Buffalo Cold Rush Creator event aims to put Buffalo basketball on the map

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) – It’s not often that some of TikTok’s top basketball stars are all in western New York City, but on Thursday ten popular content creators will be in St. Mary’s of Lancaster to play at the Buffalo Cold Rush Creator event to find out who is the best basketball player on TikTok.

“The reason it all started is that me and Gerald Beverly met Emeka Uzomba, I actually taught him in high school, and he’s a great TikTok creator. All his fans wanted to know who was good at. basketball within the TikTok community, “said Mark Coppola, co-owner of Buffalo Cold Rush.” ​​We have a bunch of different TikTok creators coming in, and we’re having a basketball event where all five creators from across the country come. playing the five Buffalo creators as well as some good local players. “

The event was hosted by Buffalo Cold Rush, a local basketball training and entertainment company founded by 2010 Williamsville South graduate and former All-WNY playmaker Mark Coppola and basketball graduate Gerald Beverly. -ball Daemen in 2015 and current international basketball player. .

But the idea for the Buffalo Cold Rush Creator event came from Emeka Uzomba, a 2017 graduate of the Charter School for Applied Technologies and recent TikTok star best known for her layups, who wanted to prove to the country that basketball of Buffalo should be more respected.

“It’s crazy how it started. I was talking to a friend of mine and said I felt like Buffalo wasn’t getting enough love. There must be an event. I feel like I made friends when it comes to influencers and wanted to bring them to Buffalo, so I talked to Mark and he was like you, that’s a great idea, ”a said Emeka Uzomba, 2017 CSAT graduate and TikTok star. “So once we talked about it, we thought it wasn’t just about talking about it, let’s do it. I started reaching out to my friends in the social media community and they got back to me and said yes I would be ready to come.

“I just wanted to do something big for Buffalo,” Uzomba said.

It didn’t take long for Uzomba to contact other TikTok stars and convince them to cross the country for the event. While there are sure to be plenty of high-flying dunks, crazy layups, and insane punches during the game, after all is said and done, Beverly is hoping this is just the start of the people who respect basketball. of Buffalo and the players coming out of it.

“I think it’s going to be great for Buffalo basketball. As we mentioned, I don’t think Buffalo basketball gets the love it deserves. Whenever people think of New York State for basketball they immediately think of New York City which is cool I have no disrespect but we can also end up here in Buffalo, ”mentioned Gerald Beverly, 2015 Daemen graduate and Buffalo Cold Rush co-founder.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to go out and show what we can do, and if it’s as big as we think it is, it could become an annual thing and we could really make a real presence out of it and really put Buffalo on the map, as far as basketball is concerned.

The Buffalo Cold Rush Creator event will take place in St. Mary’s of Lancaster on Thursday July 8th at 7pm. Tickets for the match are available online at https://buffalocoldrush.com/ for a presale price of $ 15 that ends Wednesday night, or at the door for $ 20. You can also purchase the WNY Athletics livestream for $ 9.99.

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