Buffalo Jr. Sabers Partners with St. Mary’s High School

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – Starting this fall, 18 members of the Buffalo Jr. Sabers will be enrolled in St. Mary’s, thanks to a new partnership between the organization and the school.

“Early here, when the Junior Sabers started, we were able to get a number of their students to go to school here and then also go into the Junior Sabers program, but as things went on. developed, it became possible to make this new academy setting, “St. Mary’s school principal, Kevin Kelleher, said. “Here in St. Mary’s, in terms of my philosophy and my philosophy, if we can help young children and families reach their goal, if we can set a schedule and organize it for them to have ultimate success , then we would be silly not to try it. To have a partnership with the Junior Sabers is absolutely fantastic.

“Having St. Mary’s, a great school, be part of the Junior Sabers program is something that we’re ultimately aiming for,” said Buffalo Junior Sabers president Patrick Kaleta. “We share the same goals, we share the same qualities of excitement and energy. We want children to have the best possible opportunity for them. My job is not only to train good hockey players, but also to train good people. “

In an effort to give the Junior Sabers a more comprehensive schedule, as well as a top-notch education, players will attend St. Mary’s from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then head to the HarborCenter to train on and off the ice. to a setting worthy of an academy.

The Junior Sabers will also be students of St. Mary’s through and through, and they will have the opportunity to participate in all of the after-school programs, dance and sports that St. Mary’s has to offer.

“I went to three different high schools, I moved to Canada, I went to high schools all over the place, so I never really got into a school. For me, this is important, ”Kaleta said. “I want my boys to participate in dances and have the opportunity to have someone support them in school, push them and help them get to where they want to go.

“On top of that, on our side where we have the Hockey Academy, we have Impact, we have a great facility at HarborCenter to help them with what they’re doing best right now, so you put it all together in a big ball and I hope to have a good person, as well as a good hockey player.

“I want them to feel a part of this, not just isolated on an island because they’re the Junior Sabers guys, so getting them into the mix and getting them to see everything we have on offer here is a major goal. initiative and that’s something we’re passionate about, ”said Kelleher.

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