose Tiedt. Tiedt takes on the role of Officer Bainbridge, who may or may not find out who the murderer is.

“I just think it’s just a phenomenal feeling, being able to bring people in and have a fun evening,” Zimmer says.

The show will be available to watch in person and a virtual stream on Friday, June 18 at 6 p.m. and Saturday June 19 at 6 p.m. If you would like to learn more about Y’s performance at New Lutheran High School.You have the right to stay dead, Click here.

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Volunteers Help Drive WFRV ‘Donate Where You Live’ Food Drive | WFRV Local 5 Thu, 17 Jun 2021 22:22:36 +0000

(WFRV) – As Nexstar recognizes its 25 years as a television station and media company, WFRV Local 5 celebrates the only way we know it: by giving back.

June 17 is Nexstar Founders’ Caring Day. To celebrate, volunteers from northeastern Wisconsin help out with the Local 5 “Give Where You Live” food drive.

“I think it’s important to give back a little to the community. At Channel 5, we don’t just deal with information and not just the dissemination of information, we are talking about the community, ”said Scott Ehricke. “I think being here today means that we and WFRV are giving back to the community. “

Local 5 is partnering with three local charities, St. Joseph’s Food Program, The Salvation Army and Paul’s Pantry for the big event. The Give Where You Live food drive, which spans across northeastern Wisconsin, takes place at three different locations:

  • Saint-Joseph Food Program in Menasha, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Salvation Army at Foods Festival in Manitowoc, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Paul’s Pantry at Booyah Stadium in Green Bay, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Local 5 accepts non-perishable food and cash donations. and checks to help those who may be in difficulty in our community.

Over 760 items were collected from The Salvation Army in Manitowoc, exceeding their goal of 500 lbs of food.

“It’s very gratifying to be in a position like mine where we can kind of act as an intermediary between families in need and caregivers,” said Lt. Jenny Moffitt of the Salvation Army of the County of Salvation. Manitowoc.

Image Credit: WFRV Local 5

After persevering through such a difficult year, the volunteers say it’s good to give back to their community.

“I’m really very happy to be here in these difficult times, and it’s really great that people can still give even if they are also having a hard time,” says Norma Olivier, sales assistant. “When you give you get and that’s part of it. “

“I really enjoy working with people, number one, and I think it’s really important that we do things in our community to help those less fortunate,” says Julie Higgins, Head of Digital Media.

Local 5’s “Give Where You Live” Food Drive raised a total of over 2,600 pounds of food by combining food collected from all 3 locations.

For more information on Local 5’s Donate Where You Live food drive, click here.

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Hortonville and Green Bay Preble softball survives thwarted offers, Coleman baseball passes Crivitz | WFRV Local 5 Thu, 17 Jun 2021 04:34:24 +0000

(WFRV) Green Bay, Wisconsin – The Hortonville and Green Bay Preble softball teams survived a few thwarted offers to advance to the section semifinals. Meanwhile, on the baseball field, Coleman passed his conference rival Crivitz for a regional title.

Ashwaubenon took a 2-0 lead over first Preble, but the Hornets fought back in the third. Elanor Hoge drove one down the straight pitch to bring Ava DeBaker home to tie the game two-handed.

An RBI base hit by Corinne Van Laanen put the Jaguars in the lead a little later. Then Preble responded with another big shot from Hoge as Preble rallied for a 4-3 win.

The game between FVA rivals Hortonville and Kimberly needed extra innings. The second-seeded Polar Bears took a 2-0 lead before the Papermakers rallied in the fifth inning. A hot shot at Hortonville shortstop by Megan McGinnins helped tie the game two-way.

Eventually, they went to extra innings. Kimberly hit the first through the eighth. With a runner in third place, Molly Dellahunt hit a short stop, but Hortonville chose to trade the put out for a run. Put Kimberly in front 3-2 in the top half of the frame. The Polar Bears responded with a productive result when Emma Labeck brought Tavia Schmidt home with a sacrifice fly to tie the three-way game.

The decisive point would come in the eleventh round. Hannah Meshnick got the punt on a tight play, and Kamy Peppler managed to beat the play at home to secure a 4-3 overtime win for Hortonville.

There was less suspense in the Northwoods. Coleman and Crivitz played two one-point games in the regular season, but there were too many top-ranked Cougars in the playoffs.

