Buffalo Early Learning hosts a Special Olympics event

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -With our ever-changing world, it forces us to be different and unique.

Buffalo Early Learning faculty and staff hosted a Special Olympics activity, “Little Feet”. This event teaches children how to be diverse and include everyone, regardless of their skills or functions.

Children playing a throwing type game.(André Brooks)

“The whole mission of this program is to bring together children in regular education and special education. To teach children to include everyone, ”said Peggy Romshek, director of special education at North Platte Public School.

Events include football, baseball, show jumping, relay races, and object throwing in hoops and over distances.

Child hitting a baseball
Child hitting a baseball(André Brooks)

After the coronavirus pandemic ruined plans last year, they were able to host the event this year and hold events both indoors and outdoors.

“We decided that this summer we would culminate it all with a meet and greet, which brings together our kindergarten and first graders, and they get together with our fast and regular students,” said the director of Kids Carrie Lienemann Club.

This event is sponsored by Special Olympics Nebraska.

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