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BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – The median selling price of a home in the Buffalo market jumped nearly 24% in May to about $ 170,000, beating the national average and once the “for sale” sign Goes up, it is on the market for seven days.

“If the house is in good shape, if it’s in a good location, you will probably get more than what you ask for for the property. This is the thing. We have situations where we have 20, 30, 40 offers on a house in some cases, ”said Fred Corsi, president of western New York State of Howard Hanna Real Estate.

Corsi says demand is the driving force behind high prices and low inventory, but there’s a reason.

“We say to sellers, look, you are going to make a lot more money than you would have before if you were selling now. But the challenge is, you are going to pay more when you go to buy.

No problem for Donna Kreil, who has sold a double, but still has a house, separately … avoiding real estate speculators who seem to be flooding western New York.

Donna says she received offers to sell, mind-blowing cash offers, before her property even went on the market.

“Phone calls home, letters in the mail. I must have had about 15, 20, 30.

Julie Parke of Hunt Real Estate is now helping Donna sell her home with an offer roughly twice what speculators were offering on terms in their favor.

“Permission to enter and show it under their own contract with another real estate agent before they even own the property.”

In real estate transactions, real estate agents say money is king, but not always the best when one or the other is the highest bid. When there is a bidding war, an offer that has the unexpected usually takes a lower priority, which is why Julie Parke advises buyers to work on improving their credit rating.

Al Vaughters is an award-winning investigative journalist who has been on the News 4 team since 1994. See more of his work here.

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Buffalo Police Internal Affairs Investigating Motorcycle Patrol Incident https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-police-internal-affairs-investigating-motorcycle-patrol-incident/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-police-internal-affairs-investigating-motorcycle-patrol-incident/#respond Mon, 21 Jun 2021 03:15:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-police-internal-affairs-investigating-motorcycle-patrol-incident/

A Buffalo motorcyclist spoke to 2 On Your Side after he was involved in an accident with a Buffalo Police patrol car on Saturday night.

BUFFALO, NY – Internal Affairs of the Buffalo Police Department is investigating an accident involving an officer and a motorcyclist.

It happened after 11:30 p.m. Saturday on Delaware and Edward Street in downtown Buffalo. Eyewitnesses at the scene say the motorcyclist was struck by the patrol car.

When 2 On Your Side arrived minutes after the crash, only Buffalo police and the injured motorcyclist were on the street.

The motorcyclist, Curtis Dean, could be heard telling the policeman driving the patrol car what had happened.

“I was behind you, how did I run away from you? I’m running away from you, behind you, does that make sense?” he said.

In an interview with Claudine Ewing of 2 On Your Side, Dean said, “He (the cop) was at a red light after chasing a group of motorcycles. He then turned off his lights and continued regular traffic. was behind him at a red light and no lights, no sirens, he kept backing up and intentionally hitting me on my bike. I know I was a little unconscious. I just remember being handcuffed, and it doesn’t make sense to me. “

Dean was charged with obstruction and given a ticket. He suffered back injuries.

Buffalo Police said their accident investigation unit and internal affairs division were investigating. Police want to get any citizen video or surveillance video of the area on Saturday night.

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Buffalo QB feels the love of the Arkansas contestants https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-qb-feels-the-love-of-the-arkansas-contestants/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-qb-feels-the-love-of-the-arkansas-contestants/#respond Sun, 20 Jun 2021 08:04:17 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-qb-feels-the-love-of-the-arkansas-contestants/

Jake Fromm knew he would be in the heart of Razorback country when asked to be the keynote speaker at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette All-Arkansas Preps ninth annual banquet on Saturday night at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock. But the Buffalo Bills quarterback didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation to fly to Little Rock to address a room full of student-athletes, coaches and their families – many of whom are die-hard University of Arkansas fans.

Plus, he has a pretty good relationship with the guy who runs the Razorbacks football program.

“It was last minute, sure, but when my marketing team mentioned it I was like ‘why not go to the great state of Arkansas,’ https://www.nwaonline.com / news / 2021 / jun / 20 / buffalo -qb-feels-the-love-of-participants-from-Arkansas / “said Fromm, a former University of Georgia quarterback who intervened after that Major League Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith couldn’t. “I was excited about it actually, especially when it comes to celebrating high school kids and their accomplishments. Of course, that’s Coach. [Sam] Pittman’s original state now too.