An RBI base hit by Tyler Blanchard put Coleman in the lead early. Then, in the third inning, Will Bieber extended the Cougars’ lead to 3-0 with a basic RBI hit. The hits also continued when Karson Casper added another RBI stunt to open the floodgates as Coleman continued to lead Crivitz and win a regional championship.

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Jordan Love takes every shot at Green Bay Packers OTAs Wed, 16 Jun 2021 04:18:03 +0000

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Ready or not, the Green Bay Packers offense could be led by second-year quarterback Jordan Love this season.

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Green Bay area sports results on Monday Tue, 15 Jun 2021 06:22:30 +0000





At Wild Rock, par 72


Leaders: Jacob Beckman, Middleton 68; Ty Mueller, Homestead 70; Bennett Swavely, Hudson 71; Carter Cygan, Wausau East 72; Ben Pausha, Moraine 73 kettle.

Sheboygan North: Mason Schmidtke 74, Evan Spaulding 75, Hogan Miller 76, Nathan Hamann 83, Parker Reinhart 87.

West of Father: Mason Haupt 74, Max Reis 78, Ethan Heck 82, Ashton Haupt 84, Porter Marsden 113.

From Father: Sam Mehlberg 79, Jack Weisenberger 81, Grady Coppo 81, Ben Busick 82, Cal Matzke 87.

Stevens Point: Logan Pechinski 80.

Kimberly: Aiden Cudney 80.

Appleton North: Rasmus Madsen 81.

Neenah: John Callahan 85.

Appleton West: Austin Georger 87.

DC Everest: Andy Ziemer 89.


At the Trappers’ turn, par 72


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Over 80% of Wisconsinites 65+ Completed COVID-19 Vaccine | WFRV Local 5 Mon, 14 Jun 2021 18:50:02 +0000


MONDAY 06/14/2021, 1:50 p.m.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has reported 611,719 total positive coronavirus test results in the state and 7,208 total deaths from COVID-19.

Of the SARS-CoV-2 variants in Wisconsin, DHS reports 2,782 known cases of B.1.1.7, 56 cases of B.1.351, 622 cases of B.1.427 / B.1.429 variants, and 198 cases of P 1 variant.

Unable to display the tables below? Click here.
se Total of the day yesterday’s
Total positive cases 611 719 611 534 (+185)
Received a dose of vaccine 2,859,160 (49.1%) 2,849,241 (48.9%)
Fully vaccinated 2,576,201 (44.2%) 2,551,126 (43.8%)
Deaths from covid-19 7,208 7 206 (+0 new)
NOTE: The number of deaths and inpatients is up to date on a daily basis. DHS no longer updates reports on weekends.

Wisconsin DHS no longer reports the number of patients never hospitalized, active and recovered from COVID-19 cases.

DHS recently announced an attempt to verify and ensure statistics are accurate, some figures may be subject to change. DHS scrutinizes current and historical data to ensure accuracy.

Hospitals in Wisconsin report that the 7-day moving average of hospitalized COVID patients was 182 patients. Among them, 63 are in an intensive care unit. Critical care patients accounted for 36.5% of hospitalized COVID patients.

As of June 8, DHS reports that a total of 5,782,655 vaccines have been allocated in Wisconsin. According to DHS reports, 5,366,251 vaccines have been administered in Wisconsin.

Graphics courtesy of DHS
Unable to display the graphics below? Click on ite.

As of Wednesday, June 9, DHS reports of 72 counties in Wisconsin, 27 are experiencing high levels of COVID-19 case activity, 42 are experiencing average levels, while 3 are at their lowest.

Among counties in northeastern Wisconsin with high levels of coronavirus activity, Fond du Lac County reports an increasing trajectory.

Green Lake, Kewaunee, Oconto, and Waushara are counties that report no significant change in high activity levels.

No county is reporting a drop in the activity level of cases.

Counties in northeastern Wisconsin with no change in average case activity are Calumet, Door, Manitowoc, Marinette, Menominee, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, and Winnebago County.

Brown County is the only county in northeastern Wisconsin to reduce its average activity levels.

No county in northeastern Wisconsin has low levels of case activity.

The level of activity is determined by combining workload and trajectory indicators.

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