“He was literally one of my rocks when he was an assistant coach at Georgia for sure. I was really excited to see him, one, get a head coach job and two, get the success that he had. I’m so grateful for the memories and wisdom he gave me. I support him more than anyone. “

This year’s banquet was a stark contrast to one held in 2020 when health and safety reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic forced the event to be held virtually on Facebook. Additionally, spring sports were not included on last year’s show after covid-19 forced those seasons to be canceled.

However, a sold-out crowd inside the Wally Allen Ballroom was proof enough to show how good it was for many to regain a sense of normalcy.

“It’s good to be a normal player again,” said Fromm. “Dealing with covid was tough last year for everyone, but things are looking up for all of us.”

Outstanding players and coaches of the year have once again been recognized for their work in their respective sports, including a trio of winners for male (Austin Ledbetter of Bryant) and female (Blakelee Winn of Pea Ridge) of the year. as General Coach of the Year (Brian Glass of Prescott). During the banquet, two other noteworthy awards were presented to three students, who also focused on their lives outside of sport.

Brannon McMinn of Cabot was named the recipient of the Hussman Community Award, while Natalie Jennings of Hot Springs Lakeside and Olivia Chambers of Mount St. Mary’s were chosen as recipients of the CHI St. Vincent Health Award.

But before Ledbetter, Winn, Glass, McMinn, Jennings and Chambers received their accolades, all eyes were on Fromm, 22, who is no stranger to being called in in an emergency.

In the first game of his real first year in Georgia in 2017, he was forced into action when Bulldogs starting quarterback Jacob Eason injured his knee in the first quarter against Appalachian State. Fromm, who threw for 143 yards and a touchdown to lead Georgia to a 31-10 victory, never gave up that No.1 spot until the end of his junior year, when he made the decision to skip his senior season and declare for the 2020 NFL Draft.

After being picked by Buffalo in the fifth round as the No. 167 overall pick, the Bills made him their covid-19 emergency quarterback, which essentially meant that Fromm, the Bills third-string caller behind Starter Josh Allen and substitute Matt Barkley, occasionally trained away from his other teammates so the team had a quarterback available in case there was a covid-19 outbreak at the post.

“It was a crazy role for sure,” said Fromm, who had 8,224 yards and 78 touchdowns during his three-year career at Georgia. “There was no real plan for it because it was a little new to everyone. It was definitely new to me. But hey, they gave me a role, gave me a job. , and I wanted to do my best with it.

“I tried to take it as seriously as I could, and wanted to be ready and prepared if, God forbid, anything happened. I just tried to stay ready, but I’m really excited to to finally be a normal football player this season. “

It doesn’t look like the Bills will be forced to use Fromm in a similar role this year, especially with the NFL, for the most part, returning to their regular operations. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Fromm will have an easier time moving up the depth chart, especially after the moves Buffalo made in the offseason.

After signing Davis Webb to a reserve contract in January, the Bills added former Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in March. Buffalo, who won the AFC East last season and lost in the conference title game, did not draft a quarterback or sign one during free play, which bodes well for Fromm. . But he’s not interested in taking anything for granted. In his eyes, he has work.

“We have just completed our [organized team activities], and we’re going to take a break here for five weeks, but there’s a lot of work to do between now and when we play, ”said Fromm, who is also getting married in the coming weeks.“ So after that we let’s get ready to go to camp. But I’m ready to go to work and compete and give the team whatever I can give them and help in any way I can. “

One of Fromm’s messages to the winners on Saturday echoed the same state of mind.

“I was never going to let anyone outdo me,” he told those in attendance. “You have to get to work and have the faith that things will work in your favor.”

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Outstanding players of the year

Austin Ledbetter, Bryant, Football

Nick Smith, Sylvan Hills, Boys Basketball

Wolfenbarger jersey, Fort Smith Northside, Girls basketball

Connor Johnson, Van Buren, Baseball

Emily Perry, Bentonville, Softball

Rosana Hicks, Fayetteville, Volleyball

Michael Senn, Bentonville, Boys Golf

Grace Kilcrease, Springdale Har-Ber, Girls’ Golf

Jack Williams, Fayetteville, Cross Country Skiing Boys

Carson Wasemiller, Fayetteville, Cross Country Skiing Girls

Jacob Adams, Bentonville, boys’ wrestling

Ember Smith, Maumelle, Girls Wrestling

Collin Matthews, Rogers, Boys Tennis

Kate Files, Fort Smith Northside, Girls Tennis

Woyn Chatman, Little Rock Central, Boys Athletics

Emily Robinson, Bentonville, Girls Athletics

Jack Henry Forrest, Little Rock Central, Boys Swimming

Lienfang Yu, Bentonville, Girls Swimming

Pedro Rodriguez, Van Buren, Football boys

Sophie Nash, North Little Rock, Girls Football

Overall Athletes of the Year

Austin Ledbetter (Bryant)

Blakelee Winn (Pea Ridge)

Outstanding Coaches of the Year

Chris Hill, Sylvan Hills, Soccer

Adam Camp, Taylor, Softball

Eric Teague, Melbourne, Girls basketball

Brad Francis, Harding Academy, Men’s basketball

Chris Ezell, Eldorado, Golf

Brian Glass, Prescott, Boys Athletics

Randy Ramaker, Bentonville, Girls Athletics

Liz Braun, Bentonville, Swimming

Tommy Richardson, Woodlawn, Baseball

John Kincade, Greenwood, boys wrestling

Travis Alexander, Mountain Home, Girls Wrestling

Margie McGee, valley view, volleyball

Heather Wade, Pea Ridge, Cross Country Skiing Boys

Megan Berry, West Side Greers Ferry, Girls’ Cross Country Skiing

Eric Perez, Green Forest, Football Boys

Joe Thoma, Fayetteville, Soccer Girls

Jason Morgan, Jonesboro, Tennis

General Coach of the Year

Brian Glass (Prescott)

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Letter: The Buffalo de Senecas casino is a major job creator | Letters https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/letter-the-buffalo-de-senecas-casino-is-a-major-job-creator-letters/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/letter-the-buffalo-de-senecas-casino-is-a-major-job-creator-letters/#respond Sat, 19 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/letter-the-buffalo-de-senecas-casino-is-a-major-job-creator-letters/

Your report on the impact of the Seneca Nation’s Buffalo Creek Casino presents a “mixed view” of the nation’s $ 135 million investment. There is nothing “mixed” in the creation of 500 jobs in a literally abandoned part of the city.

I was there when we repurchased our indigenous lands, helped fight opponents and I was president of the nation when we resumed construction in 2011 following the recession. It was a deliberate decision not to build a hotel as originally planned in order to support the development of the neighborhood economy.

I’m glad the Pegulas, Phillips Lytle, Labatt’s and the Hofbrauhaus have built a great facility for all of us. Unlike “normal” state development projects – like the Tesla factory – the state hasn’t given us millions of taxpayer dollars to spur job creation. Instead, we were afflicted with an illegal 25% slot revenue tax on our gross revenue in exchange for an “exclusive zone” that has no exclusivity.

Anti-tax whiners would leave the country if faced with this kind of extortion. The Seneca Nation is right to fight against it by any means necessary.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone complain about a non-Indian company creating 500 jobs without tax dollars.

Red Jacket was right to warn the Senecs living now that the “art and greed” of our neighbors would prevail if we ignored his warnings.

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EDM artist Grabbitz premieres video in Buffalo https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/edm-artist-grabbitz-premieres-video-in-buffalo/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/edm-artist-grabbitz-premieres-video-in-buffalo/#respond Fri, 18 Jun 2021 18:48:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/edm-artist-grabbitz-premieres-video-in-buffalo/

A red carpet premiere will be held Thursday at the North Park Theater in Buffalo.

BUFFALO, NY – Two natives of western New York State are back in Buffalo to promote their new music video.

“It’s called ‘Pigs in the Sky’. It’s the first single off my new album, and we wanted to do something big, and Mac and I have been chatting for years and years, but we haven’t yet. never got to work on a project together, ”said Nick Chiari.

Nick Chiari, originally from western New York, known to the world of electronic dance music as Grabbitz, presents the world premiere of her latest music video at the North Park Theater in Buffalo this Thursday.

“Mac really just killed him in the movie business, and I went to LA to do my music thing. We kind of conceptualized this video, and it took us a while to do, and Big we’re going to premiere in Buffalo with a red carpet event, ”Chiari said.

Mac is Mac Cappuccino. He made the video and says the North Park is the perfect location for what will be an immersive music experience.

“It’s about the Buffalonians making something that I think is actually very close to a piece of art, like it’s pretty, smooth enough, but wouldn’t have been done without the Buffalonians. “Mac Cappuccino said.

“We both kind of ended up in Buffalo after the whole pandemic and we realized we’d just like to bring our arts back to town, and kind of combine for this awesome duo and really bring so much love into the city. city ​​as we could, ”Chiari said.

Grabbitz says all proceeds from tickets sold for Thursday’s premier will go to Music is an art and the film and arts program at Buffalo State.

“You can kind of see a lot of things bubbling up. There’s a really strong hip-hop scene in Buffalo. There’s always been a strong rock scene here in Buffalo. And then, you know, I personally experienced it. growing electronic dance music and dance community here in Buffalo, so I really think there are a lot more opportunities to come, ”Chiari said.

Cappuccino added: “They don’t just come here because it’s the tax credit, they come here because the people who work here are doing a good job. is just not replaceable. Like, you come to Buffalo and you have a good experience. ”

Grabbitz also did a live acoustic performance at the premiere.

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Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley on League’s New COVID-19 Protocols: NFLPA ‘A Joke’ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-bills-wr-cole-beasley-on-leagues-new-covid-19-protocols-nflpa-a-joke/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-bills-wr-cole-beasley-on-leagues-new-covid-19-protocols-nflpa-a-joke/#respond Thu, 17 Jun 2021 21:33:36 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalo-bills-wr-cole-beasley-on-leagues-new-covid-19-protocols-nflpa-a-joke/

BUFFALO, NY – Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley is unhappy with the NFL and NFLPA’s newly accepted COVID-19 protocols for training camp and preseason, and raised concerns Thursday via his Twitter account.

The latest COVID-19 policy severely restricts unvaccinated players while allowing vaccinated players to return to near normalcy. Beasley, 32, blamed the NFL for prioritizing money over the freedom of its players and the NFLPA for not supporting the players it represents.

“It’s crazy. Did we vote on this?” he wrote in response to the list of protocols. “I’m staying at the hotel. We still have meetings. We’ll all be together. Vaccinated players can walk out of the hotel and bring the covid back to where I am. So what if I stay at the hotel now? 100% immune with vaccination?

“The players’ association is a joke. Call it another way. It’s not for the players,” he added. “Everyone gives me that 98% of people who get vaccinated no longer get covid. The odds of me entering the NFL and playing for 10 years are lower than that and here I am.”

Notable differences in the new policy include the lack of daily testing for vaccinated players, who will also no longer be required to wear masks on team premises or during team travel. Vaccinated players will also have no travel restrictions, will be able to use the sauna / steam room and weight room with no capacity limit, and will be able to interact with their vaccinated friends and family while the team is traveling.

Unvaccinated players will need to be tested for COVID-19 daily and will be required to wear masks throughout team premises and while traveling. They will also not be allowed to use the saunas / steam rooms, are subject to weight room capacity limits and may not leave the team hotel to eat in the restaurant or interact with anyone outside of the hotel. travel team during the team trip.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two sets of protocols – unvaccinated players will be required to self-quarantine after high-risk exposure to COVID-19, unlike vaccinated players.

“So what are we really talking about? I fully understand why the NFL is doing this,” Beasley wrote. “It gives them the freedom to make as much money as possible if everyone is vaccinated. But will someone fight for the players or not?”

Beasley also responded to a CNN article in May about vaccinated people who no longer need to wear masks outdoors, saying, “I’m doing this without being vaccinated. Is it illegal now?”

COVID-19 vaccinations have been a controversial topic throughout the NFL and particularly around the Bills organization. Last month, general manager Brandon Beane was contacted by the NFL after responding to a hypothetical scenario in a radio interview, in which he said he would cut an unvaccinated player to bring his team back to the normal.

Quarterback Josh Allen, during a podcast appearance in March, said he still had not decided whether or not to get the shot, saying he would do what the statistics told him to be. the right decision. He declined to divulge his vaccination status or comment further on it during a call with local reporters after off-season practice for the Bills.

In May, Bills coach Sean McDermott said he was “concerned” about the conflicting nature of the COVID-19 vaccine and the impact it could have on the team, but said it had l ‘felt the Bills were “headed in the right direction” when asked on Tuesday. Beane and McDermott are both vaccinated, with the latter making it clear that he wants to see his players do the same.

“We try to do our best to educate, raise awareness, but at the end of the day the players you are referring to have to make their own decision,” he said. “We feel like we know in our country and in the league where and how things are improving. And for me, there is a direct correlation with people getting vaccinated. Again, j I would like to continue to see our team move in this direction Continue to displace an increased number of people who get vaccinated.

“I certainly respect everyone’s position. That being said, that’s really where I am and where we are at. It’s good to have the guys here. But I think the reality of our situation is. that now, but also for sure to come the fall, training camp, the protocols will continue to be applied, especially for those who are not vaccinated regarding the masking and the various things in place. will look like, especially for those who are not vaccinated in the fall. “

Beasley is entering his third season with the Bills after recording 82 catches for 967 yards in 2020 – two career highs. The two-year stretch he put together in Buffalo is statistically the best two-year stretch of his 10-year career.

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George Spring Buffalo Bisons re-education mission against Rochester Red Wings https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/george-spring-buffalo-bisons-re-education-mission-against-rochester-red-wings/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/george-spring-buffalo-bisons-re-education-mission-against-rochester-red-wings/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 23:17:25 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/george-spring-buffalo-bisons-re-education-mission-against-rochester-red-wings/

Frontier Field welcomes 2017 World Series MVP George Springer this week as he returns to the Toronto Blue Jays playing for their AAA affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons.

Springer, who the Jays signed on a six-year, $ 150 million free agent contract during the offseason, has played just four games with Toronto. During spring training he suffered an oblique injury which limited his playing time, then just before the start of the regular season he suffered a quad injury and missed the first month.

He returned to action in late April, but after going 3-for-15 with two home runs and three RBIs he made the quad worse and returned to the injured list.

“I don’t want to speculate on the number of games,” Jays manager Charlie Montoyo told reporters a few days before the start of the rehab mission. “It’s all in the fact that he feels good to come back to the major leagues and that he feels healthy. It could take a game, it could take five, it could take 10. ”

On Tuesday night, in Game 1 of a six-game series against the Rochester Red Wings, Springer started down center and went 0-for-4. Not that the Bisons needed him as they hit seven homers in a 14-1 blowout against the Wings.

Ahead of the game Wings manager Matt LeCroy said of Springer: “He can really crush the ball that’s in place, he has probably one of the best swings for balls in the area, so we’ll try to stay away from this area. It is not guaranteed, but if you live in the area you will live to the limit against George Springer, I know that. “

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City of Buffalo School Zone cameras to drop in September https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/city-of-buffalo-school-zone-cameras-to-drop-in-september/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/city-of-buffalo-school-zone-cameras-to-drop-in-september/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 03:42:00 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/city-of-buffalo-school-zone-cameras-to-drop-in-september/

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has neither signed nor vetoed the town council resolution, which means it will go into effect.

BUFFALO, NY – It looks like the Buffalo School Zone radars are going to drop in a few months.

Buffalo City Council voted late last month to remove the cameras and Mayor Byron Brown had 10 days to sign or veto the resolution.

Council members told 2 On your side, Brown did neither, which means the resolution will take effect.

“Every time I walk down the street in Delaware they grab me and it’s really annoying,” said Xavier Kyle of Buffalo. “I want to be able to just walk down my street and not get a ticket.”

“There has been speculation and a lot of talk that it is targeting a certain audience, so I think their removal is a sign that we are moving in the right direction,” added Chloe of Buffalo.

Council member Rasheed Wyatt said people had many concerns about the program, one was that the fine was $ 50 if you drove 10 miles over the 15 mph speed limit. the other was uniformity.

“Different districts and different areas had different times. It was very confusing for the audience,” Wyatt said.

Mayor Brown, however, maintains his position in favor of the program and has said he is pushing to keep it.

“I asked a number of board members to come together to review the data,” Brown said. “School speed zones operate in the city of Buffalo. People are slowing down.

The cameras will have to go down by the end of August and by September other safety measures will be in place such as speed bumps, radar signs and the speed limit will be increased.

“We have increased the speed limit from 15 to 20 in a school zone and we want to make sure the signage is very clear for motorists and families,” Wyatt said.

However, Mayor Brown told Ron Plants of 2 On Your Side that not all planned safety improvements will be possible in every school zone.

“But some of the improvements that have (been) discussed are not technically feasible,” he said.

An exact figure for the revenue the City of Buffalo received from this program was not immediately available Tuesday night, but council member Wyatt said it was budgeted for fiscal 2021 at $ 2.6 million.

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Buffalo’s Spike Farm named Wright County Farm Family of the Year in 2021 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalos-spike-farm-named-wright-county-farm-family-of-the-year-in-2021/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalos-spike-farm-named-wright-county-farm-family-of-the-year-in-2021/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 10:08:48 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/buffalos-spike-farm-named-wright-county-farm-family-of-the-year-in-2021/

June 14, 2021

The Farm Family Recognition Program has been around for over 30 years and honors farm families across Minnesota for their contributions to the farming industry and their local communities. All of the honored farming families have made significant contributions to Minnesota agriculture and their communities.

Buffalo’s Spike Farm is Wright County’s Farm Family of the Year for 2021. Three generations of the family actively contribute to the farm, raising beef and pork. Kurt and Judy Spike, along with their sons Jon and Kris and Kris’ three children (Lily, Hunter and Kolby) also grow corn, soybeans and hay on approximately 170 acres. Most of their crops are used to feed cows and pigs.

The Spike family began farming in 1973. In 1974 they started a dairy operation, which grew to about 50 cows in 1979. They continued to milk until 1993, when they switched to a farm. mainly bovine. Over the years, they have successfully experimented with other forms of income, such as eggs from a small flock of chickens. Two years ago Kris and Hunter wanted to start raising a few sows and the Spikes have been developing the hog side of the business ever since. Much of their business is done through relationships with local consumers and butcher shops.

The location of Spike’s Farm presents a unique situation. Adjacent to the farm is Buffalo High School. On the other three sides of the property there are residential areas. Kurt and Judy appreciate the good neighbor attitude their new neighbors have brought with them, and some residents have said they enjoy seeing the cows in the pasture behind the farm site. This situation is not without challenges, however. Traffic makes it dangerous to move equipment to the fields at certain times of the day. Narrow city streets with parked cars can make it difficult to maneuver large equipment. The family combats these challenges by communicating with neighbors before fieldwork begins in the spring and planning ahead. Spike’s Farm illustrates the difficulties faced by some family farms in growing urban areas, and further illustrates how to work with neighbors to overcome these challenges.

Kurt and Judy have undoubtedly done a great job passing on their passion for farming. Kris’ children help with household chores after school and on weekends. Lily and Hunter are very active in FFA, Lily even being an officer. Lily is also going to Iowa State University to get a degree in a field related to agriculture.

The Spike family is a great family to represent Wright County Farms. They know that the growing city of Buffalo may one day present too many challenges to maintain the farm in its location, but for now, they’re going to “do what we can the best we can.” , as Kurt said. To learn more about Spike’s Farm, visit their website at www.Spikesfarm.com. To learn more about the University of Minnesota Farm Family Recognition Program, visit www.mnfarmfamilies.cfans.umn.edu or contact Adam Austing, Wright County Agricultural and Horticultural Extension Educator, at aausting@umn.edu or (320) 249-5929.

This press release was produced by the Wright County government. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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Upcoming Buffalo Area Events This Week https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/upcoming-buffalo-area-events-this-week/ https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/upcoming-buffalo-area-events-this-week/#respond Mon, 14 Jun 2021 16:11:15 +0000 https://greatlakesoutdoorstv.com/upcoming-buffalo-area-events-this-week/

BUFFALO, NY – Looking for things to do in the Buffalo area? As more businesses and local places reopen and it becomes safer to get together in small groups, don’t miss out on what’s new on your Buffalo Patch community calendar. Here are some of the events happening in town this week.

Tip: If you are organizing an event and want to see it in the next roundup, you can add it to the calendar using this form. As always, it’s free to post an event in your community. To reach more people, you can promote your event and share it nearby for $ 1 per day per community.

Linkedin training with John online new-york-buffalo

  • When: Monday June 14 at 6:00 p.m.
  • What: Want to get more legal exposure on Linked in This and many more will be answered at this upcoming Linked in Short RSVP NOW Bewlo training for Monday, June 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. EST https://blitzr.com/event/3806 / 974 Learn more

Featured event: Surplus Electrical Inventory Online Auction

  • When: Wednesday June 16 at 2:30 p.m.
  • What: The public will have a major opportunity to participate in an online auction of surplus electrical inventory – – Power distribution, electric car chargers, fittings and programmable logic controllers and more. Registration is free and open and you will get more details by clicking on the following link to … Learn more
Featured Event: Surplus Electrical Inventory Online Auction (Ravi Marwaha)

Silver Xtreme Rocks Grafton Park!

  • When: Wednesday June 16 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Or: Grafton Avenue
  • What: Silver Xtreme ROCKIN ‘the park! Bring a chair! Learn more

Free Estate Planning and Life Trust Workshop Live Q&A Friday 3 p.m.

  • When: Friday June 18 at 3 p.m.
  • Or: Free Estate Planning and Life Trust Workshop (Live Q&A) at 3:00 p.m. EDT
  • What: Click here to register Friday 3:00 PM EDT FREE Estate Planning, Living Trust Workshop and Medicaid + Live Q&A Find out how to best protect your family and property. Learn how to avoid estates court. In a simple format. Easy to understand ==> Click here to register Learn more

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